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Kiss You in the Rain (Preview)


Written: 24.03.29

Words: 2,095

Destiel (Implied)

“Happy anniversary Daddy!”

Dean chuckled as his twin’s voices floated through the line, “Aw, thanks guys.”

“Are you and Dad having fun?”

“O-oh, yeah.” Dean subconsciously straightened and puffed out his chest, “Tons of fun.”

“Do you miss us?”

“Of course they don’t miss us! They’re celebrating.”

“Oh… Is the bed bouncy?”

Dean chuckled again and nodded, “Oh, it’s bouncy alright. You guys would hit the ceiling if you were here.”

“Aw man!”

“Can we come now?”

“Yeah! We could take the bus, or ask Uncle Sam to-”

The end of Tyler’s sentence got cut off with some rustling, before he heard faint giggling and hurried footsteps, “What are you guys still doing up? Get back to bed!” There was a moment of silence, before a hesitate-sounding Sam picked up the phone, “Hello…?”

“Relax, it’s just me.”

“Oh, thank God.” He could practically see his brother’s relief through the phone, “I swear, I had them in bed on time! I don’t know how I missed them getting up.”

“It’s fine, Sam. Not like they know anyone else’s number.”

“Yeah, I guess. Anyway, sorry man, I’ll let you get back to-”

“Wait!” Dean blinked in surprise at himself as he cut off his brother. He took a moment to compose himself and crossed his arms over his chest, “I-I mean, while you’re here, tell me how the night went. Any other trouble?”

“Nah, they were good. We ate dinner, watched a movie, then bed time. Nothing special.”

“Okay, good, that’s…. good. So,” Dean cleared his throat, “What uh, what’d you make for dinner?”

Sam let out a chuckle, “I know the social worker’s still on your case, but it’s fine, man. I can tell you when you get back. I don’t want to interrupt your anniversary.”

“You’re not! I mean… Cas is in the bath, so I can chat for a bit.”

“… You’re not with him?”

“The tubs here are really small.”


“Okay, fine. Cas is…. not here.”

“What did you do?”

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The Rest of My Life (Preview)


Important: This is the 4th last story of 2023. I’ll be taking the last half of December and first half of January off from posting. I’ll be back January 12th, 2024 with the 1st story of the new year.

Written: 23.08.29

Words: 1,946

C2C, Destiel (ish), 2023’s Halloween story

Prompt: Popcorn Poppin’ Month

Cas approached the door cautiously, eyes scanning the space but finding nothing disturbed. He got up on his tiptoes to see out the window in the door, eyes narrowing as he saw a tall hooded figure standing with it’s back to it.

Cas steeled himself with a deep breath before he ripped the door open, raising his angel blade just as the creature turned around.

“Hey Ca- whoa, whoa! It’s me! It’s Sam!”

The fallen angel blinked in surprise as the hood fell off the creature’s head, hand faltering around the raised blade. His eyes adjusted to the dark and he slowly lowered the weapon as he saw it was Sam standing before him.

Cas tilted his head to the side as he took in the outfit the giant was wearing – it wasn’t his typical plaid and faded jeans. He nodded to the hooded cape and silk pants, “What’re you wearing?”

Sam lifted the sides of his cape and turned from side to side, “I’m a vampire!” Now that he wasn’t actually in danger, he took a minute to check out the fallen angel’s costume, “Aw man, he made you a vamp, too?”

“I guess.” Cas looked down at his own outfit with a huff, “None of the vampires we’ve hunted have dressed like this.”

“If we dressed like actual vamps, no one would know what we were.”

“I thought that was the point?”

“It is if they’re actually vamps, but…” Sam let his voice trail off at the lack of understanding on the ex-angel’s face. He chuckled and shook his head, “You know what? It doesn’t matter. Uh, here,” He turned around, grabbing two plastic pumpkin baskets up off the porch, holding one out, “Take this.”

“What’s this for?”

“Just…” Sam took a few steps up to the door before ringing the doorbell.

“It’s not locked.”

Sam couldn’t help but chuckle again. He lowered his voice as they heard footsteps approach, “When the door opens, say trick or treat.

“I don’t-” Cas cut himself off as the door swung open, revealing Dean, who had a cleaver sticking out the top of his head and a bloody apron.

Sam bumped his arm before holding his pumpkin out, big smile splitting his face, “Trick or treat!”

Dean got some candy out of his apron pocket, dropping it into his brother’s basket, “Here you go.” He then turned expectant eyes to the ex-angel, “Do you have something you want to say?”

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Crave the Misery (Preview)


Written: 23.02.07

Words: 1,257

Destiel (Implied), Dark-ish

Prompt: Snack Food Month

“Yes?” A breathless Cas ripped the door open then, giant smile on his face fading to confusion as he spotted the blonde, “What are you doing here?”

