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Vegan Alternatives to Warm Fabrics

Living in Canada means I get the fun of dealing with 4-feet snow banks and -40C temperatures. Unfortunately, humans aren’t born with a layer of heated skin, so we have to find other ways to keep ourselves warm during winter. The most usual being winter clothes. Jackets, boots, gloves, hats, scarves, etc.

Also unfortunately, most of the go-to fabrics for winter clothing aren’t vegan friendly. Wool, down, fur – even silk! This makes it hard to find vegan-friendly winter clothes for new and veteran vegans alike.

Fortunately though, we’re living in the future!

This means with a little bit of research, you can find suitable winter clothes that will keep you nice and toasty – without compromising your ethics.



This fabric is a synthetic, waterproof and durable cold weather textile. I’ve seen this stuff being used the most as an alternative to the down lining in winter jackets, but I bet with a bit of searching you could find it available for other clothing items, as well.

It also used to be much harder to find than it is nowadays, which is great news for vegans!



Yes, this simple, well-known fabric has many uses – including being a great alternative to wool for winter!

While cotton isn’t water-proof, it does a great job of keeping you warm in the colder months. It’s also soft and breathable, which is a must when you’re layering ten fabrics together!

Another great thing about cotton? It’s super easy to blend it with other fabrics!

Looking for a clothing item that’s a mix of cotton and something else will give your innerds the best chance at staying warm and dry.


Polyester, Nylon and Acrylic

These materials are another synthetic alternative. While they’re some of the most widely-available fabrics, I’ll leave it up to you on whether or not you want to shoulder the environmental responsibility.

That said, keep in mind that buying a clothing item that contains one or more of these fabrics is still ethically better than one of the usual winter go-tos.



Not just for toilet paper – bamboo is another versatile material that’s breaking into the winter clothing market!

Bamboo clothes can be some of the softest, most comfortable pieces you’ll ever wear. It also has antifungal and odour resistant properties, which makes it a great option for doing activities such as shovelling snow.

One downside to bamboo is that it’s not the warmest option available. So you might want to skip wearing it on the coldest day of the year.



Yes, that’s right! While this might be a harder alternative to find than some of the others I’ve mentioned, there are companies out there using wildflowers as an alternative stuffing option to down!


I don’t imagine you’d be able to find these clothing items at ‘normal’ retailers such as Old Navy, but they shouldn’t be too hard to find on a dedicated vegan clothing website.

I’ve also heard of a few companies using materials like coconut or soybean fiber, but like wildflowers, I don’t think those pieces are as widely available as some of the others I mentioned.

Some winter coats also have detachable fur lining on their hoods, so if you’re really in a pinch – and the rest of the materials used in the jacket are alright – you can always zip it off and donate it.

While there’s not too many widely available vegan materials for winter clothes, there’s definitely enough you should be able to find what you need to make it through.

And if you don’t… well you can have a 5 month house party!

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Pizza Oggi’s Mini Calzones with Cauliflower Crust Review

Happy New Year, everyone!

Hope you all had an amazing, relaxing holiday and are ready to get back into it. First article this year is this product review! - Product Reviews - Pizza Oggi's Mini Calzones with Cauliflower Crust Review - Pizza Oggi's Mini Calzone Box - vegan, vegan food, food reviews, calzones, vegan calzones, food blogger, food reviewer

I’ve never heard of this brand before, but decided to go out on a limb and try their product. After all, I like pizza, so how bad could a calzone be?

I first tried these mini calzones on 22.12.14, and I was immediately surprised by how big they were. Considering they were supposed to be ‘mini’ they were a lot bigger than I thought they’d be. One calzone was roughly the same length as my hand (tip of middle finger to palm).

