No One Understands (Preview)


Written: 22.03.03

Words: 1,057

Crobby (Implied), Destiel (Implied), Gen.

“What took you so long?”

Sam rolled his eyes as he handed the steaks off to his brother, “I’m only 5 minutes late, Dean.”

“Yeah, well, it might as well be an hour,” The blonde shook his head, fiddling with the barbeque dial, “You know how old this thing is. It doesn’t hold heat correctly.”

The giant shook his head, grabbing a beer from the cooler, “Why didn’t one of us get him a new one for his wedding, again?”

“Because Bobby wouldn’t use it.” He kicked the side of the grill, holding one hand above the grill to check the temperature, “Not until this one finally dies.”

The youngest leaned in, peering over his brother’s shoulder at the dark grill, “…You sure it’s not already dead?”

“Don’t think so.” The blonde turned the dial again, practically willing the grill to heat up, “Maybe we could just order steaks.”

Sam scoffed, “How are we supposed to do that without Bobby noticing?”

Dean’s eyes flicked up to where his kids and father figure were playing – chasing each other around one of the junk cars a few feet away. He slapped one of the steaks onto the grill, shoulders deflating in disappointment as it made no noise.

He brought his eyes back to his brother, lowering his voice, “Make the call on the front porch. Don’t let anyone see you.”

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