Written: 19.02.21

Words: 218

Samifer (adjacent)

“Sammy…” the look of disbelief on the angels’ face made the brunette swell with pride, I can’t believe I actually got him.

In the next instant, the angel rushed forward, pinning the giant against the wall, eyes angry, “What’d you do?”

Whoa, “W-what do you mean?”

“Who was it? Hm?” The brunette swore he could see actual Hell fire in the blonde’s eyes, “Which one of them defied my direct orders?”

“What? What are you-?”

“Don’t even-” the angel cut himself off, turning his head slightly to the side, closing his eyes, “I’ve told you Sam, I can’t just let you out of deals. If word got out that the Devil himself was waiving contracts-”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa,” the giant ducked under his arm and effectively out of his grasp, before placing his hands on his hips, “You think I did what?” The brunette looked over the blonde before belting out a laugh.

Lucifer blinked in surprise.

“I-I didn’t…” Sam was gasping for breath and swiped at his eyes, “I-it’s a magic trick. You thought I…?” He doubled over with laughter, “It’s not real!”

“…Oh.” Lucifer picked one of the cards up off the table, “But if you didn’t make a deal…” he brought the card up to his face, inspecting it, “how did you do that?”

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