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I Love Lots of Bubbles Festive Collection Review

Reminder: This is the last post of the year! I will be taking the last half of December, and first half of January off from posting.

I will be back Jan. 14th with the 1st short story of the new year!

If you saw the Instagram post I made about finally getting my hands on this collection, you’ll know what a wild ride it was. But, luckily, I was finally able to try it (last year), and that means I can now review it!

I’m actually a little sad to report that I didn’t like this body wash collection as much as I thought I would. I don’t know if it’s because I was chasing after it for literal years, so maybe I built it up in my head to be better, or what, but I was actually a little disappointed with this collection. Which sucks, because I wanted to love it a lot, so that I could get it every year.

AterImber.com - The Veg Life - Product Reviews - I Love Lots of Bubbles Festive Collection Review - Lots of Bubbles Festive Collection Official - I Love Cosmetics, vegan beauty, cruelty free, body wash, shower creme, x-mas gifts, gift ideas

This is the I Love Cosmetics holiday body wash collection. It came with 6, 100ml bottles of body wash, each one a different scent: Luxury Hot Chocolate, Crushed Candy Cane, Gingerbread Cookie, Coconut and Cream, Strawberry and Cream and Raspberry and Blackberry.

For those of you who don’t know, this company is based in the UK, and most of their products are vegan. I actually use this company exclusively for body wash (and shampoo) purposes, because I love their scents.

I first tried them back in 2014, when I was gifted their non-festive Lots of Bubbles collection.

AterImber.com - The Veg Life - Product Reviews - I Love Lots of Bubbles Festive Collection Review - Lots of Bubbles Reg Collection - I Love Cosmetics, vegan beauty, cruelty free, body wash, shower creme, x-mas gifts, gift ideas

This collection also came with 6, 100ml bottles. After I tried this collection, I was hooked. I started doing my research, and found Shopper’s Drug Mart sells their 5 ‘main’ scents: Raspberry and Blackberry, Strawberry and Cream, Vanilla and Ice Cream, Coconut and Cream and Mango and Papaya. They also sell some of their Signature Scent collection, but I haven’t tried any of those, and honestly? I don’t really want to. At least, not until I’ve tried their other body wash scents.

Unfortunately, because they’re based in the UK, their products aren’t very wide-spread here in Canada. After doing some digging/research, I discovered that Shopper’s is the only store in all of Canada that is allowed to sell their products. They do have an online store, so you’d think this isn’t that big a deal, right?

Wrong! They can’t ship to Canada, so Shopper’s is the only hope you have of trying them. And, if you want to try this Festive Collection? Good luck. I had been trying to purchase this collection for three years without luck. I had sent countless e-mails to both Shopper’s and I Love Cosmetics.

Finally, I received an e-mail from a Shopper’s employee with a link to the page, telling me exactly when the collection was going up for sale. I was super excited, and while I’m pretty sure they did it just so that I would stop asking about it, I’m very grateful I got the direct link!

I bought the collection within about 20 minutes of it being available, and by the time I finished my purchase, it was sold out. Yes, this collection sold out that fast! I was both happy and sad to see that happen. On the one hand, I loved that there was such a big demand for the collection, because that means it’ll stay available, but on the other hand, I was sad, because I thought I’d have time to try it out, and then possibly buy another one before the season was over.

However, it kind of worked out, because I didn’t end up liking this collection as much as I hoped I would.

I’m only going to review the three holiday scents that came with this collection, since I’m planning on doing separate reviews for the regular scents (Coconut and Cream, Strawberry and Cream and Raspberry and Blackberry) later on.

AterImber.com - The Veg Life - Product Reviews - I Love Lots of Bubbles Festive Collection Review - Festive Collection No Box - I Love Cosmetics, vegan beauty, cruelty free, body wash, shower creme, x-mas gifts, gift ideas


Luxury Hot Chocolate

This was the first of the scents from the collection I tried. It was also the one I was the most excited to try, and, surprisingly, my least favourite one!

I wanted to like this scent so badly, but it just didn’t work out. It was very strong – all the scents in this collection were very strong – and it gave me a headache when I smelled it. I thought at first, I was just too excited and inhaled too much of it (I smelled all of the scents as soon as I ripped them out of the box), so I did a shower test.