The box itself was relatively small, and 1 box also only came with six. This surprised me, because they were listed under the Appetizers section, and I naively assumed it would come with more, since when I hear ‘appetizer’ I immediately think of a party. - Product Reviews - Pizza Oggi's Mini Calzones with Cauliflower Crust Review - Pizza Oggi's Mini Calzone Uncooked - vegan, vegan food, food reviews, calzones, vegan calzones, food blogger, food reviewer

Don’t get me wrong, these would absolutely still work for a party, but you’d need more than one box. Or, you could cut the calzones into bite-sized pieces, but that might defeat the purpose of eating a calzone.

They also cooked a lot faster than the box recommended. Though my oven burns hotter than most, I was still surprised at just how fast these cooked. The boxes instructions say to cook them at 425 for 12-15min, or until golden. (And to flip halfway through)

I cooked them at 400 for 6min, then had to turn the oven down to 350 for the last 6min because the outsides were starting to look burnt. After the second 6min cooking time, I took them out and they were done! So if your oven tends to burn hotter like mine, I’d recommend doing 350 for the entire cooking time, unless you like calzones extra crispy. - Product Reviews - Pizza Oggi's Mini Calzones with Cauliflower Crust Review - Pizza Oggi's Mini Calzone Cooked - vegan, vegan food, food reviews, calzones, vegan calzones, food blogger, food reviewer

Once they were cool enough to bite without burning my tongue, I went ahead and divided them between me and my non-vegan friend. (He agreed to help me out with product reviews when he was able to)

My first impression of the calzones was that they didn’t smell very ‘deep’ like regular pizza. It’s hard to explain, but if you’ve ever had pizza, it’s almost like you can smell every layer: the dough, sauce, cheese (or lack thereof) and toppings. These smelled more like… nothing.

I’m not sure if it’s because the dough was made out of cauliflower, or if it was a lacking of spice in the sauce, but when I held it up to my nose, it was almost like there was nothing there.

Which is very weird considering how many things were in it!

These calzones had: cauliflower crust, Beyond Meat Italian crumbles, vegan cheese, potatoes, bell pepper, peas, mushrooms, onions and more! Which is great for a food to have that many veggies in it.

But not so great for the taste.

Not that the taste was bad, but I definitely wouldn’t have said they were calzones. Calzones are supposed to taste like pizza, right? Just in a not-quite-pocket shape. These… didn’t. These calzones tasted closer to samosas, Perogies, or even a veggie Jamaican Patty.

They tasted like veggie soup in a wrapper, essentially. And speaking of the wrapper, neither me nor my friend could tell it was cauliflower dough. Even though the box proudly exclaimed it was made with a cauliflower crust, we couldn’t tell at all. In fact, if the box didn’t tell us it was cauliflower, we wouldn’t of guessed. It was that close to ‘real’ dough.

Though it’s clearly listed in the ingredients, you also couldn’t really taste nor see the vegan cheese. There were maybe 3 dots of white mozzarella. The inside of the calzones even looked more dry and crumbly than a calzone is supposed to. - Product Reviews - Pizza Oggi's Mini Calzones with Cauliflower Crust Review - Pizza Oggi's Mini Calzone Inside - vegan, vegan food, food reviews, calzones, vegan calzones, food blogger, food reviewer

And sure, you could argue that maybe that’s my oven’s fault for almost overcooking, but even if it did dry them out, the pizza flavour was still missing. My friend agreed. They were great! But neither of us would’ve labelled them as ‘calzones’.

So, the big question: should you try them?

If you like the taste of samosas, Perogies or veggie Jamaican patties, then yeah, absolutely!

But if you’re craving something pizza flavoured? I’d skip this one.

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Gardein Chick’n Noodl’ Soup Review

This is the last post of 2022!

I’ll be taking the last half of this month and first half of January off from posting. I’ll be back Jan. 13th 2023, (9am, ET) with the first short story (and product review) of the new year!

Hope you all enjoy the upcoming holiday season, and get well rested for 2023!

