Luck of the Draw Release


That’s right!

It’s finally October 1st and you know what that means: Luck of the Draw is officially live!

For those who don’t know, Luck of the Draw is my latest text-based game. I originally announced this game’s arrival over on my Patreon (I highly recommend signing up if you want to be first to hear about upcoming projects) where I revealed the cover and plot.

My original plan for this game turned out to be a little too ambitious for the timeline I was facing, so I ended up having to tweak the game from the original concept. My original plan was to choose between 6 characters, each of which had their own multiple story lines. But while I was writing one character’s plots, I quickly learned that was a much bigger concept than I originally thought.

For example, this ‘shortened’ version of the game, where you only play as 1 character, has 30+ plot lines/endings, and ended up being just over 43k words. (For context, my newest book Broken was also 43k words) So while I said I wasn’t putting out a book this year, I still sort of ended up doing so. It’s just not packaged in book form and being sold on Amazon.

Though I deviated from my original plan, the game is still very enjoyable to play, and should be a great start in getting your Halloween on this month!

So go ahead and click the link above to check out the game. Don’t forget to leave a review!

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