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Originally From: 15.05.12

Rewritten: 20.05.13

Finished: 22.06.29

Words: 1,790

C2C, Gen.

“Let’s go, Sammy!” Dean fired off another shot from his sawed-off, glancing quickly over his shoulder at the wall he was quickly being backed into.

After a moment of no response, shit, he glanced up to the other side of the warehouse, not seeing the giant – or the four demons that had surrounded him – in his last known location, shit-shit-shit.

“Hey, Dean!”

The not-brother voice off to his right got his attention back to the ghosts that were quickly surrounding him, jaw clenching as he spotted the Leader Demon had backed up to the door to the barn, “You leaving already?” Dean fired off another few shots at the ghosts, before turning back to the demon, who was now smirking, “And here I thought we were just warming up.”

“I wouldn’t be so cocky, if I were you,” the demon’s fingers danced along the latch that was holding the door closed, “Especially when I was just gonna warn you.”

Dean felt his back hit the wall as he went to fire another shot and the gun clicked, signalling it was empty, shit. He threw it off to the side before slashing through the closest ghost with the fireplace poker he had tucked in his jacket, “Warn me about what?”

The widening smirk on the demon’s face made his stomach drop as he threw the door open. The colour immediately drained from Deans’ face as he heard the low growls, but saw nothing, h-hellhounds?

He tried to take a step backward, cursing himself as his back hit the wall again. He glanced back over to his brother’s last known location, and – upon still not seeing the giant – scrubbed a hand down his face, fuck!

“Aw, what’s the matter, Dean? I thought you wanted to party?”

The blonde did his best to compose himself, shifting his grip on the fire poker, “I’m just surprised you had to bring in reinforcements. I must be better than I thought.”

The demon stomped a foot on the ground at that, sending dust swirling into the air, and Dean thanked whoever was running Heaven now that they got backed into a barn. The growling intensified and he watched the hellhound’s paw prints begin to move toward him. Shit-shit-shit.

“Well, we’d love to stay,” the demon by the door’s demeanour changed, and the five ghosts that were in front of the hunter began disappearing, “But I think Fido here has it covered.”

With that, Dean was alone.

“Fuck!” Dean began to side step along the wall, making his way over to where he last saw his brother, eyes not leaving the paw prints that were getting alarmingly closer, “Sammy, now would be a really great time to pop out of whenever you are.”

At the lack of sound – minus the growls from the beast stalking toward him – he shook his head, I swear to God, if you’re not dead or dying, I’m going to kill you. The blonde continued inching his way over to the other side of the barn, brain working over time to try and think of a way for them to make it out of this, without dying.

He finally reached the spot his brother had been, and let out a small sigh of relief as he saw a door. He kept his eyes on the paw prints in the dust, and held out a hand, crouching down slightly, “Okay, we’re just gonna be nice and easy about this…” he slowly reached into his jacket and pulled out a container of salt, thank God this was a ghost thing, and opened it, pouring a semi circle around himself, starting at the base of the wall, swinging out not too far in front of him, until it connected with the wall on the opposite side of the door.

He let out another breath of relief as the beast stopped coming forward. He replaced the salt in his jacket and reached for the door handle, please don’t be dead.

As the door swung open – thankfully into the room – he paused in the doorway as he saw his brother lying beside a demon, neither were moving. Okay… that doesn’t mean anything. Dean pulled his knife back out before kicking the demon’s foot.

At the lack of response, Dean kicked his brother, keeping a wary eye on the other body, “Sam?”

The giant groaned, head rolling slowly from side to side as he cracked an eye open, “D’n?”

“No, it’s the tooth fairy,” The blonde slid the knife into one of his belt loops before reaching for his brother.

Sam shook his head slowly, blinking his eyes as he looked around the small space, eyes landing on the body beside him, “What happened?”

“Apparently you were taking a cat nap while I did all the work, as usual.”

Even though he still seemed groggy, the giant’s brows furrowed at that, “You killed three demons and took out all the ghosts?”

“Don’t be jealous,” The blonde gave his brother a once over, “You good?”

“Uh,” The giant ran both hands through his hair, before nodding, “Yeah, I think so. Why?”

As if on queue to answer his question, a growl floated through the door then, making the giant raise his eyebrows, “is that what I think it is?”

“Yeah,” Dean made the short trip over to the door, pressing his ear against it, “We’re gonna have to make a run for it.”

“Shit.” Sam took in a breath, unsheathing Ruby’s knife before nodding, “On three?”

The blonde took a steeling breath himself as he put his hand on the doorknob, and nodded, “One…”

“Two…” The brother’s exchanged a look, both of them readjusting the grip they hand on their weapons, “Three.”