Now that the winter weather is in full swing, I thought what better product to review than a soup? - The Veg Life - Product Reviews - Gardein Chick'N Noodl' Soup Review - Gardein Chick'N Noodl' Soup Can - vegan, vegan food, vegan tips, new vegan tips, food review, food reviewer, vegan food review, food blogger, product review, soup

Now, I’m going to be honest, I’m not that big of a fan of soup. I hardly ever eat it (Mr. Noodles not included). I think it’s a little weird as a food. It’s practically just juice with chunks in it.

I’m a much bigger fan of stew. Food should be solid, or fork-able. If I wanted to drink something, I would just get myself a beverage.

That said, I decided to take a chance on this soup, because I’m a big fan of most of Gardein’s other products. And let me tell you, I’m very glad I took the chance!

This soup had big chunks of chick’n (the pieces were roughly the same size as their Meatballs), had pretty big pieces of carrot and celery, and there was a decent amount of noodles, too. My can only had 6 pieces of chick’n total, which I guess I could let slide since they were pretty big, but for a soup that is called Chick’N Noodle, you’d think there would be more. That could entirely vary by can, though, so don’t let that be a reason you write this soup off before even trying it. - The Veg Life - Product Reviews - Gardein Chick'N Noodl' Soup Review - Gardein Chick'N Noodl' Soup Close Up - vegan, vegan food, vegan tips, new vegan tips, food review, food reviewer, vegan food review, food blogger, product review, soup

The can also made a full bowl, which I was admittedly impressed with – I was half expecting it to be a little under, if anything. The can itself is pretty small, it’s the same size as the Amy’s Kitchen soup cans.

Because I don’t eat soup all that often, I don’t really have much to say in terms of how good it is specifically as a soup, but compared to the Chunky Soup Hearty Chicken I used to eat before going vegan, it definitely stacks up!

One thing I didn’t like about this soup – or any soup that has noodles in it – is how soft the noodles are. I understand that’s what happens when noodles are left soaking in liquid for a long time, they get super soft. And I’m not sure if that’s something others would say is a plus in their soup, but as for me, I like my pasta to have a little bit of a bite to it.

This soup definitely gave me classic chicken noodle soup vibes, and even though I’m not that big a fan of soup in general, I could definitely see myself enjoying this during the cold winter months.

On occasion.

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Road’s End Shiitake Mushroom Gravy Review

Road’s End makes 3 different kinds of gravy: Savoury Herb, Shiitake Mushroom, and Delicious Golden.

While my favourite will always be their Savoury Herb, I figured I should still review the other two. And what better time to review a gravy than in the middle of the last month before winter officially starts? - The Veg Life - Product Reviews - Road's End Shiitake Mushroom Gravy - Road's End Shiitake Mushroom Gravy Pack - vegan, vegan food, vegan tips, new vegan tips, food review, food reviewer, vegan food review, food blogger

I’ll be honest, I don’t know exactly why they decided to go with blue for their mushroom packaging, but don’t let the weird colour throw you. This gravy is definitely delicious!

Well, okay, that will actually depend on how big a fan you are of mushrooms. This gravy stays true to it’s name and has a very strong mushroom flavour. It actually reminded me of the mushroom flavoured Mr. Noodles.

While this gravy’s primary flavour is indeed the mushrooms, there’s also a definite herb taste in there. It’s like their Savoury Herb gravy, but they added mushrooms to it. The mushroom flavour definitely hits you first, though. So if you don’t like mushrooms, you might want to plug your nose while it’s in your mouth, then release when you swallow.

Now, I’m not too sure if this is the gravy specifically, or if it was me, but it also has a very good consistency. It wasn’t too runny, or too thick. Perfect, thick gravy. I say I don’t know if that’s on the packet or me, because these gravies come in powder form, then you stir them together with water in a pot on the stove. So I’m not sure if it was my stirring/measuring water ability or the gravy itself.

And obviously, if you don’t like thick gravy, you can thin it out by adding a little extra water, or vice versa, if you prefer it extra thick.

