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I decided to name this dish Faushi because it’s just a compound word of ‘faux’ and ‘sushi’, and since there is no fish OR seaweed in this (I don’t like the taste), I didn’t want to confuse anyone. (Also, making up words is fun!)

Since it’s getting warmer, I didn’t want to make something hot, so I decided to make sushi. I had originally planned on swapping the seaweed for swiss chard, but that failed. (Going off the memory of 1 Youtube video probably didn’t help any)

So, because I ended up using tortillas, I technically made wraps, and then just cut them up. Aaaand that’d be why I didn’t label this real sushi.

If you wanted to though, you could not cut these into pieces and then you would have a cold wrap instead.

Anyway, onto the recipe!

AterImber.com - Faushi Platter - Vegan food, sushi, vegetables, healthy, recipe

(You can see the failed Swiss Chard wrapped ones at the back)

3C White Jasmine Rice

Tortilla Wraps (I used Whole Wheat)

1 large Cucumber

½ a Yellow and ½ a Red Bell Pepper

1 bag of Bean Sprouts

½ a Large Carrot



S&P (Optional)



  1. Make the rice. Don’t add any spices or anything, leave it plain. Once the rice is done, allow it to cool.
  2. Cut the cucumber and bell peppers into strips and shred the carrot and put all veggies off to the side once done.
  3. Grab one tortilla and lay it flat in front of you. Wet your hands a little (I kept some water in a bowl on the counter) and place some rice into the center of the wrap in a line. Flatten it out a little bit. Be sure to leave room on either edge so that you can fold it. Next, place some of the pepper strips on either side of the rice (like a border) and place one cucumber strip on top of the rice. (If adding, sprinkle some S&P on top of the cucumber/rice)
  4. Fold both top and bottom edges of the tortilla and wrap it up. (It should look like a burrito now) Take a sharp knife and cut the wrap into pieces (About the width of your finger) If needed, secure with toothpicks.
  5. Continue doing that for the remainder of the wraps/until you run out of veggies. If you’re not making a platter, or don’t want to eat them now, you could make a bunch and then put some in the freezer for later.

Serve with soy sauce to dip and enjoy!

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