Dean ripped the door open, and the boys burst through it in the next moment, being careful to stay inside the salt circle. He heard his brother take in a surprised breath as the blonde surveyed the dusty floor, eyes looking for any sign of paw print movement.

“Can you see anything?”

“Did you seriously just ask me if I could see the invisible dog?” Sam raised an eyebrow at his brother, small smile pulling at the corner of his mouth, “Can’t say I have, Dean.”

The blonde rolled his eyes, grabbing the salt back out of his jacket, “Alright, we’re gonna have to do this the hard way, then.” He moved to the edge of the circle, beginning to pour more salt out from it’s edge, forming a parallel line between him and the wall.

He motioned for his brother to follow as he took a few steps forward, worried eyes continually scanning the floor. They made it about halfway back down the wall when his container ran out of salt, shit.

The blonde stayed in his half-crouched position, “Please tell me you still have salt in your container.”

“Uh…” The hesitant voice made the oldest close his eyes, “there might be.”

“Might be?”

He heard the giant shift where he stood, “It kind of… got knocked out of my hand when the demon tackled me into the room.”

Dean let out a deep sigh, opening his eyes as he straightened up, “You couldn’t of said that before we started moving?”

The youngest held his hands up in mock surrender, “I didn’t know what your plan was!”

“Well, that’s just great, Sammy,” Dean pulled a hand through his hair, ignoring the strands that fell from his hand, “Now what are we supposed to do?”

Sam furrowed his brows as he looked out over the barn, “Well, it’s pretty quiet.” His eyes swept over the floor before landing back on the shorter man, “Maybe it left?”


“Yeah,” Sam nodded his head, not looking nearly as convinced as his tone sounded, “The demon probably figured we would camp out in the room, and got bored waiting.”

Dean gave his brother a look, “So you want us to just… walk out the front door?”

The giant gave a half-shrug, “Well it’s not like we can just stand here forever.”

“Damn it!” The blonde turned around, punching the wall. He groaned before turning back, eyes sweeping over the not-moving dust covered floor, “Fine.” He eyed the door – it was just close enough to be taunting them, “Let’s just… be quick about it.”


Dean took a moment to close his eyes again, taking in a deep breath before stepping over the salt line. When there wasn’t an immediate growl, his shoulder’s relaxed ever so slightly, “O-okay. Let’s go.”

He started toward the door – jogging for good measure – stopping only once he was through the doorway. He quickly spun around, hand on the handle, using most of the strength he had left to pull the door over.

He stopped halfway when he noticed his brother was still standing behind the salt line, “Dude, what the hell are you doing?”

“I can’t move.”

“What are you talking about? You’ll be fine,” Dean waved a hand for his brother, “Let’s get outta here.”

“No, Dean,” The giant brought frightened eyes to his brother, “I-I can’t move!”

“You can’t…?” The blonde’s eyes drifted back over to the door on the opposite side of the barn, sinking feeling washing over him, “Christo.”

Sure enough, his brother’s eyes flicked black, you’ve gotta be fucking kidding me! Dean took a charged step back into the barn, “Exorcizamus te-”

“Pfft, yeah,” His brother’s demeanour changed and he waved a hand, the blonde’s voice cutting off, “Like I’m gonna let you finish that.”

Dean took another step into the barn, glaring at the demon, get the hell out of my brother!

“Aw,” The giant’s features contorted into a playful frown, “What’s the matter Dean?” He gestured down to himself, “I thought you liked this outfit?”

The blonde took another step, if you hurt him, I swear to God-

He froze as he heard a familiar growl off to his right. Even though he knew he wouldn’t be able to see anything, he couldn’t help but look toward the source of the noise, shit.

Not-Sam let out a loud belly laugh at that, “Oh man, you should really see the look on your face.” He pulled out the youngest’s cell phone and raised an eyebrow, “I don’t suppose you’d show me how to use the camera on this thing?” At the glare, he shrugged, shoving it back into his pocket, “Yeah, that’s what I thought.”

Dean took a cautious step backward as the growling continued, eyes flicking between the invisible threat and his demon-possessed brother, today started out so well, too…

“Don’t worry, Dean,” Not-Sam stepped out from behind the salt line, evil smile splitting his face as he took in the fear on the eldest’s face, “It’ll be quick.”

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The Long One (Preview)

Started: 21.09.28

Worked On: 22.07.06-22.08.31, 22.09.01-22.09.05

Finished: 22.09.06

Words: 14,469

SPN x Marvel, C2C

This is the 3rd and final fic in the 3-part mini series for this year.

“Sam!” Dean fired off a rock-salt round as he booked it as fast as he could to the entrance of the graveyard backward, “anytime now!”

The youngest Winchester suppressed his eye roll as he struck yet another match, huffing in annoyance as it didn’t light, “None of these matches are lighting!”