Since you just mix them together with water, they also come together extremely quickly. Which is great for a lot of reasons. Not just for the upcoming holiday season, but if you ever have a craving for gravy and don’t want to go through the hassle of making it from scratch, you can just grab one of these bad boys and go to town.

I recommend this one specifically for poutine – the mushroom flavour adds a great layer of depth – but I’ll leave the dish up to you.

These packs are also pretty cheap, $2.79 at Good Rebel. And considering one pack is enough to cover a full bowl of poutine, I’d say that’s a pretty good deal.

All in all, while this gravy isn’t my personal favourite of the three, I definitely still reach for it – and think you should, too!

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Que Pasa Sweet and Spicy Ranch Chips Review

I first discovered this brand in 2019, when I was pleasantly surprised by finding their Nacho chips in a No Frills.

As I explained in that article, I was having trouble at the time finding the chips at my favourite grocery stores. Even No Frills seemed to stop carrying the brand after the day I’d discovered them.

After perusing their website, I discovered they had thankfully not only didn’t discontinue the Nacho flavour, but had others as well! And, perhaps the best news, is that all their flavours are vegan!

Being cautiously excited at discovering a new vegan company, I set my sights on trying some of their other flavours. The next flavour I was interested in trying was their Sweet and Spicy Ranch chips. But just like the Nacho flavour, I couldn’t find the Ranch anywhere.

Not content on giving up, I discovered VeganSupply sells a variety of Que Pasa’s chip flavours, but as my luck would have it, they were sold out when I tried getting a bag. This irritation brought me to March of this year (2022), when I decided to try a new-ish wellness website called

I discovered that not only did Well carry supplements, personal products and other wellness products, but they also had quite an array of vegan foods available! In this order, I decided to get a few other products I wasn’t able to find elsewhere that I was planning on using in future reviews. This included Watermelon La Croix, Dandelion Tea, these Ranch chips, and a few other items.

To my great pleasure, I received 0 notices about the Que Pasa chips being out of stock, and actually (finally) got my hands on them when the order arrived. - The Veg Life - Product Reviews - Que Pasa Sweet and Spicy Ranch Chips Review - Que Pasa Sweet and Spicy Ranch Chips Bag - food reviews, blogger, food blogger, vegan, vegan food, vegan snacks

Now, I’ll be honest, I was so excited to see a chip bag that said Vegan Ranch on it, that I completely missed the Sweet and Spicy part of the name.

Luckily for me, I spotted the full name before digging in, so I was able to ration my taste test appropriately. The bag I bought was the same size as the Nacho ones had been, and while they were slightly more expensive (Well had them listed for $4.79, but No Frills had them for $3.49), I was more than happy to pay the difference considering I was having so much trouble finding them.

These chips were also more sweet than spicy for me. Being the detail oriented flavour taster that I am, the first chip I tried, I licked some of the flavouring off to get a more complete profile.

Keeping in mind I haven’t had actual ranch flavoured anything in… probably close to 15-ish years, I personally didn’t think these chips tasted ‘ranch-y’. They at least didn’t taste like the vegan Ranch dips/salad dressings I’ve gotten used to. The flavouring actually reminded me of being closer to maple syrup than ranch. - The Veg Life - Product Reviews - Que Pasa Sweet and Spicy Ranch Chips Review - Que Pasa Sweet and Spicy Ranch Chips Close Up - food reviews, blogger, food blogger, vegan, vegan food, vegan snacks

The heat also didn’t come until swallowing, but luckily it wasn’t too overpowering. There was a little tingle in the back of my throat, but I was able to eat a few at a time without feeling the need to reach for water. There was also no sweating happening, unlike when I eat Sweet Chili Heat Doritos.

I’m not usually a big fan of contrasting flavour profiles in the same dish/food. I just got used to chocolate covered pretzels not too long ago. That said, I really thought the sweetness of the chip when chewing really helped to balance out the heat experienced when swallowing.