Dean plastered his signature thousand-watt smile on his face and did his best to ignore the stab to his heart at the tone, “It’s Friday.”


“So, I’m here to pick up the twins.” The pit in his stomach started to grow as he took in the lack of understanding on the angel’s face, “Y’know… like we agreed?”

Cas let out a defeated sigh, “Lydia didn’t call you?”

“I don’t know, I was on a job and haven’t…” Dean let his voice trail off as the confusion on Cas’ face slowly gave way to pity, “What happened?”


“They’re still coming with me, aren’t they?”

The angel let out another huff, lowering his eyes to the ground.

“Are you serious?” Dean’s hand balled into a fist in his pocket, “Tell me you’re joking.”

At the small head shake, Dean let out a humourless chuckle, “That’s great. Awesome, Cas, thanks.” He scrubbed a hand down his face, “Fine, fine. I guess I’ll just come back next week and then we can-”

“No, Dean.” Cas shook his head again, “You’re not seeing them next week, either.”

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No Delay (Preview)


Reminder: This is the last story of 2022! I’ll be taking the last half of December and first half of January off from posting. I’ll be back January 13th, 2023 with the 1st fic of the new year!

Written: 22.08.10

Words: 499

Fluff, Destiel, 2022’s New Year’s fic

“Well I’d rather you did something I actually needed help with, like the decorations, or the appetizers, or warming the pie up in the-”

“Pie?” Dean raised an eyebrow, “You said the store didn’t have any pie.”

The shorter man huffed, “You really don’t listen, do you?” At the continued confused look, he shook his head, taking a few steps backward to finish his bowtie on his own, “I said the store didn’t have any, which is why I had to make them myself. I was in the kitchen baking all day yesterday! What did you think I was doing in there?”

Dean shrugged, moving to sit back on the bed, scratching his bare knee, “I don’t know. Making appetizers?”

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Good Health (Preview)


Written: 22.03.04

Words: 1,043

Destiel, Fluff

Dean took a long sip from his beer, eyes on the kids. He choked on it as he spotted Taylor’s swimsuit. He coughed, pulling the beverage away from his mouth, “W-what the hell is she wearing?”

“Her bathing suit.”

The blonde scoffed, pointing an accusatory finger at his little girl – who was definitely too young to be wearing a two-piece, “That is not her bathing suit!”


“Where the hell did she get that?” He whistled, waving his daughter over, “That better not of been a present.”

“Relax, Dean.”

“Relax? Relax?” The blonde let out an incredulous chuckle, “My baby girl is wearing a bikini!”

“It’s not a-”

“How can you be so calm about this?” Dean shook his head just as Taylor came up to him. He cleared his throat, softening his voice, “Hey, Sweetheart. You having fun?”


“Good, good.” The blonde rubbed a hand on his chin, giving her a once over, she might as well be naked! “So, uh… w-where’d you get that?”

“Get what?”

Dean let out a nervous chuckle, gesturing to her bathing suit, “That… thing.”

“My bathing suit?” Taylor’s face lit up as the blonde nodded, “Dad got it for me!” She did a little twirl, tiny pink skirt flying up as she did so, “Isn’t it pretty, Daddy?”

Dean swallowed hard, “Y-yeah, it’s…” He turned bewildered eyes to his husband, “You bought that for her?”

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Nothing But You (Preview)


This is the last fic in the Unlearning Series!

Started; 22.01.15

Finished: 22.01.19

Words: 3,955

Destiel (Implied), Sabriel (Implied), Crobby, C2C, Unlearning Series Fic #10

“I thought you were gonna drop it?”

Dean sputtered, gesturing to the bedroom, “Dropping it isn’t the same as giving him my blessing.”

Cas rolled his eyes, plopping himself down on the bed, letting out an annoyed groan. He’d been trying to talk Dean into finally agreeing to let Crowley pop the question for weeks – to no avail. Hell, all of them – him, Sam, even Gabriel had tried, but Dean was nothing if not stubborn. And when Dean Winchester had made up his mind about something, he was hard pressed to change it.

Not that it stopped them all from trying. None of them could understand why the blonde was being so stubborn. Crowley had saved his life – same as Gabriel – but that apparently didn’t matter. Dean just wasn’t budging.

“Are you forgetting he saved you?”

“Oh, please!” Dean crinkled his nose, waving a dismissive hand at the angel, “I’m so sick of hearing that! It’s not like I asked him to save me!”

Cas felt the anger bubble up in his chest again, and he rose from the bed, “So you would’ve been just as happy if he didn’t? If that demon had killed you, oh well?”

“No, Cas, you know that’s not what I mean!” Dean scrubbed a hand through his hair, whole body tense, why can’t I make you understand? “It’s just-”

“What, Dean? He’s what?”

