No Delay (Preview)

Reminder: This is the last story of 2022! I’ll be taking the last half of December and first half of January off from posting. I’ll be back January 13th, 2023 with the 1st fic of the new year!

Written: 22.08.10

Words: 499

Fluff, Destiel, 2022’s New Year’s fic

“Well I’d rather you did something I actually needed help with, like the decorations, or the appetizers, or warming the pie up in the-”

“Pie?” Dean raised an eyebrow, “You said the store didn’t have any pie.”

The shorter man huffed, “You really don’t listen, do you?” At the continued confused look, he shook his head, taking a few steps backward to finish his bowtie on his own, “I said the store didn’t have any, which is why I had to make them myself. I was in the kitchen baking all day yesterday! What did you think I was doing in there?”

Dean shrugged, moving to sit back on the bed, scratching his bare knee, “I don’t know. Making appetizers?”

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