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Ater Imber is a Canadian indie author who became interested in writing fan fiction in 2013 after being talked into giving the Deviant Art website a chance. Ater began posting to the delight of Supernatural fans and has since moved her ever-growing operation to her own website: https://aterimber.com/

Ater now not only writes Supernatural fan fiction, but has expanded the website to include articles about her other interests (including veganism, writing tips and nomadic/zero waste/sustainable living), and continues to write new fan and non-fanfiction short stories and articles regularly for an eager personal following.

Ater also currently has 6 books available for purchase, including 3 fanfiction novellas based on the hit T.V. series Supernatural.

Broken is Ater’s 6th book, and follows the adventures of James, Tommy and Emma as they navigate the hardships of abusive guardians, addiction and hallucinations, all while trying to keep from flunking out of school, published March, 2021. It is also the longest book Ater has written, to date.

The Haunted Corpse is Ater’s debut, non-collection novella. It’s a dark (ish) fantasy centering around Sammy, and the challenges she faces as she’s thrust into a whole new (magical) world while she searches for answers in the wake of her father’s ‘suicide’, published October, 2019.

First Try is Ater’s debut, non-fan fiction novella. It’s a collection of short stories Ater wrote during school after getting serious about becoming a writer, book-ended by the two first ‘long’ stories Ater ever wrote, published November, 2018.

Ater’s newest fan fiction novella, Holiday Treats, is about the holidays, forbidden love, and what can go wrong when the two collide (Wincest style), published in December, 2016.

Ater’s debut fan fiction novella, Don’t Get Caught, is a collection of short stories centered around a love theme, and all that entails (including a kidnapping Samifer fic and a Sabriel wedding) published in February, 2016.

Last, but certainly not least, Ater’s second book, Melting Hearts, Sunburns and Tanlines, is a collection of short stories with a main theme surrounding going on vacation, published in August, 2016.

If you’d like to check out these books, you can do so on her website, by going to the Books page, or, on Amazon.

To keep up with all things Ater, you can check out the following social media accounts, all @AterImber:

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Ater Imber lives in Toronto, Canada.

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PS Writing about yourself in the 3rd person feels so weird!

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