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Gardein Maple Breakfast Saus’ge Patties Review

These cute little sausage rounds are perfect for breakfast sandwiches!

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Gardein makes 2 kinds of these breakfast sausage patties: original, or maple. And, with me being in Canada and all, I figured I should probably test out the maple ones first. I’ve seen tried both and love both flavours, but the maple beats out the original when talking strictly about breakfast.

There’s just something very pleasing about sliding one of these maple-y goodness rounds onto a freshly toasted English muffin, and topping with cheese. The flavour combo is amazing, and if you haven’t tried them, I definitely recommend doing so!

… Sorry, I just really love maple sausages.

Getting back on track: 5 patties come in one bag, and considering how small they are – and how big the bags Gardein uses – they could easily fit more than 5 in these bags. In fact, to save freezer space, I’ve actually done this. 8 patties comfortably fit, and if you really try, you can fit 10 in one bag. That said, considering they’re usually about $6.99 (Loblaws) and they’re often on sale, it makes them a pretty good deal, in terms of vegan food.

One down side of these patties is that since they’re loose in a bag, they freeze together, which usually wouldn’t be that much of a problem. Except, that because these are covered in maple syrup, it makes it harder to pull them apart when you want to use them. Also, because of the maple syrup coating, it will leave a sticky residue in your frying pan when cooking. This isn’t that much of a big deal, but if you’ve never cooked anything with maple syrup on it before, be warned: you’ll want to immediately soak the pan with some water. Dried maple syrup is very hard to get off of things.

Don’t let that discourage you, though! The maple flavour is more than worth the little bit of extra effort!

Now, it’s been a long time since I last had ‘real’ maple breakfast sausages, but from my (6 year) memory of them, these patties taste the same. The only difference being, they’re in a patty form, instead of cylinders. The texture is nice and not overly chewy, and if you wait long enough not to burn your tongue, the maple syrup adds a nice sweet flavour to whatever breakfast sandwich you’re eating.

Your house will also smell amazingly maple-y after cooking them, so you get breakfast, and a bonus! Who needs candles?

There’s not really much else I can say about these, other than that you definitely need to try them, and the Original flavour, too. (Though those ones will be getting their own review in the future)

Gardein Maple Breakfast Sausages: have you tried them? What’s your favourite way to eat them? Let me know in the comments below!

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Gardein Original Breakfast Saus’ge Patty Review

I don’t think there has been a product from Gardein I’ve tried that I haven’t liked. I don’t know how, but they keep coming up with awesome new foods to try, and I’m always game!

AterImber.com - The Veg Life - Product Reviews - Gardein Original Breakfast Saus'ge Patties - Gardein, vegan meat, meat substitutes, vegan food, food review, food reviewer, food blogger, vegan blogger

So, Gardein actually has 2 kinds of these breakfast sausage patties, they have these plain/original ones, and they have maple ones. They taste exactly the same, but the maple one has maple syrup on it, so this is going to be like a combined 2-in-1 review.

These sausage patties are pretty small, which I like, because they fit perfectly on an English muffin. They have what I believe would be a ‘classic’ sausage taste, and have a good consistency, as well. They aren’t too squishy, and have a good bite to them. Pan frying them with some oil gives them a nice ‘crust’ on the outside, so they get a bit more crunch to them. I don’t know if you’d be able to tell by the consistency if they weren’t meat, but from what I remember, they’re pretty close. (Though I’m at 5 years vegan now, so my memory may be fading)

The only problem with these – as with most vegan products – is the amount that comes in the bag. 1 pack only comes with 5, which leads to disappointment when you open it, because they’re so small, so it makes the bag look even emptier. You could easily fit at least 2 more patties in the bag. Or, if you don’t want to add more patties to the bag, you could use a smaller bag! The bag is the same size as all the other products, and honestly I think that’s just a waste of packaging. Either add more product, or make a smaller bag.

I wish they had these, or the maple ones, as actual breakfast sausages (the round kind), that would be even more perfect. Because while these patties are great, if you don’t have English muffins on hand, they look so sad in a regular bread sandwich, or even on a bagel. If they made ‘real’ sausages, then you could have them on the side, instead of turning them into a sandwich, and that would lend itself well to not feeling like you need to make a sandwich for breakfast. And yes, I know you could have these patties on the side, but I feel like they look weird being ‘on the side’ instead of in a sandwich.

If you’ve been looking for something to elevate your breakfast sandwiches, you definitely have to try these. Either the plain or maple ones. They make great breakfast sandwiches, especially with some black salt and nooch on a toasted English muffin. Which is funny, because that’s one of those things I didn’t realize I missed until I had it again, and then I was like, ‘oh, yeah….’

I don’t often eat breakfast type foods, but these are definitely going on my regular shopping list.

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Egg Breakfast Wrap

Hey guys!

I was very excited to see that Good Rebel finally had the VeganEgg in stock! I went as soon as I could and bought it. Let me tell you, it is amazing! I had scrambled it plain before this, with just a bit of S&P and it was so good! I highly recommend trying it. Now, granted, I haven’t had ‘real’ eggs in a while, but as soon as you open the package, you definitely smell that distinctive egg smell. And it just gets more intense when you mix it with the water.

Seriously, go try it, I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Now, for this recipe, I’ve seen a bunch of breakfast wrap/burrito ads lately, and I’m not sure if it’s due to the warm weather or what, but I decided I might as well try it now that I’ve found an egg substitute I like. (Sorry Tofu Scramble, you just don’t hold up to this glorious creation)

So, I figured, why not? And thus, this little masterpiece was born. It’s quite simple, but who says good food has to be complicated?

AterImber.com The Veg Life - Egg Breakfast Wrap (vegan)

1 VeganEgg

2, 6in. Tortillas

¼ pk Ground Round (I used the Italian Ground Round)

(About) 2Tbsp White Rice

Daiya Mozz Shreds


A Pinch of

– S&P

– Garlic Powder

– Onion Powder


  1. Make the VeganEgg in a pan, scramble it up. Add the S&P.
  2. Place the VeganEgg off to the side and keep warm.
  3. In the same pan, add the ground round, stirring until cooked. Once almost done cooking, add the rice and mix until rice is hot. You can sprinkle some cheese shreds in now if you’d like.
  4. Once that’s done, remove from heat. Take your tortilla and lay down a sprinkle of cheese shreds first, then add ½ the VeganEgg and half the ground round mixture. Fold in both ends and roll so it’s a burrito. Do the same to the other tortilla.
  5. The a pan, add a splash (1Tbsp) of oil and allow to heat on med-high. Once heated, place one of the wraps seam-side down. Let cook until it turns a nice golden brown and then flip over. Once both sides are golden, remove from pan and do the same to the other wrap.
  6. Place on plate and cut in half (optional) and add a handful of grapes.

Serve immediately and enjoy!

So, what do you guys think? Like it? Hate it? Should be thrown into a pit and never made again? Let me know in the comments!

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