Candle Light (Preview)


Started: 22.01.04

Finished: 24.01.19

Words: 1,744

Sabriel, 2024’s Valentine’s story

“Oof!” Gabriel sagged against the back of his chair, lowering his pants to under his stomach, “That was amazing, Sammich!”

Sam chuckled as he raised an eyebrow, “You ate it so fast, did you even taste it?”

“Of course!” Gabriel reached over to grab the giant’s hand, stifling a burp, “It was delicious. Thank-you, Sammich.”

Sam rolled his eyes as the angel leaned in to kiss the back of his hand, “Yeah, yeah, whatever.” Sam shook his hand out from his grasp, before clapping his hands together, “You ready for dessert, or do you need a few to digest?”

“Pfft, please,” Gabriel waved a dismissive hand as he sat back up, “My dessert stomach isn’t full!”

“Dessert stomach?”

Gabriel blinked innocently at his boyfriend, “What? It’s an angel thing.” Before Sam had a chance to remind him he wasn’t one anymore, he clapped his own hands, now-hungry eyes giving the table a once over, slight frown pulling at the corner of his mouth, “Where is it?”

Sam resisted his urge to shake his head as he stood up from the table, “Yeah, like I was gonna ruin the surprise by putting it on the table.”

He made his way into the kitchen, carefully picking the cake up off the island. He couldn’t help but smile as he started the short walk back to the dining room, this is gonna be the best Valentine’s present he’s ever gotten.

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