Hindsight (Preview)


Written: 24.03.29

Words: 775


The plan was simple: dig up the body, salt and burn the bones, and then everyone’s’ home in time to watch Doctor Sexy. That was it. A hunt so easy they could’ve done it in their sleep. A milk run.

Dean should’ve known it wasn’t going to be that simple. When were the simple ones ever actually simple? He was suspicious of it ever since they got wind of the hunt a week ago. For one thing, they found all the information about it almost too easily – as if someone was spoon-feeding it to them. And when they got to the abandoned house on the edge of the town? You could practically cut the sense of dread that hung in the air with a knife.

Yep, it was a hunt that had all the markings of going so completely, horribly wrong, and yet… they went anyway. “It’ll be fine, Sam had stated for the millionth time, “how often have we done a salt and burn? It’ll be five minutes, tops. Probably won’t even have to turn off the car.

Oh boy, how wrong that was.

That’s how Dean found himself here, tied to a post in the aforementioned abandoned house, monster setting up for whatever crazy ritual it was gearing up for a few feet in front of him, and Sam…

Well to be honest, he wasn’t entirely sure where his brother was. But he wasn’t tied up next to him, and that couldn’t have been a good sign.

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