Fall With Me (Preview)


Written: 22.01.03

Words: 1,115

Sabriel, Fluff, 2022’s 2nd Valentine’s fic


The giant looked up from the ground, excitement and slight relief flitting across his face as his date made his way over to join him in line at the restaurant, “Hey.”

Gabriel cocked an eyebrow as he joined the line, immediately leaning himself against the outside wall, “What’s with the face?”

The giant shifted his weight nervously, casting his gaze back to the ground, “I’m not giving you a face.”

Gabriel studied him for a moment, before raising an eyebrow, “You thought I was gonna forget, didn’t you?”

“What? N-no, of course not,” Sam turned his head in a failed attempt to hide his blush at the accusation. “I just know you… lose track of time, sometimes.”

“Pfft, please!” Gabriel looped his arm around the giant’s, “How could I forget date night with you?”

That earned him a smile, though it was still pointed at the ground, “Right, you’d never forget, say, a movie date?”

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