“H-he… he’s still….”


“He’s still him!”

“He’s changed!”

“People don’t change!”

“But he’s not even a person!”

“Exactly!” Dean let out a humourless chuckle, “If people don’t change, demons for sure as shit aren’t gonna!”

Cas threw up his hands, “How can you still be so…. so you about this?” Cas forced himself to take a deep breath, and walked the few steps over to the now-retired hunter, “He makes Bobby happy. Don’t you think he deserves that?”

“Of course I do.” Dean’s tone was lowering to match the angel’s, even though his chest was still huffing, “I just don’t think Crowley is right for him.”

“Okay, fine. Then who would you pick?”

Dean blinked in surprise at his angel, “What?”

Cas gave him a pointed look, crossing his arms over his chest, “You think you can do a better job finding someone for Bobby? Go ahead, pick someone.”

“W-well,” Dean shifted his weight, “I… I don’t know anyone off the top of my head-”


The corner of the blonde’s mouth twitched, “You know what? Fine! I will find someone better for Bobby, and when I do, all you guys have to drop this.”

“Fine,” Cas stuck out his hand for them to shake on it, pulling the ex-hunter in close once their hands touched, “But if you can’t, you will give Crowley your blessing.”

Dean’s eyes narrowed, searching the angel’s face for a moment, before he nodded, “Deal.”

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Make It Count (Preview)


This is Fic #9 of the Unlearning Series. There is only one more to go! Fic #10 will be coming out next month!

Started: 21.06.26

Finished: 22.01.14

Words: 3,930

C2C, Destiel, Crobby (Implied)

This is your big secret?” He rolled his eyes again, “You could’ve hid this anywhere in Bobby’s house without him finding it, y’know. Why don’t you try to hide it on one of his thousand bookshe-” the hunter cut himself off as Crowley opened the box, revealing the shining engagement ring that was inside. Dean’s eyes flicked between the ring and the demon a few times, before he raised an eyebrow, “… What the hell is that?” He peered closer at it, eyebrows raising in surprise, “I-is that an engagement ring?”


“And you’re showing me this…?”

Crowley let out an exasperated sigh, snapping the box closed, “I know Moose is the smart one, but honestly I didn’t think I’d have to spell it out for you.” At the still-confused look, he shook his head, slipping the box back into his jacket, “It’s for Bobby, genius.”

Bobby?” Dean’s eyebrows shot up, lips twitching, “Y-you’re kidding, right?” At the serious look, the blonde snorted, licking his lips in a failed attempt to keep his laughter at bay, “Y-you are gonna ask…” his voice trailed off into a fit of laughter.

Crowley gave the hunter a tight smile, “Yeah, yeah, it’s hilarious.” He shot the blonde a death glare and stood up from the chair, “I knew I shouldn’t have told you.”

Dean shook his head, “I-I’m sorry,” his shoulders twitched as he tried to wipe at his eyes, “it’s just, the thought of you asking Bobby to…” the blonde cleared his throat, trying to get his laughter under control, “that’s just… I mean, that would-”, the smile slid off his face, and he turned now-worried eyes to the demon, “t-that would make us…

“Relax,” Crowley waved a dismissive hand, unable to keep the cheeky smile off his face, “you won’t have to call me Daddy.”

Dean’s face scrunched at the mental image and shuddered, “Ugh.”

Crowley rolled his eyes, retaking his seat, turning expectant eyes to the hunter, “So…?”


Crowley huffed “How did the two of you once save the world?” He brought his eyes back to the blonde, and spoke slowly, “What do you think?”

Dean’s brows furrowed, “What do you mean? What do I think… about you wanting to marry Bobby?” At the nod, Dean sputtered for a moment, “I uh, I don’t know. It’s weird. I mean, do demons even- wait,” Dean raised an eyebrow, “Why are you asking?”

Crowley scrubbed a hand down his face, pursing his lips, “Because, I need to ask Bobby’s next-of-kin for permission.”

“But Bobby doesn’t have-” Dean cut himself off, eyes going wide as he finally realized what the demon was asking, “o-oh!” He tried to shift closer, but was still unable to move, and raised an eyebrow, “You need my permission before you can ask him?”

Crowley shrugged, “I’m unfortunately bound by tradition.”

The blonde smirked, “So, you won’t pop the question unless I say it’s okay?”

Crowley sighed, “Well, you and Moose, but I’ve already asked him.”

“What? When?”

Crowley waved a dismissive hand, “That’s not important. What’s important is getting your answer.”

“No way in Hell.”

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If People Stare… (Preview)


Started: 21.10.16
Finished: 21.12.08
Words: 1,120
Teen!Chesters, Destiel, Fluff, 2022’s 1st Valentine’s fic

It seemed that even just the word of him spending time with Dean was enough to start the rumour mill.

