Started: 20.05.25

Finished: 21.11.12

Words: 912

C2C, Dark-ish

Written as a sort-of sequel to Puppy Love

“Come on, girl,” Sam gently pushed the food bowl closer to the dog with his foot, “You gotta eat.”

The dog let out a depressed huff and turned away from the bowl. Sam let out a sigh of his own before sliding himself down the wall to sit on the floor, “I know.”

The dog walked the few steps over and rested her head on his leg, giving him a knowing look. The giant let out another sigh and patted her on the head, doing his best to ignore the devil who was starring at them from the corner, “I miss him, too.”



“Seriously?” Dean rolled his eyes, crossing his arms over his chest, “You’re telling me I can’t go hunting alone?”

“No, I’m just saying-” Sam let out a huff and cut himself off, concentrating harder than he should’ve on keeping his eyes on the wooden table he was sitting at and not on the devil in the corner, “We don’t even know how to kill these things yet, and you want to go storming in the front door?” Sam shook his head, “That’s not a hunt, it’s a suicide mission.”

“What if,” Lucifer strode over to the table, finger tracing its way toward the chip the giant was picking at, “Big Bro wants to go on a suicide mission? Ever since Bobby died, he’s been acting pr-”

“I’ll be fine, Sammy.” Dean waved a dismissive hand, picking his packed duffle up off the couch, “It’s not the first time we fought them, remember?”

Sam jumped up from the table as he felt the fallen angel’s finger touch his hand. He did his best to shake it off and turned his eyes to his brother, “Last time we had to drop a car on one of them – and he still walked away!”

“You’re over-reacting.” Dean threw his duffle up on his shoulder, taking a few steps toward the cabin door, “I’ll be fine.”

“Dean,” Sam rushed forward, stopping as Lucifer appeared in front of the door first, crossing his arms over his chest. Sam’s brows knit together in confusion a moment, how did you…? Nevermind, he turned around to face his brother, “I should come with you.”

Dean raised an eyebrow and nodded to the few feet between the giant and the door, “After that? No, no way.”

“But Dean-”

“No, Sam. You’re in no shape to be hunting.”

Lucifer snorted from behind the giant, “Somebody needs to take a look in the mirror.”

Sam shook his head, trying to ignore the devil, “Then, at least let me call Garth, or-”

No, Sam!” Dean let out a heavy breath after a moment, running a hand through his hair. He lowered his gaze to the floor, shifting his weight, “No other hunter is gonna go after them as hard as me.”

Sam closed his eyes, bracing himself for his brother’s reaction, “We’re not the only one’s who lost him, Dean.” He opened his eyes as Lucifer whistled, taking a step forward as he saw his brother was still starring at the ground, “Getting yourself killed isn’t what he would’ve wanted.”

The blonde ran a hand through his hair, letting out a heavy sigh. He finally brought his eyes back up to his brother, “I’ll check in.”


“I’ll call Garth in the car, okay?” The blonde shifted the bag on his shoulder, “I just…” He reached for the door knob, turning to look back at his brother, “You’ll be okay for a few days alone, right?”

Sam swallowed thickly before nodding, giving his brother what he hoped was a reassuring smile, “’Course.”



Lucifer pushed off the wall, making his way over to where the giant was on the floor, stopping short as the dog started growling, “I think you’re keeping it together pretty well. Y’know, considering…”

Sam shook his head, instinctively grinding his left palm into the ground, how am I supposed to get rid of him without you?

“Sammy, that hurts.” Lucifer frowned at the hunter, backing off a few steps before plopping himself down on the ground, “Aren’t you curious to know why I haven’t left you alone since he died?” He placed a hand to the side of his mouth and leaned forward slightly, “It’s because you need me.”

Pfft, please. Sam watched as the dog got up, walking a few steps forward, putting herself between the hunter and the hallucination before laying back down.

“Didn’t she used to hate you?”

Sam shook his head, smiling at the memory, she doesn’t hate me, she hates you.

“Well, that’s just rude.”

Sam shrugged as he starred at her, eyes drifting down to her full food dish, this isn’t good, it’s been three days since she’s eaten. He scooted himself closer to her, reaching forward to pet her back, “You’ve gotta eat something soon.”


Sam’s eyes flicked up, excuse me?

Lucifer shook his head, pointing an accusatory finger at the hunter, “You haven’t eaten in days, either. You can’t tell her to eat if you won’t.”

Sam rolled his eyes, thanks for the life lesson, Satan.

The devil shrugged, “Just sayin’. Dogs – or, at least, hellhounds – can pick up on their master’s mood. They’ll mimic behaviour. How do you think we train the pups to fetch souls so quickly?”

I’ve honestly never thought about it. Sam let his eyes drift back to the dog, letting out a deflating sigh, I never should’ve let him go on that hunt…

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