The blonde’s eyes moved between the large group of ghosts that were quickly surrounding him and his brother, who was somehow still standing over the grave they dug up, “Use the lighter!”

“I didn’t bring one!”

“You didn’t bring one?” Dean fired off another shot, bringing confused eyes to the brunette, “You’re joking, right?”

The giant tossed up his hands in exasperation before throwing another unlit match into the grave, “Just hold on! I can get this!”

“Yeah,” Dean was quickly being cornered into one side of the fence, gun dangerously low, “that might not be an option.”

Sam groaned as he struck the last match in the box, tossing the useless stick into the grave before grabbing his gun, “Fine! Let’s go.”

Dean did his best to hold back his eye roll as his brother sprinted toward him. He cleared as much of the ghost group between them as he could before his ammo ran out. Luckily, the giant wasn’t totally useless and cleared enough of the rest of them to allow the blonde to make a break for the entrance.

The giant was close on his heels, firing off shot after shot as the brother’s raced toward the car. As the car came into view, Dean felt himself relax slightly, we’re gonna make it!

“Shit,” The curse and the click of an empty gun from behind him dashed the eldest’s hopes almost as soon as they’d come on, of course.

They were maybe three feet from the car when they had to pull out the to-go salt packets Dean had grabbed from the diner earlier that day, thank God for that distracted waitress.

Sam’s leg was bouncing as the blonde struggled to rip one of the packs open, ghost hoard closing back in, “Is there even enough in there to make a difference?”

Dean groaned, bringing a pack up to his teeth, “It’s gonna have to be.”

He tossed some packets at the giant just as he managed to rip the corner of the one in his mouth, aha! He tossed the packet toward one of the closer ghosts, face falling as the packet hit the ground, no salt spilling out.

Dean let out an annoyed groan as they continued backing toward the car, “Is anything gonna go right today?”

Sam got his packets open, pouring the salt out into his hand before attempting to throw it. A few grains flew off his hand, most sticking to the sweat in his palm. He let out an annoyed huff and wiped it onto his pants, flicking his eyes over to his brother, “Now what?”

“We run for it.”


“Uh, yeah,” He took a chance to look back at the car before turning back to the growing angry ghosts, “the car’s close enough, we should make it.”

Sam snorted, “Should?”

The brother’s exchanged a look before turning around and booking it as fast as their legs would carry them toward their home on wheels.

Dean reached the car first, nearly sliding off balance as he tugged the passenger seat door open. He jumped through, sliding himself across the bench seat to the driver’s side of the car, just as Sam came jumping in after him.

The blonde wasted no time shoving the key into the ignition, car roaring to life. Sam barely got the door closed before he was tossed into the dashboard with the force of them peeling out of the graveyard.

They got a few miles down the road before either brother let out a breath of relief.

Dean ran a hand through his hair as he attempted to calm his heartbeat, “Told you we’d make it.”

Sam let out a humourless chuckle at that, “Yeah, right.” His brows furrowed in confusion as his brother turned left down the road, “Uh, dude where are you going? Grandview’s the other way.”

Dean flicked his eyes over to his brother, “And why would we go back to Grandview?”

“Because we left Melinda standing in a- watch out!”

The hunter cut himself off as a blinding white light opened up in the road ahead of them.

“Shit!” Dean stomped on the brakes as they went sailing into it, sound of squealing tires filling the air.

The light subsided just in time for the boys to watch themselves crash into an expensive looking table as the car came to a stop. The brother’s exchanged a look as they took in their new surroundings. It looked as though they were in some sort of workshop.

“Uh…” Dean flicked his eyes to the roof of the car, “Cas? This isn’t the bunker’s garage.”

“I don’t think this was Cas.” Sam’s brows were furrowed as he took in the room, “This place does look familiar, though…”

“I’ve never seen it.” Dean turned the car off, sitting back in his seat, “Should we be fighting or…?”

Sam shook his head, “I don’t think so.”

“Sam!” Dean scrubbed a hand down his face as his brother got out of the car, sorry Melinda. He climbed out of the car a moment later, taking in the knocked over table, shattered computer screen and various shards of glass, wide glass panel walls to the left, and a man who seemed to be sleeping on the lone couch, his back facing them.

Dean bumped his brother’s arm, nodding toward him, “How the hell did he sleep through that?”

Sam turned to the couch and shrugged, “Maybe he’s dead?”

“Great,” The blonde rolled his eyes, moving a few steps further into the workshop, “That’s just what we need, more dead people.”

He shook his head as his eyes roamed over the rest of the space. He couldn’t help but let out a loud whistle as his eyes landed on a long row of classic cars lined against the opposite wall, “Damn, how did I miss that?”


The blonde waved off his brother’s warning tone, “Relax, Sammy, I’m just looking.”

