Welcome to the NEW gaming page!

As the title suggests, this page will be where you can find and play all the Create Your Own Adventure (CYOA) text-based games I create.

CYOA text-based games are like interactive stories (they’re also sometimes called Interactive Fiction games). You (the reader) plays as a character and are able to make certain choices that will change/impact what happens in the story.

At the moment (21.06.14), I don’t have too many game ideas, but love the idea of you guys being able to play the games I create on my website, instead of linking to them somewhere else. (Though if you’d rather play them elsewhere [and check out other cool interactive fiction games], you can do so here)

Pick a game below to get started!

1. Always Check Under the StairsMy 1st game!

A loud noise wakes you from a peaceful sleep. Do you have the courage to investigate? (Teenage girl POV)

A short-ish (~20min) interactive horror game-book adventure, with multiple ways to die. Contains swearing.

2. Luck of the Draw – Coming October 2022!