Paperback Versions Available Now!

Hi guys!

The three e-books I have up for sale are now also available in paperback on Amazon! I added the links for each book on the Books page, which can also be found here.

This is amazing to be able to say – I can’t believe that this is happening. I feel like I’m publishing them all over again.

The hard copy books aren’t available off the Canadian site ( yet unfortunately, so if you live in Canada and want to buy a copy, you’ll have to get it off the American ( site. Since the paperback option is still new, (I believe it’s in Beta) I’m hoping that it becomes available in Canada soon. For now, we’ll have to stick with shipping them from the US. As soon as they’re available for sale on the .ca site, I will let you know.

I am super excited to see them, and hold them in my hands… It’s so cool to think that this time last year, I was just beginning to write Don’t Get Caught, and now, I have three books, all out in the world and ready to become part of your collection. *Sniff* They grow up so fast! *Sniff*

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