“Uh-huh.” Sam didn’t feel convinced, but shifted his focus from his brother to the man on the couch, anyway. He walked a few steps closer, craning his neck in a failed attempt to see the man’s face. “Do you think I should-”

A loud alarm started blaring then, effectively cutting off the end of the giant’s sentence.

He jumped at the sudden noise, eyes quickly locating his brother, who was two feet away from one of the red cars, guilt all over his face, “What the hell did you touch?”

The blonde held his hands up in mock surrender as security gates started lowering over all the windows and doors, “Nothing, I swear!”

“Well clearly you did something!” Sam rolled his eyes, waving for the blonde to join him back over by the car, “You’re such a child!”

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Confident (Preview)

Written: 22.03.09

Words: 2,511

xReader, C2C

“You’re lost?” You can’t help but feel bad for him as he gives you a nod, “No problem. I grew up here.” You give him what you hope is a reassuring smile as he brings his eyes up from the sidewalk, “Where you trying to go?”

“The Empire State Building.”

You internally roll your eyes, oh great. “Sorry, did you say the Empire State Building?”

“Yeah,” he shifted his weight as he took in the look on your face, and let out a nervous chuckle, “it’s on the other side of the city, isn’t it?”

“No,” You point your thumb over your shoulder, “it’s actually about 1,400 miles that way.”

His face pales as he stares passed you, “W-what?”

“Yeah, I don’t know who your tour guide was, but you’re in Kansas, not New York.”

His face goes impossibly paler and he swallows thickly, bringing his eyes back to your face, “P-please tell me you’re kidding.”

“Nope,” You dig out your phone, turning on your location before showing him the screen, “Lebanon, Kansas. See?”

He snatches your phone, eyes going wider as he reads the screen, “Oh my God.” He stares at it, and you can swear you see him will the location to change, “This…. This is…. Oh my God!”

“Hey, hey, it’s alright,” You guide him to lean against the wall behind you, “Take a few deep breaths. It won’t be that hard to get from here to New York. You can just hop on a bus, or train, or-”

Your sentence cuts off as his arm whips out, hand closing around your neck. Before your brain can register what’s happening, a bag goes over your head, and you hear the squeal of tires pull up behind you.

You grunt as you presumably get tossed into the vehicle, hearing a door slam shut before it screeches off down the road. Crap.

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Blinded By The Light (Preview)

Started: 22.02.16

Finished: 22.06.27

Words: 6,325

C2C, SPN x Ghost Whisperer

This is the 2nd fic of a semi-connected 3 fic crossover mini series. The first fic of this series is Rainbow Road

“What’d he say?”

Melinda jumped at the sudden voice beside her. She turned to her passenger seat, somewhat calming as she saw it was the ghost. She rolled her eyes and hopped out of her car, “If you didn’t disappear, you could’ve heard.”

“I didn’t mean to,” The ghost appeared on her porch, “I wanted to see him, but I-” the ghost flickered where he stood. His brows furrowed as he looked down to his flickering form, “I don’t understand.”

“It’s alright,” Melinda made her way toward the porch, stopping when she reached the steps. She gave the ghost a once over – now he was appearing clearly, and not covered head to toe in mud, she saw he was no more than sixteen, had dirty blonde hair, and was easily taller than Jim. She couldn’t help the stab her heart felt at his fallen face. “It can take time to learn how to appear.”

“I’m not ready,” The ghost shook his head, bringing scared eyes up from the ground to her face.

“I-I know this must be hard.” She shifted where she stood, taking a small step closer, “I can go back tomorrow. You can come with me, and maybe we can-”

“No!” The ghost’s outburst made her jump. His eyes turned angry, and he took a charged step toward her, “I’m not ready! I’m not-”


Melinda screamed and ducked as she heard a gunshot. Staying crouched, she looked around wildly, seeing two men running toward her with shotguns. Oh my God! She hurried up her porch steps, shaking hands trying to unlock her door.


She got the door unlocked just as they reached her porch. She slid inside the door, slamming it closed behind her, locking it before she ran up her stairs, speed-dialling Jim.

“Hey, Mel, I was just about to call you. Turns out Tom wasn’t actually sick, so I’m-”

Jim!” Melinda couldn’t help the tears that sprang to her eyes as she booked it into their bedroom, pulling the closet door closed.

“What happened?”

“I-I was…” She sniffed loudly, forcing herself to take a deep breath so she could get the words out, “T-they… they tried to shoot me!”

“I’m ten minutes away.” Even through the phone, she could hear the sound of Jim’s truck speed up, “Get somewhere safe and hide.”

“I-I’m in our closet.” She could hear loud banging floating up the stairs, “I think they’re trying to break in.”

“Okay, good. Stay in the closet and call the police.”

