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The stories you find here are what I call Throw Away Fics (TAF for short). These works are short stories that were written for fun, requests or challenges and won’t be used in books.

I post new TAF’s every two weeks on Friday!

I hope you enjoy them!


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How Wild It Was (To Let It Be)My first Crown (Crowley x Dean) fic.

It’s not as weird as it sounds. (Promise!)

Words: 1,955

Contact HighBased on the Brad Paisley song of the same name.


Words: 667

Hold Your BreathHallucifer becomes too much to bear, pushing Sam to do something drastic.

He never expected the one closest to him to pay for it.


Words: 2,613

One For The Memory, Two For The PainRequest from qslucid: I just saw your amazing Samifer fic, wonder if I can request for another? Maybe Demon Blood Addicted Sam, I imagine the scene of Sam drinks Lucifers’ blood and very enjoying it, whether salvation or corruption in the end would be good. <3

Words: 1,897

FlippedWritten for the SPN Amino apps’ What If? Weekend Challenge. (What if Jess went with Sam when Dean picked him up at school?) Coda to Pilot.

Words: 325

(Red String of) FateBased on the concept of soulmates having a red string tied around their wrist, and having it glow when they find their S.O.

Words: 730

GruffMy first Crobby fic!

Words: 398

On The PyreRequest from ianneart (Tumblr): Hi! I got a samifer fic idea in mind (lel). Im currently watching season 6 in supernatural and i  saw this interesting thing sam said about hallucinating lucifer to bobby : “seeing Lucifer is…okay. I sorta think it’s the best scenario situation of them all.”

And my samiferness got jump started like nobody’s business. I imagine it like a one-shot, sam-centric pondering of sorts, where sam takes us through his mind and manages to convince us Lucifer’s company is…okay.’

Words: 2,146

Hunter Helper – Request from a follower on DA, ‘got another sick!fic in mind. Sick!Dean and Caring!Sam in the middle of a hunt. Taking place anytime after Season 6.’

Words: 5,601

The Moment I Knew (Version 2)Destiel fic based on the Taylor Swift song of the same name. This one takes a darker turn then the other one, but I personally like this version better.

Words: 3,147

MagicLoosely based on the quote, ‘I’m talking about real magic, sonny. From my side of the fence.’ (S6, E9 ‘Clap Your Hands If You Believe’)

Words: 218

All Over The PlaceMaking ends meet is hard. It’s even harder when you’re 9, trying to juggle feeding your younger brother and not upsetting your alcoholic father.

So can you really blame Dean for turning to drugs as a way to make money?


Words: 767

What We Get To Be2019’s Valnetine’s Fic.

Inspired by the song Rewrite The Stars from The Greatest Showman.


Words: 299

CountdownHappy New Years!


Words: 826

Stay That WaySammy is determined to give Dean not only the best Christmas gift he can – but he wants to do it all by himself.

It’s proving more difficult then he thought.


Words: 2,111

Puppy Love – Prompt: Dean ‘saves’ puppy from streets. Sam can’t believe it but it makes him happy – Sam ends up taking care – Dean cuddles and pictures

Words: 1,075

Candy ComaIt’s Halloween time for the Wee!Chesters! Dean might be too old to go Trick O Treating, but is Sam?

Words: 1,122

The Tattoo KillerBodies begin turning up with fresh ink – how are they getting a tattoo after they died?

Happy Halloween!


Words: 3,027

ChickenCas has noticed what a rough year the Winchesters have had, and comes up with the perfect solution: A nice, big, Thanksgiving dinner.

…. Too bad he doesn’t exactly know how to cook.

Words: 1,486

Friggin’ SiblingsSiblings sure can suck, sometimes. The one good thing is at least there’s always a way to get back at them.


Wee!Chesters Fic

Words: 851

Project: SoakA gen./fluffy fic of the boys enjoying the last of the summer weather.

Words: 1,207

Face to FaceInspired by the lyrics: He’s not the only one who had a secret to hide – left the secret at the grave(Carrie Underwood – Two Black Cadillacs)

Words: 988

Goodbye BackSome girls are harder to handle then others.


Words: 741

Room 739Hotels need to invest in some sound-proof walls.

Words: 862

Son of a BitchWhat better way to be awoken from the first good night’s sleep you’ve gotten in months to the sounds of your brother in pain?

Wanna roll over and get back to bed? Hell yes.

Gonna go investigate? *sighs* …Obviously.