They complimented each other nicely, and while I would’ve loved these chips more if they didn’t have that kick at the end, I also can’t say they weren’t good. I will say that even though the Nacho ones were spicier, if given a choice, I’d probably pick the Nacho flavour over these ones.

Have you tried these Que Pasa Sweet and Spicy Ranch chips? How’d you like them? Let me know in the comments!

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Surprising Vegan Noodles


They come in all different shapes, sizes, and some aren’t even made out of flour!

It shouldn’t surprise you to know that most pasta noodles are made without eggs.

But what might surprise you, is that those aren’t the only noodles available!

Take a look at the collage below, and think about expanding your horizons on your next pasta night. - The Veg Life - Surprising Vegan - Surprising Vegan Noodles Collage - vegan, vegan food, vegan tips, food blogger, new vegan tips, pasta, soba noodles, udon noodles, rice noodles, chickpea noodles

Starting in the top left-hand corner, moving clockwise:

  • Unico Farfalle
  • No Name Rotini
  • Ital Pasta Scoobi Do
  • Rizopia Brown Rice Pasta
  • Tinkyada* Rice Pasta Vegetable Spirals
  • President’s Choice Fusilli
  • Chickapea Pasta Shells
  • Maria’s Homestyle Chickpea Radiatore
  • Mr. Noodles Vegetable
  • Mr. Noodles Mushroom
  • Don Don Japanese Style Udon
  • Catelli Spinach Lasagne
  • De Cecco Spaghetti
  • T&T Buckwheat Soba
  • Young & Young 3 Minute Chow Mein
  • Young & Young Rice Vermicelli
  • Rooster Kongmoon Rice Stick Vermicelli
  • Rooster Thin Rice Noodles

*Tinkyada is a local (Scarborough) made, 100% vegan rice pasta brand!

Unico, No Name, Ital Pasta, Catelli, PC and De Cecco have many different shapes of pasta that are suitable for vegans. If I had filled the collage with every shape they had available, it would’ve been way too big! So instead, I decided to pick 1 shape from each brand to represent what they offer.

Most brands that I’ve found tend to stick with one way to make their noodles. So if you find one shape that doesn’t contain egg (or milk?), chances are good their other shapes won’t.

Some of these brands are also specifically Canadian, so I’m not sure if they’re available in other countries.

Field Roast Mini Corn Dogs Review

I first tried these bad boys in May 2018, and I’ve gotta say, unlike some other vegan offerings, my opinion of these hasn’t really changed. - The Veg Life - Product Reviews - Field Roast Mini Corn Dogs Review - Field Roast Mini Corn Dog Bag - vegan, vegan food, vegan tips, new vegan tips, food review, food reviewer, vegan food review, food blogger

Like the name suggests, the batter surrounding these mini dogs is corn bread. While it doesn’t have an overtly corny taste, you can definitely tell it’s not a ‘normal’ breading. The mini notdog on the inside also has a good flavour. It’s not exactly how I remember real hotdogs tasting (and it’s definitely a different flavour than the Yves Notdogs), but they’re still good. They have more of a smoky, savoury taste to them.

I know Field Roast also makes a few different sausage flavours. To date (22.08.09) I’ve only tried their Apple Wood Smoked Sausage. I don’t believe this is the dog they use in this product, as when I tried the Apple Wood Smoked ones, I didn’t like their flavour all that much. I just found something weird about the hint of apple in the faux meat.

The dogs used in this product are a lot tastier in my book. They also have a great texture to them. They’re not too mushy, but they’re also not 100% simulated meat like Beyond Meat’s Sausages. - The Veg Life - Product Reviews - Field Roast Mini Corn Dogs Review - Field Roast Mini Corn Dog Close Up - vegan, vegan food, vegan tips, new vegan tips, food review, food reviewer, vegan food review, food blogger

One thing I don’t like about this product is something you’ve seen me complain about in a lot of these reviews: there’s not nearly enough of these guys in a bag! There was less than 20 the last time I bought them, and at $10.99 a bag, that’s kind of expensive. It’s practically $1/dog!