Not that he blamed them – Cas could hardly believe he was at the notorious Dean Winchester’s house himself. His reputation wasn’t based on nothing, after all. Girls would giggle about their sleepless sleepover weekend’s every Monday at their locker’s, much too loudly for them to be trying to keep it secret. Hell, even the foreign exchange student who hadn’t yet learned English knew about Dean’s reputation.

Cas shook his head, doing his best to dispel his thoughts, and focused instead on the movie. If Dean did try to make a move, he could always tell him he wasn’t comfortable with doing anything.

… Right?

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Feast Mode (Preview)


Written: 21.06.10

Words: 1,416

C2C, 2021’s Thanksgiving fic

“Out of the way!” Dean ran down the bunker stairs, holding the arm that wasn’t carrying six shopping bags out in front of him, “The feast has arrived!”

“And what hole-in-the-wall’s cold turkey entrée did you get this year?” Sam didn’t bother to look up from the book he was reading.

Dean silently mocked him, coming to a stop in front of the chair he was sitting in, “None.” He plopped the bag with the turkey in it on his lap, “I’m cooking.”

Sam raised an eyebrow as the turkey landed on him with a dull thud,You’re gonna cook?”

“Yeah!” Dean beamed at him before continuing toward the kitchen, the giant on his heels, “Why does that surprise you?”

“Well…” Sam set the turkey down on the counter, shifting his weight from one foot to the other, “You’re not exactly known for your cooking skills, Dean.”

“Pfft, so?” The blonde began putting the vegetables in the fridge, “You think just because I don’t do it often means I can’t?”

“No, of course not.” Sam slid himself down on one of the stools at the counter, “But I’ve seen you burn cereal, so…”

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The Front Line (Preview)


This is the last Unlearning Series installment that will be posted this year. The fics from now until the end of the year will all be holiday themed. But don’t worry! We’ll pick things back up with Fic #7 on Jan. 14th, 2022.

This is fic #6 of the Unlearning Series.

Written: 21.05.26

Words: 4,086

Sabriel, Destiel (Implied), C2C

“So, Big Bro’s missing?”


Gabriel nodded, jumping up to sit on the bed, “How long?”

“Since the wedding.”

Gabriel let out a whistle, “Damn.”

“Yeah,” Sam grabbed a fresh pair of clothes from the closet, beginning to pull himself into a pair of pants, “I know we had big plans for today, but-” he cut himself off as he tripped over one of the legs and fell to the floor, damn it.

Gabriel shook his head, “Don’t worry about it.” He snapped his fingers, eyes roaming over a now-fully-dressed hunter, “Just make sure you come back when you’re done.”

Sam snorted and got back on his feet, walking over to the bed to zip the duffle closed, “You’re gonna stay here?”

Gabriel shrugged, flopping back on the bed, “Well it is already paid for…” He shot a pointed look back to the hunter, “It’d be a shame if it went to waste.”

The giant rolled his eyes, “Sure.” He shoved his cell phone into his pocket, looking around the room, face growing serious, “Alright, I think that’s everything.”

“Good.” Gabriel sat back up, getting up on his knees so he was more-or-less eye height with the hunter. He wrapped his arms around his neck, pulling him in for a kiss, “I love you.”

“I love you, too.” Sam pressed a kiss to his forehead before backing up a few steps, swinging the duffle up onto his shoulder, “I just wish I knew where to start looking.” He ran his free hand through his hair, “He could be anywhere.”

“Hmm…” Gabriel closed his eyes for a moment, holding his arms out to his sides, before opening them, “Got it.”

Sam raised an eyebrow, “You found him? That quickly?”

“Well, no, not him. You guys still have that Enochian on your ribs. But I did find the car.” He popped a lollipop into his mouth, giving the hunter a victorious look, “And I think we both know if you find the car, you find Dean Winchester.”

Sam shook his head in amazement, placing another kiss to his head, “I knew I married you for a reason.”

“And here I thought it was because of my awesome bedroom skills.”

“Yeah, well, just because you can finish the marathon doesn’t mean you came in first.” Sam couldn’t help the smile that crept up his face at the offended look on his angel’s face. “So are you gonna tell me where the car is, or do you just expect me to guess?”


“Neither?” Sam raised an eyebrow, letting out a sigh, “Gabe, come on. I know he’s not your biggest fan, but-”

“Ah-ah.” Gabriel held up a hand, cutting the hunter off. “Be careful.”

“Of course I’ll-” Sam cut himself off as he felt his feet leave the ground, what the…? He staggered backward a few steps as he landed on the ground with a thud. He looked around, and saw he was now standing outside a factory, Impala parked a few feet away. Sam shook his head and started toward the car, thanks Gabriel.

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