The Veg Life

So, you’re interested in going vegan – that’s wonderful!

Maybe you’ve seen undercover footage of what happens in slaughterhouses, want to live healthier, learned about the environmental impact animal agriculture has, or perhaps you were doctor ordered into it.

Whatever your reasoning, I’m glad you stumbled across this page. Here, you’ll find all kinds of tips, tricks, recipes and more that’ll help you transition as easy as possible.

Nothing fancy or complicated, these tips are things I wish I’d been able to find/I knew when I was transitioning.

Hopefully you find these helpful, insightful, and who knows? You might even learn something that makes you more eager to be part of such a compassionate way of living.

Disclaimer: I’m in Toronto, Ontario so some of the brands/stores/some tips may or may not differ from other parts of the world, especially when it comes to laws around animal testing, fast food chain options, etc.

And, (obviously) the Surviving Canadian Winters post.


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