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Written: 18.02.07

Words: 3,171

DeanxJo and SamxJess

“Hey, Jo.”

“Hey,” she looked up from her laptop screen, tall blonde winking as he passed by, “Dean!” she jumped up from her seat.

He stopped a few feet away, thousand watt smile making her heart melt, damn he’s hot…

“W-would you wanna, uhm,” she went to cross her arms, elbow knocking her coffee all over her laptop, “shit,” her cheeks flared as she hurriedly grabbed some napkins.

She heard him laugh and glanced up to see him continue over to the order line.

There go my chances, she pulled another handful of napkins out of the dispenser on the table and began wiping at the keyboard, not bothering to hold in her groan, stupid. Why do you always let him-

“Need a hand?”

“I can do it,” she didn’t bother to look up.

“Oh… okay.”

You’re such an idiot, can you just once not turn into a total klutz when he’s around? Just once? She threw the soaked napkins on the table with a sigh, it’s not like you’d even have a shot with him. She pressed the power button, holding her breath.

Of course, the screen stayed black and nothing happened, great, that’s just great. She flopped back down into the booth, putting her head in her arms on the table, I’m screwed. Now I’m never gonna finish her Art History paper, flunk out. I’ll have to move back home, work at the Roadhouse and marry Ash. She shuddered, picturing herself with the mullet rocker, oh, God.

“E-excuse me?”

She groaned again before bringing her head out of her arms, to be greeted with an even taller brunette.

“Do I know you?”

He fidgeted on the spot, tucking his hands into the pockets of his hoodie, “I was just wondering if you maybe wanted… to, uhm…” he trailed off as he looked behind him.

She followed his eyes to see Dean giving a thumbs-up and a giant grin on his face, he knows Dean? She turned back to the brunette, “You know Dean?”

“Huh?” the kid paled and looked about ready to pass out, “Oh, y-yeah, he’s my brother.”

“Your brother, huh?” She turned her eyes again to Dean, this could work, she smiled and stood up, “Well, it’s a pleasure to meet you…?”

“Sam,” he looked up to her from under his bangs, pulling one hand out of his pocket to shake.

“Sam, I’m Jo,” she swatted his hand away, before wrapping him up in a hug, “and I’d love to hang out sometime.”


“Uh-huh,” she took a step back before reaching for another napkin, pulling a pen out of her purse, “here,” she scribbled on it before handing it over, “that’s my cell, call my any time you want to hang.”

“W-wow…” he stood there starring at the napkin for a moment, eyebrows disappeared into his hair, “I-I didn’t think-”

“So, Sammy, how’d it go?” Dean sauntered over and slung his arm around the giants shoulders.

The brunette held out the napkin in silent awe, the blondes’ smile grew as he saw it, “That’s my boy!”

Sam cast his gaze to the floor, cheeks flaring up. He put the napkin in one of his pockets.

Dean turned his green eyes to her and it took all her strength to keep her knees from giving out, “How’d he do, Sugar?”

She crossed her arms, hoping her cheeks weren’t as red as they felt, “He did pretty good. Just needs to relax a little. Not like I’m gonna bite him.”

Dean tilted his head back and laughed, you are killing me, she failed to quite the butterflies fluttering in her stomach, do you know how beautiful you are?

He clapped his brother on the back, “Alright, Hefner, whaddya say we get you outta here?”

Sam just nodded wordlessly, eyes still fixed on the floor. Dean chuckled before corralling him toward the door. She bit her lip and gave him a once over as they left, you’re gonna cause me so much trouble.

“Get it done?”

Jo suppressed a groan as she closed the door to her dorm, broken laptop tucked under her arm. She threw it on the coffee table before flopping down on the couch with a sigh. Jess gave her a quizzical look before sliding off the couch to sit on the floor, inspecting it. She jumped up off the floor and jogged out of the room.

“Hey, what’re you-” Jo cut herself off as her roommate came back in holding a bunch of towels and a hair dryer.

Jess got back on the floor, opening the back of the laptop, and took the battery out, placing it on one of the towels. She blotted at the keyboard with another towel before picking the laptop up, sliding the towel under where it had been sitting before carefully rocking it side to side. Jo watched in confused silence, what is she doing?