You could easily fit 20 (at least) in the size of bag they use. I’m sure they have their reasons for keeping half the bag air, but then that begs the question: is that really the best way to package them?

Why not use a cardboard box, instead? That would not only preserve the freshness and allow you to add more per item, but would also eliminate the need for using what appears to be a plastic bag with a foil lining.

That said, I’m not trying to bash Field Roast or this product. I think it’s very tasty, and I recommend you go out and try it if you haven’t already. Just be aware if you wanted to buy a few bags of these for a party, you might want to give yourself a little extra budgeting space.

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Vegan Fast Food: KFC Edition

That’s right!

Even a fast food place with chicken in it’s name has vegan options!

Granted, there’s not too many, but still – we really are living in the future! - The Veg Life - Vegan Tips - Vegan Fast Food - Vegan Fast Food: KFC Edition - vegan, vegan food, vegan takeout, plant based, meat free, kfc vegan options, vegan blogger

Starting in the top-hand corner, and moving clockwise:

  • Potato Bun
  • 10.5in Tortilla
  • Flatbread
  • Lettuce
  • Tomatoes
  • Pickles
  • Plant Based Sandwich*
  • Spicy Plant Based Sandwich
  • Spicy Plant Based Sandwich Combo
  • Fries
  • Southern Plum Dip
  • Ketchup
  • Mug of Root Beer
  • Pepsi Original
  • Diet Pepsi
  • Mountain Dew
  • Dr. Pepper
  • 7-Up
  • Orange Crush
  • Brisk Iced Tea
  • Pure Leaf Black Tea
  • Pure Leaf Lemon Tea
  • Pure Leaf Raspberry
  • Dole Apple Juice
  • Dole Orange Juice
  • Dole Strawberry Kiwi Cocktail
  • Ocean Spray Cranberry Cocktail
  • Oasis FruitZoo Apple Juice
  • Aquafina Water

There were a few other things that were vegan, but I wasn’t able to find pictures of. Those items are:

  • Mayonnaise Type Dressing
  • Sweet and Smokey BBQ Sauce
  • Kentucky Hot Sauce
  • Salt Packets
  • Pepper Packets
  • Vinegar Packets

One thing to note, for the plant-based fillet, though the website says it has vegan ingredients, a different page on the website said it’s cooked in the same fryer as their meat fillets. I believe this is why they’re officially calling it their ‘plant based’ sandwich, instead of actually using the word ‘vegan’.

It’s great to see them opening up to plant based options, but I’ll leave whether or not you want to buy the sandwich up to you.

Perhaps in the future, they’ll see their error and begin cooking it in a different fryer. But for now, it’s a no go for me.

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Ben and Jerry’s Non-Dairy Coffee Caramel Fudge Ice Cream Review

This ice cream is one of my all time favourites, though I have to be careful about how much of it I eat.

I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned this in another post, but my body is very sensitive to certain things. Spiciness, alcohol, and caffeine, specifically. (Though I’m sure there’s more)

There was actually one time after I went vegan when I discovered Starbucks had a drink called a Mocha, which is essentially hot chocolate mixed with coffee. But not just any type of coffee, it has espresso in it. Now, for those who don’t know, espresso is basically a highly concentrated shot of caffeine. This is why they typically serve espresso in tiny cups, because that’s all you need.

Apparently, Starbuck’s Mocha, has 2 shots of espresso in a Grande (Large) size. Unfortunately for me, I didn’t know that the first time I ordered it. Also unfortunately for me, I really liked the taste of the drink. By the time I had reached my house (about 10 minutes away) I had already finished more than half of the drink.

The good news, is that I made it home before my body started to react to the caffeine. I was trying to type up an article, and I noticed my fingers were having trouble hitting the keys I wanted them to. They kept over-extending, and jerking out of position, much to my confusion.