That didn’t go as good as I thought. It was still very strong, too strong in my opinion, and, though the scent was super strong, when I actually washed myself with it and got out of the shower, the scent was practically completely gone!

Their other scents that I get all the time (Raspberry and Blackberry is my favourite) they tend to stay/linger on your skin for a bit after you use them, so that you can tell you actually, y’know washed yourself and are clean.

This one… didn’t.

I thought maybe it was a fluke or something, so I tried it again and got a friend to sniff me after I came out of the shower, and they said I “had no scent. Sure as hell not like hot chocolate.” As far as they could tell, I hadn’t showered. Not that I was sweaty or anything, but usually when someone just gets out of the shower, their shampoo/soap lingers on them at least for a few minutes.

I ended up using the rest of this up as hand soap, so that I wouldn’t keep giving myself a headache by using it in the shower.

As said above, this was the one I was most excited to try, and my least favourite. And, after being disappointed by this one, it got me thinking: they have a Chocolate Fudge Cake scent that I’ve wanted to try for a long time, too. But, if I was disappointed by this Hot Chocolate one, now I’m mildly concerned because what if I don’t like the Fudge one, either?

I don’t know if it was a certain ingredient they used, or if it was just too strong, but so far I don’t like their chocolate scents, even though I really wanted to!


Crushed Candy Cane:

This was the 2nd scent out of the collection I tried. For some reason, I read ‘candy cane’ and my brain didn’t immediately jump to ‘peppermint’, so when I smelled this one, and it was mint-y, I was surprised.

That said, this turned out to be favourite of the holiday scents! When I used this one in the shower, it actually stayed on me when I got out.

It was also very pleasant, even though it was just as strong as the hot chocolate one. This one didn’t give me a headache at all, and actually slightly relaxed my body. I actually have about half the bottle left (at the time of writing this article, 21.06.08), I wanted to save it so that I could use it after I finished using the other ones.

This is the only one out of the festive scents I’d actually buy again. If they ever decide to sell it by itself (and it becomes available here) I’d definitely buy it again!


Gingerbread Cookie:

This scent was the one I was actually the least excited to try. I thought I would hate it, honestly. I don’t like eating gingerbread (and can’t), so I figured why would I like their smell?

Well, I was wrong, because apparently, I enjoy the smell! Or, at least, this smell. This one was actually surprisingly ‘light’ and dare I say… fruity? It actually smelled like ginger, not ‘gingerbread’, which I turned out to like. I don’t know if it was because of the lack of cinnamon, (I’m allergic, and everyone I know who makes gingerbread uses cinnamon) or what, but this one surprised me the most. It went from the one I was least excited about, to pretty decent.

When I used it in the shower, my skin got a little tingly, and I panicked, because I did not want to go through that again (this story will be revealed in an upcoming shampoo post, but long story short, I ended up discovering I’m allergic to SLS [Sodium Lauryl Sulfate] because I gave myself chemical burns), but luckily, I didn’t get a rash or anything, and the tingling went away when I washed it off.

This scent didn’t give me a headache, either. So I don’t know what they put in the hot chocolate one, but my body did not like it!

This scent I would probably get again, though it wouldn’t be my first choice.

All in all, the festive scents weren’t as big of a win as I had hoped, but my surprising love of the Crushed Candy Cane scent and liking of the Gingerbread Cookie, it definitely made it worth the purchase. Though, I would’ve loved if it was a collection of 6 totally ‘festive’ scents, instead of three festive and three regular.


It also wasn’t that expensive, it was listed at Shopper’s for $19.99.

I was also happy to get the collection, because I had been reusing the non-festive Lots of Bubbles containers, and the last two I had were finally dying. Seriously, the one of them I kept taping up over the cracks, because I wasn’t able to find 100ml bottles that were a similar shape.

AterImber.com - The Veg Life - Product Reviews - I Love Lots of Bubbles Festive Collection Review - New and Old Comparison Bottles - I Love Cosmetics, vegan beauty, cruelty free, body wash, shower creme, x-mas gifts, gift ideas

(Can you tell which one is the new one?)

The ones in this collection are slightly smaller and rounder than the ones I had, but they say they hold the same amount, and they’re close enough in shape it doesn’t matter. So, now I’ve also got 6 brand new containers I can reuse for various toiletries (I don’t recommend reusing the containers for food), that should last me another 7 years.