“No!” Melinda swiped with her free hand at the tears running down her face, “D-don’t hang up.”


“Jim, please.” She lowered her voice as she heard the front door bang open, “Oh my God.”

“Mel? What is it? What happened?”

“You can’t stay here.”

“Oh!” Melinda turned around in the small space, breath quickening as she was nose to nose with the ghost, “What are you talking about?”

“You’re not safe here.” The ghost opened the closet doors, stepping out into the room, “You need to run.”


Melinda took a cautious step out of the closet, “Run where?”

“No, Mel, stay in the closet. I’m almost there.”

The ghost pointed to the bedroom window. She took a cautious step toward it, slightly lowering the phone from her ear as her eyes drifted to the open bedroom door.

She turned back to the ghost, shaking her head as the sounds of the men stomping through the first floor floated up, “You want me to jump?”

“Better hurry.”

The creak of someone standing on the bottom step was all the incentive Melinda needed. She dropped the phone and rushed to the window, undoing the latch, before pushing it open.

It swung out, cool night air blowing in as her eyes searched the side of the house for something she could climb down on. She suddenly felt stupid for making sure Jim put the ladder back in the garage after he finished cleaning out the gutters yesterday.

She shook her head, turning back to the ghost, “I-I won’t make it.”

There you are!”

The voice from the doorway made her jump, eyes widening with fright as she spotted a tall man in plaid pointing a shotgun at her. Her chin trembled as she raised her hands, “P-please, don’t-”


Another shot rang out, making her duck behind the bed. She did a quick pat down of herself, eyebrows furrowing as she realized she wasn’t hit. She brought her eyes off herself and noticed the ghost had disappeared.

She heard more footsteps, stopping in her doorway, “You get it?”


“Good. Maybe he’ll stay gone until we figure out where he’s buried.”

Melinda frowned at that, buried? Why would they

“What about the woman?”

“What about her? We just saved her life.”


“What? We can never get a thank-you?”

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Nothing Wrong (Preview)

Started: 22.03.08

Finished: 22.03.09

Words: 984

Teen!Chesters, Sabriel (Implied)

How stupid does he think I am? Sam was dressed way too nicely to be ‘hanging out’ like he claimed to be. Not to mention his face was as red as the time he caught him with a Playboy – but if Sam didn’t want to tell his brother he was going on his first date, he wasn’t gonna push.

Dean just couldn’t help but feel a little insulted. Don’t get him wrong, he understood why he wouldn’t want the girl to meet John – Dean himself had hid many girls from their father – but what he couldn’t understand was why Sam didn’t want him to meet her?



“H-hey,” Sam nearly dropped his phone with relief as his date walked up, “You made it.”

“You thought I wouldn’t?” His eyes were sparkling even though he raised an eyebrow.

“No! No, I just, uh,” Sam slipped his phone back into his pocket, eyes diverting to the sidewalk, “I wasn’t sure if you were gonna change your mind.”

“Change my mind?” He brought a hand to the brunette’s chin, gently lifting his face so they were face to face, “I would never change my mind about going out with you, Sammich.”

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Lens Flares (PHSH Effect #21)

This article was written 21.11.26, please excuse any joke/reference that’s no longer applicable.

I hope you practiced the Glitter effect well last month, because this month, I’m showing you how to make your glitter effects look a little more realistic with Lens Flares.

Step 1

For this tutorial, you’re gonna want to open the (unflattened) Glitter project you were previously working on. If you don’t have one, or missed the tutorial, check it out here, and then come back.

Once you have a Glitter-effect picture open, create a New Layer (using the button on the bottom of the Layers panel), and then select the Brush tool from the left-hand side.

Go up to the Brush settings and change the size to something pretty small, and change the Hardness to very low, as well. - Writing - Writing Tips - Photoshop Tutorial Series - Lens Flares (Effect 21) - Step 1 - phsh, phsh tutorials, photo manips, books, book covers, indie author, book cover tips, writing help

Step 2

Next, while making sure you’re on the New Layer, I want you to paint a dot somewhere on the picture you’ll be able to see it. - Writing - Writing Tips - Photoshop Tutorial Series - Lens Flares (Effect 21) - Step 2 - phsh, phsh tutorials, photo manips, books, book covers, indie author, book cover tips, writing help

Optionally, you can now make a smaller dot directly in the middle of this white one, by using the Eye Dropper tool and picking up a colour from your glitter. This can help the Lens Flare look more realistic, but it depends on the image being used.

For this tutorial, I negated the glitter-coloured dot, and the picture still came out fine. However, when I’ve done these effects on a more complicated image, the coloured dot in the center made a surprisingly big difference.

That said, since you’re just learning and most likely doing so in a simple picture, you won’t have to worry about that right now. Just keep it in mind for the future.