Now, me being the rational person I am, I assumed this shaking/jittering was because I hadn’t eaten yet that day. (It was maybe 11am at this point, and I had only woken up around 10am, so not eating wasn’t unusual) After breaking my concentration, I also noticed my heart was thumping very hard. Like, cartoon levels of wanting to leap out of my chest thumping.

Doing my best to quell my quickly mounting worry, I ventured into the kitchen to get myself some food, hoping that would fix whatever was happening. When I entered the kitchen, my brother (I was living at my parent’s home at this time), asked if I was feeling okay. I told him about my thumping heart, and shaking hands, to which he told me I looked very pale, and seemed to literally be vibrating where I stood.

Concerned, he asked me what I had done that day, so I told him about my trip to Starbucks, and trying the Mocha. And then he proceeded to double over with laughter. I had to wait until his laughter died down for him to explain that there was espresso in the drink – and what that meant in coffee terms – and then told me to drink some water, and eat something and I would be good in a few hours.

Suffice it to say, I felt pretty dumb at that moment. Considering I never drank coffee before that – with the exception of 1 instant black coffee I had drank on that year’s Christmas – that was kind of a lot of caffeine for my body to try to process.

I still don’t drink coffee regularly by any means – and I definitely stay away from espresso – but I do enjoy the taste of it. I had just discovered different flavours (other than black) such as hazelnut or vanilla lattes, and I was pretty bummed to learn my body reacted so intensely.

I thought I was doomed to a coffee free existence!

Then I discovered decaf coffee, which I learned was basically all the coffee flavour, but none of the caffeine. This decaf stuff was like uncovering a secret. See, growing up, the only thing I had ever heard about people who drank coffee, was that they drank it for the caffeine, so I didn’t know anything else existed!

Needless to say, I was excited I could have my maybe twice-a-year coffee fix without blowing out my heart.

I was equally excited to learn about this coffee caramel ice cream. I mean, coffee flavoured ice cream with caramel swirls? That was like a new dream of mine!

So I went out and bought my first pint. (Can you see where this is going)

I take full responsibility for this, as I apparently hadn’t read the description for the ice cream closely enough. Apparently, it wasn’t coffee flavoured ice cream, it was straight coffee ice cream.

And that meant it has caffeine.

Luckily, I don’t eat ice cream in large quantities when I eat it, so I didn’t have as intense of a reaction as I did back when I had my first Mocha, but I definitely felt the affects of the caffeine.

Aside from the caffeine reaction, I loved the taste of this ice cream!

It definitely tastes like a coffee – not black coffee, mind you, it’s closer to a latte flavour – and I absolutely love the caramel swirls! The ice cream itself is also very smooth when it’s in your mouth.

It’s a little hard to explain, but you know when you’re drinking something, and the liquid almost wants to slide down your throat? Unlike when you have solid food in your mouth, and it sort of gets ‘stuck’ on your tongue, and you have the urge to chew?

This ice cream is definitely closer to a liquid mouth feel. If you let it melt and then drank it, it’d probably be the same texture and mouth feel – the only difference would be it wouldn’t be quite as cold.

The least smooth thing about this ice cream is the fudge chunks that are sprinkled throughout. They are very hard bits of chocolate that I definitely recommend not trying to bite through. The fudge bits are dark chocolate, I believe, and the bitter of the chocolate provides a nice contrast to the sweetness of the caramel.

I highly recommend you go test this ice cream for yourself. If you like coffee, or caramel, you definitely won’t be disappointed.

Just be aware if you’re caffeine sensitive: you probably won’t want to eat it too late in the day, unless you want to be up till 4am.

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Beyond Meat Hot Italian Sausages Review

If you’ve been around here before, you’ll know I can not handle spicy foods. I have a very low spicy tolerance, and very, very rarely eat spicy foods willingly.

