Set Yourself On Fire (Preview)


Started: 19.10.24

Finished: 20.06.12

Words: 843

NFF, 2021’s Halloween story

“You’re late.”

Charlie chuckled, “Oh, yeah, I’m so sorry.”

Bill chuckled as he watched the brunette punch in, before walking with him to the line, “Oh, c’mon, it could be worse.”

Charlie gave him an incredulous look, “How could it possibly be worse?”

Bill shrugged, “At least you didn’t pull the short straw.”

They watched as Anderson walked by, head hanging. He looked up when he saw the two men before letting out a heavy sigh, “Church Street.”

“Oof,” Charlie let out a low whistle, “Sorry man.”

Bill clapped him on the shoulder, “Good luck.”

Anderson let out a dry chuckle, “Oh yeah, cause luck will beat that priest.”

They watched as he walked to the lockers, shoulders slumped. He sighed heavily again before heading for the door.

“He’s been here 20 years, and they just send him out like that?” Bill shook his head as they took a few steps up in the line, “Poor guy.”

“To be fair, it’s not exactly like they could give him a severance package.”

Bill shot him a look, “What’s the matter with you?”

Charlie shrugged, “I just thought things would be different.”

“Funny,” they moved up a few more steps, “I would’ve thought you’d be happy.”

“What?” Charlies’ brows furrowed in confusion, “Why would I be happy?”

“Because you got your wish.” Bill noticed his expression and gave him a sly smile as they reached the front, “More of the same.”

“Alright,” Adam looked over his clipboard, flipping through a few sheets, “What do I have left…” He ran his finger down the page before nodding, “Ah, right. Bill, you’re off to Queen Street and Charlie…” he flipped the page, “you’re going to Main.”

Charlie scoffed, “Are you joking?”

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