Step 3

Now, stretch the white dot vertically, elongating it. - Writing - Writing Tips - Photoshop Tutorial Series - Lens Flares (Effect 21) - Step 3 - phsh, phsh tutorials, photo manips, books, book covers, indie author, book cover tips, writing help

Then, copy the stretched out dot (by click/dragging the image while holding down ALT), or make another one. - Writing - Writing Tips - Photoshop Tutorial Series - Lens Flares (Effect 21) - Step 4 1 - phsh, phsh tutorials, photo manips, books, book covers, indie author, book cover tips, writing help

Step 4

Once you have 2 stretched dots, rotate one of them horizontally, and fit it over the first (still vertical) dot, so you make a T shape with them. - Writing - Writing Tips - Photoshop Tutorial Series - Lens Flares (Effect 21) - Step 4 2 - phsh, phsh tutorials, photo manips, books, book covers, indie author, book cover tips, writing help

Step 5

Next, in the Layers panel, select both stretched out dot Layers (hold CTRL while you click on both layers), then right-click, and select Merge Layers. - Writing - Writing Tips - Photoshop Tutorial Series - Lens Flares (Effect 21) - Step 5 - phsh, phsh tutorials, photo manips, books, book covers, indie author, book cover tips, writing help

This will merge the two stretched out dot layers together, making them 1 layer. This will make it easier to use throughout the rest of the tutorial. However, if you wanted to keep them separate, but use them together, you could either CTRL + click them every time, or, add them to a Group (the folder button at the bottom of the Layers panel).


Step 6

Now that you have the lens flare, it’s time to add it to the picture! To do this, you can rotate it, until it looks like an X, then drag it so it’s sitting on top of the glitter-fied portion of the picture. If needed, you can also resize the lens flare, so it’s smaller. - Writing - Writing Tips - Photoshop Tutorial Series - Lens Flares (Effect 21) - Step 6 1 - phsh, phsh tutorials, photo manips, books, book covers, indie author, book cover tips, writing help - Writing - Writing Tips - Photoshop Tutorial Series - Lens Flares (Effect 21) - Step 6 2 - phsh, phsh tutorials, photo manips, books, book covers, indie author, book cover tips, writing help

Step 7

Now all that’s left to do is add a few more Lens Flares, to make it look a little more realistic. You can rotate and resize them as necessary, just be sure not to add too many to your picture. Less is more with this effect. - Writing - Writing Tips - Photoshop Tutorial Series - Lens Flares (Effect 21) - Step 7 1 - phsh, phsh tutorials, photo manips, books, book covers, indie author, book cover tips, writing help - Writing - Writing Tips - Photoshop Tutorial Series - Lens Flares (Effect 21) - Step 7 2 - phsh, phsh tutorials, photo manips, books, book covers, indie author, book cover tips, writing help

And that’s all there is to it! Once you’re happy with the number of flares you’ve added, don’t forget to save! Also, you’ll want to keep each Lens Flare on it’s own separate layer, just in case you want to re-arrange them.

This effect can also be used in more ways than I’ve shown here, but I think getting comfortable with adding them to glitter is a great way to start out, since glitter is naturally shiny. Once you get comfortable with the glitter, you can start experimenting with adding them to other reflective surfaces, like puddles/water, or mirrors.

You’ll have plenty of time to practice the effects you’ve learned thus far, as the next, and last tutorial for the year will be coming in October. But, don’t worry, it’s going to be well worth the wait!

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Good Health (Preview)

Written: 22.03.04

Words: 1,043

Destiel, Fluff

Dean took a long sip from his beer, eyes on the kids. He choked on it as he spotted Taylor’s swimsuit. He coughed, pulling the beverage away from his mouth, “W-what the hell is she wearing?”

“Her bathing suit.”

The blonde scoffed, pointing an accusatory finger at his little girl – who was definitely too young to be wearing a two-piece, “That is not her bathing suit!”


“Where the hell did she get that?” He whistled, waving his daughter over, “That better not of been a present.”

“Relax, Dean.”

“Relax? Relax?” The blonde let out an incredulous chuckle, “My baby girl is wearing a bikini!”

“It’s not a-”

“How can you be so calm about this?” Dean shook his head just as Taylor came up to him. He cleared his throat, softening his voice, “Hey, Sweetheart. You having fun?”


“Good, good.” The blonde rubbed a hand on his chin, giving her a once over, she might as well be naked! “So, uh… w-where’d you get that?”

“Get what?”

Dean let out a nervous chuckle, gesturing to her bathing suit, “That… thing.”

“My bathing suit?” Taylor’s face lit up as the blonde nodded, “Dad got it for me!” She did a little twirl, tiny pink skirt flying up as she did so, “Isn’t it pretty, Daddy?”