Words: 194

Surf’s UpEveryone’s favourite mischievous brunette spots a handsome surf instructor from across the beach. What a great way to start a vacation… There’s just one problem: his class is full, and he’s off the market.

…Now what?

Words: 4,317

April Fool’sTrickster’s favourite holiday – usually. When someone pulls one over on Sam, Gabriel takes the prank a little too seriously.

Prompt was originally a Weekend Challenge in the SPN Amino app, ‘Prank challenge – write a fanfic of your fav character/s as the victim of a prank’

Words: 462

A Thousand PromisesSam and Gabriel are getting married. They have it all planned – the venue, the flowers, the cake – everything’s perfect. There’s just one, little hitch…

Sam’s tux is missing.

But, that’s not enough to wreck a wedding, right? As long as – wait…

Where’s Gabriel?

Words: 6,531

TruthA POV look at an everyday horror many people ignore.


Words: 1,074

The Little Dreams 2Your favourite Sabriel dream is back.

Will Sam finally get his happy ending or will Gabriel leave him wanting more?

Words: 800

SomedayValentine’s fic

Girls aren’t always what they seem…

Words: 3,171

The Greatest Showman The Other Side Parody – Technically not a TAF, I hope you still enjoy this parody of this song from The Greatest Showman.

Beep-BoopThe Winchesters are acting weird. Sam’s depressed and Dean is pissed… Okay, so not that weird.

Can Gabriel figure out what’s going on inside that Gigantor head of his?

Words: 1,536

Falling Like RainBeing in your own little world can sometimes lead to something great.

Words: 981

Holiday NightmaresRequest: Can I have a Destiel shopping for presents fluffy fic?

Words: 1,581

Baby Please Come HomeThe holidays just aren’t the same if that special someone isn’t around.

Can you really enjoy them the same with just family?

Destiel (Mentioned)

Words: 1,383

The Moment I KnewWhat do you do when the one who means the most to you is the one didn’t show? (Based on the Taylor Swift song by the same name)


Words: 2,341

Satanic MechanicHalloween fic

Based on the line from The Rocky Horror Picture Show

This is what happens when you trust strangers.


Words: 2,271

(So Much For) My Happy EndingSiblings are always fighting – that’s a given. Couples fight too – another given.

So when your sibling becomes your lover… well, there’s really no escaping.

Will there be enough love to overcome or will this be the end?


Words: 1,208

Why?Where can you possibly run when the monster you’re trying to escape is part of you?


Words: 921

Caught Up In The MomentThe most magical place in the world – a place where dreams come true, you make new friends, have amazing adventures, and get an education.

What place am I talking about? Stanford University, of course.

Words: 1,709

Surviving Present for my bff for making it through her first year of college. A little smutty DeanxReader.

Words: 942

The Worst Kind of Monsters**Contains: Self Harm (Cutting), Bullying, Dissociation, Mentions/Implications of Eating Disorders (Anorexia) and Domestic Abuse**

Cas is getting bullied at school and doesn’t have the healthiest ways to cope – will Dean be able to help him see how awesome he is or will he spiral further into the darkness?


Words: 4,331

Secrets Are Bad, Dudes – Commission. Dean hides being sick from Sam and things get hairy.

Words:  2,277

You Deserve To Be Loved **Contains: Suicide** Sam’s life clearly hasn’t been easy – and he finally decides to take matters into his own hands.

Will Gabriel be enough to save him?

Words: 2,435

Patient Monsters Requested: Along the lines of Sick!Sam and Caring!Dean, which eventually the tables get turned with Sick!Dean and Caring!Sam. Can either be wee!chester or anytime after the pilot.

Wee!Chesters Fic

Words: 2,466

Love Thy Freak Request: How about a mix of Destiel and Sabriel, hurt/comfort(mainly injured or ill), either during or after a brutal hunt.

Words: 3, 943

Fired Angel Request: Could you do it where Castiel comes home depressed as he got fired from work and Dean notices, sees him and makes it up to him. Hugging, fluff

Words: 3,016

Injuries and Winchesters – xReader fic. General, sick. Featuring Dean, Sam and Cas.

Words: 2,304

The Fight of Our Life It’s been a long road, but what’s done is done and the only thing in the future is happily ever after.

Words: 1,293

If You Go Out In The Woods Today Anniversaries aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.

Words: 830

The Little DreamsAll work and no play makes Sam a very imaginative boy.

Words: 830

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