“Coffee?” Jess put the laptop back down on top of the towel before reaching over to plug in the hair dryer.

“Yeah. How did you-?”

“Oh, don’t get excited, you were at a coffee shop,” she switched it on and moved it around slowly a few inches above the laptop, “so, was it Dean or some new guy?”

Jo’s cheeks flared up and she squared her jaw, “Dean.”

Jess chuckled, glancing to her roommate, “I thought so.”

“Hey, it wasn’t like-”

“Relax, Jo, I’m not judging. Lord knows I’ve wrecked more then my fair share of laptops,” she winked, “How do you think I got so good at fixing them?”

Jo opened her mouth to respond but closed it and shook her head, that’s hard to believe.



“Tell me what happened!”

“Oh,” Jo adjusted her sitting position, so her legs were curled up under her, “Uh, okay… well, he walked in and I stood up and knocked my coffee on the laptop, and then his brother-”

“There’s another one?” Jess raised an eyebrow.

“What? Yeah, but Sam – that’s his brother’s name – he’s not like Dean. He was actually really shy, but damn if he’s not the tallest thing I’ve ever seen. Anyway, he asked me for my number and then Dean-”

“Whoa, wait,” Jess turned the hair dryer off, “Dean asked for your number?”

“No, Sam did,” Jo tilted her head, “Don’t you think if Dean asked for my number I would’ve led with that?”

Jess shrugged and unplugged the hair dryer, “You could’ve been building up to it.”

Jo shook her head, “Dean did come over after he got it. He seemed really proud of his brother, I guess he has trouble with things like that, I don’t know.”

Jess nodded and smiled, “Clever.”


Jess gave her an incredulous look, “That’s obviously your way in.”

Jo pinched the bridge of her nose, “You think I’m gonna get Dean to ask me out by dating his brother?”

Both girls jumped as a phone started ringing. Jo dug it out of her pocket and checked the ID, “It says Unknown.”

Jess jumped on the couch beside her friend, “That’s probably Sam! Answer it!”

“What? No way, what if it’s someone else?”

Jess rolled her eyes and snatched the phone from her hands, dancing away as she grabbed for it, “Jo’s phone, who’s speaking?”

“Jess,” she hissed and stood, following her into the hall, “give me the phone!”

Her roommate held up a finger as she listened, “A party? Tonight?”

“Don’t you dare,” Jo narrowed her eyes.

“She’d love to come!”

Jo balled her hands into fists, she lunged forward, nearly falling over as Jess made a bee-line for the bedroom.

“Jess!” She tried the knob, huffing when it didn’t open.

“What? Oh, nothing, I just have the T.V. on.”

Jo smacked the door, uselessly, “C’mon!”

“We look forward to seeing you too. Alright, bye.”

The bedroom door opened to reveal Jess, grinning ear to ear.

“I’m gonna kill you.”

She tossed the phone back to her roommate, and made her way back to the living room, “You’re welcome.”

“Why did you do that?”

“Oh, relax,” she sat on the couch, “If anything, I did you a favour. Now you don’t have to go through all that awkward first date talk.”

“I don’t want to go to a party!” Jo flopped down on the couch, crossing her arms, dropping her voice, “Especially tonight.”

Jess’ expression softened, “Hey, I know it’s been hard on you since Rob left, but c’mon, tomorrows Valentine’s Day. You owe it to yourself to not wake up alone.”

“Exactly, Rob left,” she crossed her arms, “Why can’t you just leave me to watch rom-coms and eat Ben and Jerry’s out of the tub like a normal person?”

Jess rolled her eyes, “Will you quit being so dramatic? It’ll be fun. Besides,” she reached under the couch, holding up the silver knife, raising an eyebrow, “You’re anything but normal.”

“Hey,” Jo grabbed it and put it back under the couch, “There’s nothing wrong with protecting ourselves.”

Jess gave her a pointed look.

“Ugh, fine,” she rested her head against the back of the couch, “But there’s no way I’m going alone.”

Jess shrugged, “I can’t go, he didn’t invite me.”

S jumped off the couch, rubbing her hands together before hovering a finger over the power button, “Ready?”

Jo nodded, “You’re definitely going.”

Both girls held their breath as she pressed the power button.

