I Wanna Know (Preview)


Written: 23.03.16

Words: 1,182

Dean x Reader, Fluff

Prompt: Rocky Road Ice Cream Day

Doing your best to ignore your uterus’s protest at the movement, you carefully make your way over to your bedroom door, which you had thankfully closed. You raise an eyebrow and look down at your abdomen as you feel your stomach turn, are you serious? Right now?

Your stomach let’s out an angry grumble and you feel the too familiar push in your intestines. Fine, fine! You clench your cheeks closed as you not-so-carefully run across the hall from your bedroom to the bathroom, I’m not shitting myself just to not-die.

You barely make it onto the toilet before the contents of your somehow-full-stomach-despite-not-eating-anything-all-day stomach push their way out of you. You can’t help but groan in pain as the extra squeezing makes your cramps worsen.

Your hair falls onto your face as you lean forward, forcing yourself to take in some deep mouth-breaths as a wave of dizziness hits you. You’re okay, you’re okay, you’re okay. Just breathe… he’s gonna have to brave the smell if he wants to murder you.

You let out a breathy chuckle at your own terrible joke before freezing as you hear a knock on the door, shit.

A moment of silence passes, before you see the doorknob start to turn, oh come on! He’s really that determined?

Having nowhere left to go, you hang your head and shut your eyes as bathroom door swings open.


Oh God, no. You feel your face flush as you hear Dean’s voice. You squeeze your eyes shut harder and pray this is just some sort of twisted period-induced nightmare.

After another moment of silence, you crack an eye open and turn to look at the bathroom door, which is closed.

Wait… what?

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