Surprising Vegan Cookies

Important Note: Aside from Decembers’ product review, and the End of Year post, this is the last article for 2020! I’m going to be taking the last half of December, and the first half of January off, so I will be back with a short story Jan. 15th, meaning the first post will go up … Continue reading Surprising Vegan Cookies

Surprising Vegan: Frozen Treats

This article was written 20.05.06, please excuse any reference/comment made about the corona virus lock down that is no longer relevant. Just because we’re still stuck inside, doesn’t mean you can’t buy yourself some treats. And what to treat yourself with during these hot summer days than something refreshing and on a stick? That’s right, … Continue reading Surprising Vegan: Frozen Treats

Surprising Vegan Crackers

Last year, I did Surprising Vegan Soups, and since it’s starting to get cold again, I figured what better compliment than to do a crackers addition? We wouldn’t want your soup to get lonely, would we? Listed from the top-left corner going clockwise: Triscuits Original Triscuits Hint of Salt Triscuits Reduced Fat Triscuits Sea Salt … Continue reading Surprising Vegan Crackers

Surprising Vegan Series

This is a series I started to show veteran, new or veg-curious people that there are tons of ‘normal’ foods that are actually vegan! This series includes most products that the companies – for whatever reason – didn’t market, or label as being vegan, even though they are. Surprising Vegan Cookies Surprising Vegan: Frozen Treats … Continue reading Surprising Vegan Series

Surprising Vegan Chips

In the spirit of Halloween, I thought I’d put out the next Surprising Vegan article. I know that you can eat chips all year round, but since I already did a Halloween candy post, and chocolate one, with the addition of chips, you can have the most rockin’ Halloween party snacks around. No more sitting … Continue reading Surprising Vegan Chips

Surprising Vegan Chocolate

One thing I’ve learned since beginning this series is that there are a lot of websites that don’t list the ingredients in their products, and a lot of companies who aren’t willing to give out this information – even when you let them know you’re writing an article. (Apposed to trying to steal their recipe) … Continue reading Surprising Vegan Chocolate

Surprising Vegan Soup

Hey! Sorry this post took so long, but I was having… technical difficulties waiting for companies to reply to e-mails. (If you follow me on Twitter, you know what I’m talking about) Anyway, that’s also why I listed Amy’s Kitchen, because even though they’re marketed as being vegan (and are therefore not really ‘surprising’) I … Continue reading Surprising Vegan Soup

Surprising Vegan Halloween Candy

Ah, Halloween. A great night where kids get to dress up, explore the neighbourhood, and get free candy. Sadly, this night only comes once a year, so you’ve gotta make it count. If you’re newly vegan, you might be wondering, ‘what are the chances my kid (or yourself) will be able to eat any typical … Continue reading Surprising Vegan Halloween Candy

Surprising Vegan Alcohol

The holidays are fast approaching and that means one thing: Parties. If you’re vegan, the holidays are hard enough: dealing with family members asking questions, ‘joking’ about veganism with you, and let’s not forget the giant, dead sentient being in the middle of the table. While I’m not saying alcohol is the answer, you can’t … Continue reading Surprising Vegan Alcohol

Surprising Vegan Candy

I’ve decided to turn ‘Surprising Vegan _____’ into a series, since there’s too many things to place in just 1 collage. So, this week we’ll be looking at Surprising Vegan Candy. These are candies that are vegan friendly (in Canada), even though they’re not marketed as being vegan. (Hence the ‘surprise’) From the top left … Continue reading Surprising Vegan Candy