Paradise City


Written: 22.12.13

Words: 720

Sabriel, 2023’s Valentine’s story

Prompt: Chocolate Lover’s Month


The angel narrowly avoided smacking his head on the top of the oven at the call. He sucked his teeth in annoyance before carefully taking the heart-shaped cake out, closing the door with his foot. He set the cake down and took off his oven mitts, brows furrowing at the upset tone, what could be wrong? I haven’t done anything yet!

The angel braced himself as he made his way out of the kitchen door. He stopped a few feet away as he spotted the giant, who was standing in the middle of the living room, “Yes, Sammich?”

“What the hell is this?”

Gabriel’s eyes followed the pointed finger, jaw dropping as his eyes landed on a plastic kiddie pool that was filled with chocolate. He closed his mouth after a moment and groaned in annoyance, “No, no, no!” He shook his head and walked a few steps away, pulling out his cell phone, “I specifically said I wanted the chocolate fountain!”

“The… what? Wait,” Sam’s brows pulled together in confusion and he finally turned away from the object to face his husband, “You’re saying you… ordered this?”

“No, I didn’t order that. Didn’t you hear what I just said?” Gabriel shook his head again, as he pressed the phone to his ear, impatiently tapping his foot as it rang, “Gale assured me she had everything handled. I should’ve known not to trust her. People who’s names start with a G are not reliable.” At the scoff he held up a hand, “I obviously don’t count.”


Gabriel let out another annoyed huff as Gale’s voicemail message started playing. He snapped his cell closed, using more force than necessary to shove it back into his pocket, “Of course she’s not answering now. Hey, whaddya think if I dropped by her office, angel-style?” The shorter man started walking in circles as he started formulating his plan, “She can ignore my calls as she wants, but if I’m standing there right in front of her, she’ll have to help me, right? Besides, if she doesn’t I can always just fling her into-”

“Whoa, Gabriel!” Sam took a few steps forward, catching his husband by the shoulders. Once his eyes were fixated on his face, he let out a semi-nervous chuckle, “Why did you want a chocolate fountain?”

“Um, hello!” Gabriel got up on his tiptoes and lightly knocked on the giant’s head, “Earth to Sammich! It’s Valentine’s Day!”

Sam swatted his hand away, “Uh, no it’s not.”

“Sammich, please,” Gabriel held up a hand and gave the ex-hunter a knowing look, “You really think I wouldn’t know when Valentine’s is? Come on.”

“You track Valentine’s like kids track Santa, I know. And we always have a great time celebrating… including this year.” At the confused look, Sam pulled his cell from his pocket, holding it out so he could see the screen, “It’s March.”

“What?” Gabriel grabbed for the phone, mouth falling open in surprise, “No, t-this can’t be right.” He shook his head as his expression changed from surprise to sadness, “I-I missed Valentine’s?”

“You didn’t miss anything.” Sam resisted the urge to roll his eyes as he re-pocketed his phone, “We already celebrated. Spag-Lovi’s, a sunset walk on the beach…” Sam let his voice trail off as he saw the unchanged expression, “You really don’t remember that?”

Gabriel was shaking his head before the giant finished his question, “It sounds familiar, but…” He raised semi-worried eyes to his love, “We’ve done those things a thousand times! How am I supposed to remember which years were what?”

Sam eyed him for a moment, “You better not be fucking with me.”

His eyes went big at that, and his jaw dropped back open, “I’d never joke about Valentine’s!”

“Okay, well,” Sam let out a breath and ran a hand through his hair, “I guess I’ll call Dean in the morning, see if Cas is having a similar memory issue.”

Gabriel raised an eyebrow at that, “Morning?”


“Why not now?”

Sam was unable to hold back his smirk any longer as he scooped the angel off the ground, walking him the few feet over to the pool of chocolate. He stopped once he reached the edge, before holding the angel out, giving him a wink, “We have some celebrating to do.”

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