Welcome to the NEW (2020) gaming page!

As the title suggests, this page will be where you can find all the Create Your Own Adventure (CYOA) text-based games I create.

CYOA text-based games are like interactive stories (they’re also sometimes called Interactive Fiction games). You (the reader) plays as a character and are able to make certain choices that will change/impact what happens in the story.

At the moment (21.06.14), I don’t have too many game ideas, but I didn’t want to not-include them on the site! Read through the game descriptions below and if you feel like it’s something you’d have fun with, click the links to start playing! - Text-Based Adventure Games - Always Check Under The Stairs Cover - horror games, gaming, horror, Quest, text-based adventure game, interactive fiction, Halloween, indie author, Canadian Author, Ater Imber

Always Check Under The Stairs (Published Oct. 2020)

A loud noise wakes you from a peaceful sleep. Do you have the courage to investigate? (Teenage girl POV)

A short-ish (~20min) interactive horror game-book adventure, with multiple ways to die. Contains swearing.

Come play my very 1st ever game here!

The 100th (Published Sept. 2021)

In order to celebrate the AMAZING milestone of reaching 100 short stories, I decided to turn The 100th story into a CYOA gamebook!

This Supernatural fanfic game has 3 plot lines to choose from:
– Cas struggles with confessing his love to Dean
– Request 25 (The reader goes out drinking and comes back to snuggle with Cas)
– A drunk night with Dean

Each plot has multiple endings, so make your choices wisely!

Sound like a game you could have fun with? Play it here!

Luck of the Draw (Published Nov. 2022)

Play as Lily, a teen girl who’s life gets turned upside down when her mom and step-dad decide to pack up and leave their cushy New York apartment lifestyle in favour of some middle-of-nowhere town’s farmhouse.

Do YOU have what it takes to outsmart the serial killer who’s hellbent on destroying your family? (30+ total endings)

Find out if YOU have what it takes to survive here!

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