Fire to Light (Preview)


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This is fic #7 of the Unlearning Series.

Started: 21.05.26

Finished: 21.05.27

Destiel (Implied), C2C

Words: 4,006

“So you don’t know where Dean is?”


“Alright, then you’re gonna help me find him.”

“What?” Crowley sputtered in disbelief, “I do have other things to do!”

Sam shrugged, “Fine. Go manage Hell. But if you don’t want Bobby to find out abut whatever shady deal you had at my wedding, I suggest you help me look.”

“It wasn’t a-” Crowley cut himself off, forcing himself to take in another breath, before nodding, “Fine. We’ll find him together. But when we do, you forget I told you any of this. Got it?”

“Fine.” Sam ran a hand through his hair, letting out a breath as his eyes drifted back to the wall, “Wait.”


“If you don’t know where Dean is, why are you burning his tracking notes?”

Crowley rolled his eyes again, “Because half of it pointed to me, and I didn’t want you or anyone else to come sniffing around.”

“… Because of the ‘transaction’?”

“Yes.” Crowley scrubbed a hand down his face, “I’m not the enemy here, Sam. I’m just trying to get my affairs in order.”

“Right. Sorry,” Sam shifted his weight, switching gears, “Well I think we should check out the factory on the edge of town. They were kind of… forceful when I went earlier today. I think they’re hiding something.”

Crowley gave the hunter a tight smile, gesturing to the door, “Lead the way, Moose. The sooner we find your brother, the sooner we can stop working together.”

Sam’s brows pulled together in confusion, “And here I thought you liked us now?”

Crowley waved a dismissive hand as he reached the door, “Please. You think you were the only two who were acting during Game Night?”

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