“Ah-ha!” Jess beamed as the computer whirred to life.

Jo jumped up and hugged her, “You’re a genius!”

“I know,” she nodded toward the bedroom, “Now go get ready.”

Jo kneeled on the ground, opening Word to see the Auto-saved version of her paper pop-up, “Oh my God, it’s still here… I love you, you know that? You totally saved my ass.”

She got back up and hugged her again, tighter this time.

Jess chuckled, “Okay, okay, Jesus,” she backed out of her arms, “Save some of that for Sam, would ya?”

“Which one is him?”

Jo nodded toward the tallest brunette in the room, paling as she saw Dean was standing beside him.

“Wow, you weren’t kidding about him being tall,” Jess sized him up through the crowd.

“We should leave. There’s too many people here, we’ll never get to talk to them,” Jo reached for the door, to by stopped by her friend.

“Hey, listen to me, parties are a great way to talk to your crush. There’s booze, and loud music, so you have to lean in to hear each other,” Jess spun her around and pushed her slightly in the direction of the boys, “and hey, if something goes wrong, there’s a million people here to mask your escape.”

“Oh, gee, thanks,” Jo rolled her eyes.

“Have fun!”

“What? No, don’t you dare-” Jo spun around, her friend already vanished in the crowd, damn it, “Jess!”

Jo stomped her foot and looked around, you bitch…


She closed her eyes and took a breath, plastering a smile on her face before spinning around to greet the giant, “Hey, Sam!”

“You came? I can’t believe you actually-”

“Sammy, don’t be rude, get the girl a drink,” Dean interrupted, nodding toward the kitchen island.

“Oh, no, that’s okay,” she shook her head, “I don’t need a-”

“Don’t be a prude, Jo,” she felt Jess sling an arm around her shoulders, “She’ll take a whiskey.”

Dean gave Jess a once over, smirking, “And you are…?”

Jess switched the cup she was holding to her other hand, sticking the newly empty hand out for him to shake, “Jess. I’m Jo’s roommate.”

He looked between the two girls, “Jess and Jo, huh?”

Jess faked a laugh, “I know, right? It’s so weird, right Jo?”

Jo nodded, feeling a lump begin to form in her throat, I never noticed how many freckles he had.

Deans’ brows furrowed with concern as he placed a hand on her arm, “Are you okay?”

Oh my God, those eyes… she felt her heartbeat quicken, skin exploding at the touch, “I-I’m uhm, y-yeah, I mean, it’s, I’m-”

“She’s just a little claustrophobic,” Jess cut in, “Too many people, y’know?”

Dean looked around, rubbing a hand at the back of his neck, “Yeah, I get it. This party got kind of out of control. I don’t know half these people.”

Jo let out a shaky laugh, feeling her face pale, “T-this is your party?”

“Yeah, I thought it’d be a good way to keep my rep going, but it’s looking like I’m gonna have to call it soon.”

“Ooohhh, no…” Jo mentally face-palmed, get it together, you’re drowning!

“Do you maybe have some place she could go to get some air?”

“Yeah, of course,” he put his cup down and grabbed her hand, getting her out from under Jess’ shoulder, “Let me show you.”

Jo turned back to her friend, eyes wide with panic as Dean led them up the stairs. Jess waved just as Sam came back.

“Where are they going?”

Jess eyed him for a minute, he is really tall. “They’re just going to get some air. Jo was getting nervous being around all these people.”


Why does he sound sad? Jess noticed the two cups he was holding, “You going for a blackout tonight?”

“Huh?” He followed her gaze and blushed, “No, no. I don’t-” he hung his head and took in a deep breath, “They were for my brother, but, since he’s off doing God-knows-what to your friend…”

He held one of the cups out, smiling.

“You didn’t drug it or anything weird, did you?”

“What? God, no! I’d never-”

“Oh, relax,” she took the cup, smiling, “I trust you…. Kinda.”

He let out a laugh and took a swig from the other cup. She brought the cup up to her lips, doesn’t smell weird, she downed it in a couple of chugs, bringing it down to see the giant starring at her, eyes wide with surprise.


“Oh, nothing, I just, um… a-are you going for a blackout?”

She threw her head back and laughed, “Off one? I don’t think so.”

