Come What May (Preview)


Important: This is the 2nd last fic of 2023! I’ll be taking the last half of December and first half of January off from posting.

I’ll be back January 12th, 2024 with the first story of the new year.

Written: 23.09.01

Words: 1,833

Wee!Chesters, Fluff, 2023’s Christmas fic

Prompt: Eat with a Friend Day

“We’re making dessert!” Sammy beamed at him as he grabbed the wooden spoon and attempted to stir the creation. After finally dislodging it from where it was stuck in the plaster-like confection, his face fell, “I don’t think we did it right.”

“I’m sure it’s not as bad as you think.”

Bobby quickly grabbed a discarded spoon off the edge of the island and plunged it into the bowl. He had to bite the inside of his cheek as the spoon met the confection with a loud clink.

“Oh no!” Sammy dropped the wooden spoon and turned tearful eyes to his older brother – who was still hesitantly putting packages away, “We ruined it!”

Dean stopped mid-roll of a package before he placed his hands on the counter and hung his head between them, shoulders beginning to move up and down.

Bobby put the spoon back on the table and tried to keep his expression neutral, “Hey now, it’s not that bad.”

“B-but,” Sammy sniffed, beginning to take in huffing breaths, “E-everyone’s counting on us and we… we ruined Christmas!” He burst into tears then and all but jumped off the chair in his haste to hide his face against the kitchen table.

Bobby let out a breath as he stood between the two crying boys, heart aching. He took his hat off and ran a hand through his hair as he took a moment to think. I let them to cook because they were excited about it. I didn’t think they would take it so seriously…

Like the preview? Read the full story here!

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