Son of a Bitch! (#4)


Written: 22.03.01

Words: 419


“Son of a bitch!”

Sam bashed his head on the window in his haste to sit up. He brought a hand up to rub at the side of his head, frowning with confusion as his eyes landed on the empty driver’s seat. He rubbed the sleep from his eyes as he moved them to the windshield, spotting his brother staring at something laying on the road in front of the car.

The giant rolled down his window, doing his best to push his sleepiness down, “What happened?”

The blonde shook his head, kicking at whatever was in front of the Impala, “Ran over a squirrel.”

Sam’s brows furrowed, “What?”

“A squirrel!” He gestured to the road, “It was a fat one!”


Dean scoffed, “His guts are all over the front of the car!” He shook his head before making his way back to the driver’s seat, “I just cleaned her, too!”

“Sioux Falls has a car wash,” Sam rolled his window back up, stifling a yawn, “we can run through it before we go to Bobby’s.”

“No, we can’t.” Dean shook his head as he pulled back out onto the road, “We’re on our way there to help with a vamp nest. She’s just gonna get dirty again.”

“Then you can wash her after the hunt.” Sam’s brows furrowed as he leaned his head against the window again, eyes slipping closed, “What’s the big deal?”

The blonde let out a sigh, “I just…” his voice trailed off before he cleared his throat, “Nothing. Never mind.”

Sam adjusted his position, so his neck wasn’t so craned leaning against the window. He listened to the tires rolling down the road, the gentle whoosh of the wind flying passed the car, and his brother’s breathing. The sounds worked together like a lullaby, pulling him back toward sleep. He groaned in annoyance as he felt a whack to his shoulder, not bother to open his eyes, “What?”

He heard the blonde take in a breath, pausing before whatever he was gonna say came out of his mouth. The youngest heard him adjust his grip on the steering wheel, “You’re drooling on the window.”

“You know where we could go to fix that?”

“Fine, fine! We’ll take her to a car wash.” Even with his eyes closed, he could see his brother shake his head, “Gonna need industrial strength cleaner to get your nasty salad-drool off the glass, anyway.”

“That’s the spirit.”

“Yeah, yeah. Just shut up and enjoy your sleep, Bitch.”


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