Crave the Misery (Preview)


Written: 23.02.07

Words: 1,257

Destiel (Implied), Dark-ish

Prompt: Snack Food Month

“Yes?” A breathless Cas ripped the door open then, giant smile on his face fading to confusion as he spotted the blonde, “What are you doing here?”

Dean plastered his signature thousand-watt smile on his face and did his best to ignore the stab to his heart at the tone, “It’s Friday.”


“So, I’m here to pick up the twins.” The pit in his stomach started to grow as he took in the lack of understanding on the angel’s face, “Y’know… like we agreed?”

Cas let out a defeated sigh, “Lydia didn’t call you?”

“I don’t know, I was on a job and haven’t…” Dean let his voice trail off as the confusion on Cas’ face slowly gave way to pity, “What happened?”


“They’re still coming with me, aren’t they?”

The angel let out another huff, lowering his eyes to the ground.

“Are you serious?” Dean’s hand balled into a fist in his pocket, “Tell me you’re joking.”

At the small head shake, Dean let out a humourless chuckle, “That’s great. Awesome, Cas, thanks.” He scrubbed a hand down his face, “Fine, fine. I guess I’ll just come back next week and then we can-”

“No, Dean.” Cas shook his head again, “You’re not seeing them next week, either.”

Liking the preview? Check out the FULL story here!

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