Confident (Preview)

Written: 22.03.09

Words: 2,511

xReader, C2C

“You’re lost?” You can’t help but feel bad for him as he gives you a nod, “No problem. I grew up here.” You give him what you hope is a reassuring smile as he brings his eyes up from the sidewalk, “Where you trying to go?”

“The Empire State Building.”

You internally roll your eyes, oh great. “Sorry, did you say the Empire State Building?”

“Yeah,” he shifted his weight as he took in the look on your face, and let out a nervous chuckle, “it’s on the other side of the city, isn’t it?”

“No,” You point your thumb over your shoulder, “it’s actually about 1,400 miles that way.”

His face pales as he stares passed you, “W-what?”

“Yeah, I don’t know who your tour guide was, but you’re in Kansas, not New York.”

His face goes impossibly paler and he swallows thickly, bringing his eyes back to your face, “P-please tell me you’re kidding.”

“Nope,” You dig out your phone, turning on your location before showing him the screen, “Lebanon, Kansas. See?”

He snatches your phone, eyes going wider as he reads the screen, “Oh my God.” He stares at it, and you can swear you see him will the location to change, “This…. This is…. Oh my God!”

“Hey, hey, it’s alright,” You guide him to lean against the wall behind you, “Take a few deep breaths. It won’t be that hard to get from here to New York. You can just hop on a bus, or train, or-”

Your sentence cuts off as his arm whips out, hand closing around your neck. Before your brain can register what’s happening, a bag goes over your head, and you hear the squeal of tires pull up behind you.

You grunt as you presumably get tossed into the vehicle, hearing a door slam shut before it screeches off down the road. Crap.

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