That said, when the Beyond Meat Hot Italian Sausages came to Canada, I knew I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to review them. - The Veg Life - Product Reviews - Beyond Meat Hot Italian Sausages Review - Beyond Meat Sausages Package - food reviews, product reviews, food reviewer, sausages, vegan, vegan food, vegan meat, meat alternatives

I first tried these sausages back in March of last year (2021), and I have to say, I was actually pleasantly surprised!

Similar to the Beyond Meat Burgers, these sausages had a very similar texture to meat sausages (or at least, from what I remember) and even seemed to have a ‘skin’ or casing on them.

These sausages are very meaty tasting, and smelling. Which is great, if that’s your thing! If you’re looking for a plant-based alternative to replace meat products without compromising on taste or texture, these are definitely the sausages for you!

As I’ve said in previous reviews, I’m a fan of plants that taste like plants. Give me a mushroom burger that tastes like mushrooms, and I won’t complain. These sausages, as well as the Beyond Meat burgers… honestly, I think it’s amazing that we can make plants taste that close to meat products, but it’s just not really my thing.

I don’t know quite what it is, but even just smelling the ‘meat’ smell makes me mildly nauseous. Like my body is screaming no, don’t eat that! at me, even though I know it’s made out of plants, and is not a dead body.

For me personally, it’s too close to meat for me to be a big fan of them, or to add them to my regular shopping list. Once in a while is fine, but I really can’t handle them more than that. I just don’t crave that meaty taste – even back before I went vegan, I stayed away from pretty much every meat that wasn’t chicken/turkey, because I just didn’t like the taste – so it’s actually not surprising that I still don’t really dig that flavour. - The Veg Life - Product Reviews - Beyond Meat Hot Italian Sausages Review - Beyond Meat Sausages Close Up - food reviews, product reviews, food reviewer, sausages, vegan, vegan food, vegan meat, meat alternatives

Beyond Sausage close up

Not only were these sausages super meaty, but they also definitely lived up to their Hot name. They were spicy. Like, take three bites and burn the back of my throat spicy. Now, as said above, I have a very low spice tolerance, so you may not find them that spicy, but honestly, these messed up my digestion I imagine the same way eating hot wings messes with other people. It was not pretty, nor fun.

Even just thinking back to eating them is making me want to chug a bunch of water. I definitely am a bigger fan of the Mild sausages, though I also found those spicy. Not as bad, but they definitely still had a kick.

I did notice however, that if I chopped up the sausages and mixed them into something else, it did significantly reduce the spicy effects. So, that’s also an option, if you’re worried about how spicy they are. - The Veg Life - Product Reviews - Beyond Meat Hot Italian Sausages Review - Beyond Meat Sausages In Mr. Noodles - food reviews, product reviews, food reviewer, sausages, vegan, vegan food, vegan meat, meat alternatives

Beyond Sausage cut up in a Mr. Noodle stir fry

One thing I definitely don’t like about these sausages, is the packaging. They come in a cardboard container, that’s wrapped in plastic. Also, they only come 4 to a package. I’ve complained about this in other reviews, but seriously, if you want to offer that little in a package, at least have a bigger packaging option. Why not make them available in an 8, or hell, even a 6 pack would be better.

Beyond Meat now makes Breakfast Sausages that come in an 8 pack, so I don’t understand why these big ones can’t also. I’m not for sure on this, but the breakfast links also appear to come in a cardboard box, instead of plastic, which again begs the question: why can’t the big sausages come the same?

I know this review may seem like it’s negative, so I want to be clear: I’m in no way trying to trash this product. I think it’s amazing and crazy that Beyond Meat has figured out a way to make plants taste that close to meat products. It’s truly an incredible achievement, and said above, if you’re someone who’s looking to quell your meat cravings without eating the real thing, you would be hard pressed to find a better sausage than these.

These sausages aren’t something I personally will be buying very often, but I’m still definitely recommending them!

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