Photoshop Tutorials

While I started this series to help indie authors learn the necessary skills/techniques for how to design their own book covers (because seriously, who has extra cash to pay someone else to?), anyone can use these skills to help up their Photoshop game.

Maybe you want to give grandma a cool collage of family photos for her birthday, or see what you’d look like with different coloured hair before committing to dying it, or maybe you just think knowing how to edit pics is a cool skill – whatever your photo manip motivations are, this series is here to help! (Unless you want to do it for bad reasons in which case I’m giving you the Squinty Eyes of Shame)

Also, if you’re sitting there wondering, but why should I listen to you? Just keep in mind, I’m not selling these ‘secrets’ to you, nor trying to get you to buy a system – I’m simply sharing knowledge I have in the hopes of helping others.

Also, I think my photoshop skills speak for themselves. (Yes, I designed all my own covers, promotional posters and store merch without pro help)

Spot Brightening (PHSH Effect #12)

Opacity (PHSH Effect #11)

Burning a Picture (PHSH Effect #10)

Boarders (PHSH Effect #9)

Changing Eye Colour (PHSH Effect #8)

Removing a Background from an Image (PHSH Effect #7)

Removing a Foreground Object (PHSH Effect #6)

Making a Transparent Background (PHSH Effect #5)

Carved (PHSH Effect #4)

Warped Text (PHSH Effect #3)

Drop Shadows (PHSH Effect #2)

Content Aware Scaling (PHSH Effect #1)

So You Wanna Design Your Own Book Cover, Eh? (PHSH Tutorial Intro)