Just Give In (Preview)

Written: 22.01.04

Words: 1,124

Wee!Chesters, General

“I don’t understand,” Sammy’s head poked out from behind the bowl that was holding a mountain of ice cream that was sitting in front of him, brows pulled together in confusion, “Where’s dinner?”

That’s dinner,” An annoyed Dean hopped up to sit on the kitchen counter, grabbing the end of the pint and a spoon.

Sammy’s brows pulled together further, and his eyes went to the mountain in front of him, “You want me to eat this?”

“Yeah, dude.” Dean resisted the urge to roll his eyes – tell any other kid they could eat ice cream for dinner, they’d be ecstatic. Tell Sam he gets to? You get interrogated. The blonde dipped his spoon into the tub, taking a mouthful before pointing to his brother, “Hurry up and eat it before it melts.”

Sammy began chewing his lip as he starred down the mountain of sugary goodness. After a moment, he picked up his spoon, hovering it a few inches above one of the scoops. He shook his head after another minute, placing his spoon back down as his eyes flicked back up to his brother, “Is this a test?”

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