Written: 23.04.25

Words: 395

General, Funny

Prompt: Ice Cream Month

“What did you call this, again?”

“Ice cream.” Dean slid the bowl across the kitchen island, unable to help but smile at the confused head tilt of his recently exed-angel. “It’s good.”

Cas inspected the dessert with the intensity he usually glared down suspects with. It wasn’t until the blonde put the tub back in the freezer and spun around with his own bowl that he even attempted to pick up the spoon.

Dean noticed his face and raised an eyebrow, “It’s not gonna bite you, Cas.”

“That would be improbable.”

The blonde rolled his eyes as he picked up his own spoon. He did his best to ignore the staring as he scooped some ice cream up and brought it to his mouth. He had to avert his gaze to the counter as he chewed. Cas may have been human now, but he had yet to perfect relaxing.

Or blinking.

After he swallowed, he gave him a tight smile, “See? It’s fine.” He nodded to the bowl sitting across from him, “Now eat it before it melts.”

Cas nodded at that and straightened his posture as he reached for his spoon. With far too much concentration, he picked it up, scooping a bit of the dessert into it before he raised it to his mouth.

He hesitated as he held it up, prompting Dean to slam a hand on the counter. “Just put it in your mouth!”

The ex-angel wasted no more time and shoved the spoon in his mouth. His eyes glazed over as he lapsed into thought, mindlessly staring at the wall. The blonde shook his head at the seriousness, it’s just ice cream. Not like he’s hunting down a vamp nest. He leaned down so one of his arms was resting on the counter before tucking into his own bowl.

Dean continued eating in silence, Cas seeming to be stuck on whether or not he enjoyed the dessert. He kept flicking his eyes up every few spoonfuls to see if the ex-angel’s demeanour had changed. It wasn’t until a few minutes later when Dean was scooping up the last of his snack that the raven-haired man came back to the moment.

His semi-wild eyes scanned the room before they landed on the blonde.

After another moment of silence passed, Dean raised an eyebrow at the intense stare, “Well?”

“I like it.”

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