Dean swallowed hard, “Y-yeah, it’s…” He turned bewildered eyes to his husband, “You bought that for her?”

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Hour By Hour

Written: 22.03.03

Words: 348

NFF, Song!Fic, Fluff

Based on the song Beer In The Headlights by Luke Bryan. (Listen to the song here!)

He watches in wide-eyed amazement as she jumps out of his truck, floating over to stand in the middle of the dirt road. She starts swaying in the headlights, and he can’t help but smile as he reaches over, turning up the radio.

She returns his smile as the music gets louder, and points at him with the hand that’s holding her plastic cup. She wiggles her eyebrows at him before turning around, small dust cloud rising up around her ankles at the action. He shakes his head, so engrossed with watching her dance, even thinking about moving seemed ridiculous.

She narrows her eyes at him as she takes a sip from her cup, before gesturing again, more insistently than before. He chuckles before nodding, hopping down out of his truck bed, glad it was dark so she wouldn’t see the blush that crept up his face.

He joins her in the headlights, stomach fluttering as her smile widens. She closes the distance between them, gently draping her arms around his neck. She drops down off her tiptoes just as the song fades out.

He can’t fight off his urge any longer, and steals her cup from her, swallowing down the mouthful that was left before placing it down on the hood of the truck. Her brows furrow in confusion as another song starts. Before she can speak, he captures her lips with his, easily lifting her off the road, smiling against her mouth as her legs instinctively wrap around his waist.

He slowly walks them over to his waiting truck bed. He carefully sits down on the edge, adjusting his hands so he’s holding her hips. They break for air as he pushes the cooler backward, before laying himself down on his back. The image of her there, long brown hair blowing in the gentle breeze, smiling down at him against a backdrop of millions of shining stars makes his stomach flutter again. He can’t help but smile as she tucks some hair behind her ear, before beginning to unbutton her shirt, this is my last first date.

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Glitter (PHSH Effect #20)

This article was written 21.11.25, please excuse any reference/joke that’s no longer applicable.

Now that it’s summer and we’re finally getting to go back outside in the nice weather, the timing couldn’t be more perfect to pivot away from the ‘depressing’ rain effect I showed you last time, and show you how to make something much ‘happier’: Glitter! - PHSH Tutorials - PHSH Effect 20 Glitter - Glitter Steps Finished - phsh effect, photoshop, photoshop tutorials, glitter, indie authors, books, book covers, author help, writing tips

Also, Pride is this month, so it seemed extra fitting, albeit a little cliché.

Let’s get started!

Step 1

First step for this effect, is you’ll need to find a Glitter Texture picture, and have a picture you want to add glitter to. For simplicity, I’m going to be doing this tutorial with a picture of an eye, and apply the glitter to look like eye shadow.

That said, you can definitely use this technique to add glitter in more fantasy-based pictures, if needed. (I’ll show you an example at the end of the tutorial)

I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned this yet or not, but if you haven’t found a good royalty-free website to get pictures from (unfortunately you can’t just use Google-d pictures for book covers), Pixabay and Pexels are great websites.

Once you have both pictures, open a new PHSH project, and place both the glitter, and base picture into it, and resize if necessary. Then, (if needed), drag the glitter layer so it’s on top of the base picture. - Writing - Writing Tips - Photoshop Tutorial Series - Glitter (Effect 20) - Step 1 - phsh, phsh tutorials, photo manips, books, book covers, indie author, book cover tips, writing help

You can also change the glitter layer’s Opacity so you can see the base picture through the layer. - Writing - Writing Tips - Photoshop Tutorial Series - Glitter (Effect 20) - Step 2 - phsh, phsh tutorials, photo manips, books, book covers, indie author, book cover tips, writing help

Step 2

Once you have your pictures set, we’re going to use the Eraser tool to erase parts of the glitter picture we don’t need. Using a pretty big sized brush, and a high percent of Hardness, start erasing the parts of the glitter picture you don’t need. - Writing - Writing Tips - Photoshop Tutorial Series - Glitter (Effect 20) - Step 3 1 - phsh, phsh tutorials, photo manips, books, book covers, indie author, book cover tips, writing help

In my case, this would be everything except for the part of the picture that’s covering the upper eyelid. - Writing - Writing Tips - Photoshop Tutorial Series - Glitter (Effect 20) - Step 3 2 - phsh, phsh tutorials, photo manips, books, book covers, indie author, book cover tips, writing help

Step 3

Once you’ve erased everything on the glitter layer you don’t need, you can go ahead and change it’s Opacity back to 100%. - Writing - Writing Tips - Photoshop Tutorial Series - Glitter (Effect 20) - Step 4 1 - phsh, phsh tutorials, photo manips, books, book covers, indie author, book cover tips, writing help

