Step into the Unknown (Preview)


Written: 23.03.08-23.03.09

Words: 1,139

C2C, Hallucifer

Prompt: Devil’s Food Cake Day

“Dean?” Sam rounded the corner of the bunker’s kitchen, letting out a defeated sigh as he saw it was empty, of course.

The giant scrubbed a hand down his face as he entered the kitchen, stomach grumbling, you better be more careful than last time. We do not need another crazed stripper trying to break in. He pulled the fridge open, eyes stopping on the devil’s food cake that was on the shelf, when did this get here?

He carefully pulled the cake out, brows knitting together in confusion as he placed it on the counter. Once his initial confusion subsided, he noticed the sticky note that was stuck to the side of the plate. He brought the note up to his face, eyebrows rising in surprise as he read it.

Told ya I wouldn’t forget this year. Happy birthday, Sammy.

Your Awesome Older Bro

Sam stared at the note in disbelief, jaw agape. He baked me a cake to get out of doing research? That’s…new. His eyes slid off the note toward the cake, stomach letting out another loud grumble.

The giant took a quick look around the kitchen, before a guilty smile split his face, maybe just one piece…



“Oh my God!” Sam pushed the half-finished cake across the kitchen table, sinking back against his chair, where the hell did you learn to bake like that? He momentarily closed his eyes, licking the icing from the corners of his mouth.

His fingers subconsciously relaxed around the fork, making it hit the table with a soft clink. Sam opened his eyes and stared at the half-eaten treat in front of him, stomach gurgling, I’ll throw up if I eat more.

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