“Do you want another? If you can’t handle it, I could-”

“Oh, look at you. One drink and you’re Mr. Cocky, huh?” She gave him a once over before handing him the empty cup, “I can handle it, trust me.”

“Are you uh, challenging me to a drink off?”

She got up on her tiptoes, getting as close to his ear as possible, “Scared?”

The corners’ of his mouth twitched for a moment, his eyes dancing in the dim light, “Of you?” he chuckled again, “Definitely not.”

“Then what’re you waiting for?” She took a step back, grin widening, this is gonna be fun.

“Alright,” he shrugged, still laughing, “I’ll be right back.”

She watched him go, feeling butterflies begin to flutter in her stomach; “You’re so going down, Winchester.”

“Are you sure you’re feeling better?”

Jo nodded her head, doing her best to not look down. He had brought her up to the bedroom, and so far, she’d been failing pretty hard at the whole ‘conversation’ thing. She hadn’t been able to form a complete sentence for over twenty minutes. Dean thought she was still nervous, so, in a misguided attempt to get her more relaxed, he pulled her out the bedroom window, where the two were now perched on the roof, overlooking the front lawn. She didn’t have the heart to tell him she was scared of heights. If I wasn’t such a wuss… She wrapped her arms around her legs and closed her eyes, breathing deeply, just beginning to get her heart to calm down. Pull yourself together! You ganked your first vamp last week and you can’t talk to a boy? What kind of hunter are you? She groaned, I hate being a girl. Maybe I should tell him I need to go…

She lifted her head, “Hey, Dean-”

Hey Jude, don’t make it bad.

She cut herself off as he started singing, his eyes were closed, face tilted toward the sky, like he’s looking at someone. She stayed silent as he sang, in slight awe of his soft voice, he’s actually pretty good. Is there anything you can’t do?

He finished the song and opened his eyes, keeping them on the sky, “My mom used to sing it to me when I couldn’t sleep, I thought that maybe-” he turned hopeful eyes to her, before bowing his head, “Sorry.”

“Don’t be sorry,” she placed a hand on his arm, when did I get this close? “It was beautiful.”


“Yeah, I mean,” she shrugged, how do I tell him it was amazing without sounding like a complete fangirl?, “a little pitchy, but other then that…”

She internally screamed, oh yeah, sarcasm, that’ll do it.

“Oh,” he chuckled and looked down again, “that’s great. You think I can’t sing.”

“I didn’t say that.” God why did I even open my mouth?

“It seemed like it.”

“Will you just kiss me already?”

He blinked at her in surprise, shit, did I say that out loud?

The vulnerability on his face was gone in a flash, masked now by a smirk, “You want me to kiss you?”

She felt her cheeks flare up, “Not if you’re gonna get like that.”

“Get like what?”

She shook her head and half stood, “Never mind. Just, can you forget that I-”

He crushed her into him. She was initially stiff with surprise but after a few moments kissed him back, hard. Is this really happening? He scooped her up and placed her on his lap, as she began running her hands through his hair.

“You are so sexy,” she panted between kisses, switching to kiss his cheeks and down his neck.

“Y-yeah?” His hands roamed all over her back, “I’ve wanted to kiss you for a while.”

She moaned and brought their lips back together, heart beat quickening again. His hands roamed under her shirt and froze as they found the hilt of her knife. Oh, shit. She jumped off of him, wiping her mouth and turning for the window.

“Jo, wait,” his tone made her turn back, “Why do you have that? What’s it-”


The couple turned to see Jess standing on the lawn, eyes scanning for her friend, Sam a few feet away, confusion and hurt fighting for dominance on his face.

“Jess!” The roommate finally spotted her on the roof, “I’ll be down in a minute!” Jo got up on shaky feet and headed for the window, “Jess needs me, I’m sorry but I have to go.”

“Hey, wait a minute,” Dean grabbed her arm, “You’re just gonna leave? What about that… thing? Are we not gonna talk about it?”

“I have to go, and it’s a long story, I can’t-”

“Please, just,” he reached his arms out toward her, looking like a kicked puppy, “Give me something?”

She sighed, leaning back out the window to give him a peck on the cheek, and a wink, “Maybe some day I’ll show you.”

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