While still in the Layers panel, go over to the Blend Mode (which is the drop-down menu directly to the left of the Opacity), and change it from Normal to Overlay, or Screen. Use whichever one looks best with the picture you have. In my case, I used Overlay. - Writing - Writing Tips - Photoshop Tutorial Series - Glitter (Effect 20) - Step 4 2 - phsh, phsh tutorials, photo manips, books, book covers, indie author, book cover tips, writing help

Step 4

Once this is done, go ahead and clean up the edges of the glitter layer, if needed. You can also slightly lower the Opacity if you need to. Depending on your image, I wouldn’t make it too low, though, since you want the glitter to be seen over the picture. - Writing - Writing Tips - Photoshop Tutorial Series - Glitter (Effect 20) - Step 5 - phsh, phsh tutorials, photo manips, books, book covers, indie author, book cover tips, writing help

And there you have it! A simple way to add glitter to most pictures. - PHSH Tutorials - PHSH Effect 20 Glitter - Glitter Steps Finished - phsh effect, photoshop, photoshop tutorials, glitter, indie authors, books, book covers, author help, writing tips

Obviously, this is a pretty simple way to show you how to add glitter to something. However, the steps are almost exactly the same, even if you, for example, wanted to make a vampire/give a person glittery skin. - Writing - Writing Tips - Photoshop Tutorial Series - Glitter (Effect 20) - Vampire Girl - phsh, phsh tutorials, photo manips, books, book covers, indie author, book cover tips, writing help

For this image, I started with the exact same steps as above, but I ended up lowering the Opacity a little more, and, I also right-clicked on the glitter layer and used the Warp function to give it a slightly ‘bent’ appearance, so it would look more like it was attached to the girl’s skin.

Warping the glitter layer is an optional step. I’ve found it tends to only work with certain images, while on others, you can’t tell at all that it was used.

But go ahead and play around to see what works best for you.

You’ll want to get pretty good at applying glitter to images, because the next tutorial I’m gonna be showing you is an effect that just so happens to pair well with this one:

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Nothing But You (Preview)

This is the last fic in the Unlearning Series!

Started; 22.01.15

Finished: 22.01.19

Words: 3,955

Destiel (Implied), Sabriel (Implied), Crobby, C2C, Unlearning Series Fic #10

“I thought you were gonna drop it?”

Dean sputtered, gesturing to the bedroom, “Dropping it isn’t the same as giving him my blessing.”

Cas rolled his eyes, plopping himself down on the bed, letting out an annoyed groan. He’d been trying to talk Dean into finally agreeing to let Crowley pop the question for weeks – to no avail. Hell, all of them – him, Sam, even Gabriel had tried, but Dean was nothing if not stubborn. And when Dean Winchester had made up his mind about something, he was hard pressed to change it.

Not that it stopped them all from trying. None of them could understand why the blonde was being so stubborn. Crowley had saved his life – same as Gabriel – but that apparently didn’t matter. Dean just wasn’t budging.

“Are you forgetting he saved you?”

“Oh, please!” Dean crinkled his nose, waving a dismissive hand at the angel, “I’m so sick of hearing that! It’s not like I asked him to save me!”

Cas felt the anger bubble up in his chest again, and he rose from the bed, “So you would’ve been just as happy if he didn’t? If that demon had killed you, oh well?”

“No, Cas, you know that’s not what I mean!” Dean scrubbed a hand through his hair, whole body tense, why can’t I make you understand? “It’s just-”

“What, Dean? He’s what?”

“H-he… he’s still….”


“He’s still him!”

“He’s changed!”

“People don’t change!”

“But he’s not even a person!”

“Exactly!” Dean let out a humourless chuckle, “If people don’t change, demons for sure as shit aren’t gonna!”

Cas threw up his hands, “How can you still be so…. so you about this?” Cas forced himself to take a deep breath, and walked the few steps over to the now-retired hunter, “He makes Bobby happy. Don’t you think he deserves that?”

“Of course I do.” Dean’s tone was lowering to match the angel’s, even though his chest was still huffing, “I just don’t think Crowley is right for him.”

“Okay, fine. Then who would you pick?”

Dean blinked in surprise at his angel, “What?”

Cas gave him a pointed look, crossing his arms over his chest, “You think you can do a better job finding someone for Bobby? Go ahead, pick someone.”

“W-well,” Dean shifted his weight, “I… I don’t know anyone off the top of my head-”


The corner of the blonde’s mouth twitched, “You know what? Fine! I will find someone better for Bobby, and when I do, all you guys have to drop this.”

“Fine,” Cas stuck out his hand for them to shake on it, pulling the ex-hunter in close once their hands touched, “But if you can’t, you will give Crowley your blessing.”

Dean’s eyes narrowed, searching the angel’s face for a moment, before he nodded, “Deal.”

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