Sno Crunchy Raspberry Ice Cream Bar Review


I first discovered the company Sno around Christmas 2022 when I saw an Instagram ad for their holiday themed tree-shaped ice creams. The ad caught my attention for two reasons: the first being that it was a vegan ice cream brand I hadn’t heard of, and the second was because the ad stated for each box sold, they would be planting a tree!

I promptly took a screenshot of the ad and vowed to check them out after the holiday season was over. (Read: once my bank balance went back up)

I ended up buying my first box in January but unfortunately by then, the Peppermint Trees were no longer available. I was only slightly disappointed by this, though since I’m not really one for the mint/chocolate combo.

I decided instead to try their Triple Caramel bars, but alas, the store was sold out. That’s how I ended up with a box of their Crunchy Raspberry Ice Cream Bars.

Though these weren’t my first choice – and I’m pretty sure I’d like the Caramel bars better (if any of the stores by my house ever stopped being sold out) – these bars were better than I thought they’d be!

I’m also not the biggest fan of fruit with chocolate, so while I probably won’t buy this specific product again, I’m excited to try their other offerings!

As soon as you open the packaging, you’re hit with the scent of raspberries and chocolate. It also doesn’t smell like that artificial raspberry flavour, it smelled like actual, fresh raspberries. It actually momentarily brought me back in time to when I used to eat Pop-Tarts.

True to the name, the chocolate shell was pretty crunchy, and it also had bits of raspberry stuck to it. The chocolate I don’t think was dark – I didn’t get that usual dry-out-your-mouth thing I normally get when eating dark chocolate, but it also didn’t taste like it was mylk chocolate or anything. The raspberry chunks weren’t anything special, just bits of frozen raspberry. Tasted exactly how you’d expect them to.

The ice-cream itself was soft, and also a nice light shade of pink. The raspberry flavour was a lot more subtle in the ice-cream than it was with the chunks in the shell, though you could definitely still tell what flavour it was.

The box only came with 3 bars, but was also only $5.97 (Loblaws), so it’s comparable to other vegan ice-cream bars on the market. They also don’t only make bars, they also have a few different flavours of ice-cream sandwiches available, and even a couple pints.

And, perhaps the most important thing? They’re Canadian.

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