I also liked the snow and festive decorations of the box, though I wish they would use a reusable/recyclable material for the box, instead of plastic.

Have you tried this Festive collection yet? If you haven’t, which scent are you most excited to try? Let me know in the comments below!

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Carry Me Home

Reminder: This is 2021’s last story. I’ll be taking the last half of December and first half of January off. I will be back January 14th with the first fic of the new year! (It will be the long-awaited 7th installment of the Unlearning Series!)

Started: 20.12.14

Finished: 20.12.18

Words: 1,642

Sam x Reader

Written for Shorty as part of the SPN Amino’s 2020 Secret Santa.

You place the tray of mini spring rolls down on the coffee table, just as your phone begins to ring, perfect timing. You reach over and smile as you see the caller I.D., “Hey, babe! I just set out those spring rolls you love. Don’t worry though, I saved you two whole boxes. You’re welcome.”

“Actually,” your smile slides off your face as you hear the wrong brother’s voice, “It’s uh, it’s Dean.”

“Oookay. How close are you?” Your eyes flick up to the clock on the wall, “Even with the way you drive, this is cutting it kind of close to party time, don’t you think?”

You hear a nervous chuckle and feel your heart sink, “Well, uh, actually…”

Crap, you fly up the stairs, making your way to the bedroom, pulling your duffle from the closet, “What happened?” You hear him take in a deep breath and begin shoving clothes into it, doing your best to brace yourself, “Dean?”

“It’s Sam. He, uh… one of the vamps-”

You feel your stomach drop to the floor and freeze, “N-no, that- that can’t be-”

“What? Oh, no! It’s not- he’s alive.”

“Oh, thank God.” You feel the dread begin to dissipate, “Way to scare a girl! I mean, Jesus, Dean!”

“Y-yeah, no, he’s uh, he’s fine. They just took him.”

You shake your head, beginning to take the clothes back out of the duffle, “We gotta get you some sort of tact tutor or something, because that was just- wait, what do you mean ‘they took him’?”

“Well, y’know how we thought we were just going after two rogue vamps?”

You swallow thickly, “Yeah…”

“Well, turns out we were wrong. It wasn’t two rogue vamps. Well, it was, but their nest is -”

What?!” You begin to pace, “So… you mean to tell me Sam is being held hostage in the middle of a vamp nest on Christmas Eve?” You begin throwing the clothes back in the duffle, “What the hell Dean? You told me you’d be back before the party! That this hunt was ‘in the bag’.”

“I-I know! I thought it was, alright? All signs pointed to just two, but once we got here… But it’s alright, I know where the nest is, so I can-”

You shake your head and zip the duffle closed, “I’ll be on the road in five. It should take me about an hour to get there, but I c-”

“You can’t come. You’re hosting.”

You scoff, “Screw the party.”


“No! Don’t ‘dude’ me!” You place your free hand on your hip, “You expect me to just stay here and go on with the party when Sam was taken by vamps?”

“Yeah, be-”

Vamps, Dean! I can’t just host a party and act like-”

“You can and you will.” His hard tone made you stop, and you sit back down on the edge of the bed, “You are gonna host the crap out of this party. You’re gonna put on the ugliest Christmas sweater you own, laugh at all the Quinn’s terrible puns, and you’re gonna pretend to love it, so that when Sam gets back, he’ll see you’re safe, instead of doing something stupid to try and get him back.”

You take in a deep breath, eyes landing on the picture of the two of you on the dresser, pang shooting through your heart, “Dean…”

“You won’t be any good to him if you get taken, too.”

You let out a heavy sigh and flop backward on the bed, “Fine, but you’re calling as soon as he’s safe.”

“I will.”

“That wasn’t a question.” You take moment, brain still trying to catch up with the pain in your heart, “Alright, well,” you run your free hand through your hair, starring absently at the ceiling, “I guess I better get the cheese platter out of the fridge.”

You hear him chuckle, “You do that.” You sit up, and hear him let out a sigh, he’s worried? Great…, “Hey,” his voice was soft, “I’ll bring him back.”

“You better.” You hear another chuckle before the line disconnects. You groan and toss the phone to the side, ugh! You place your head in your heads, forcing yourself to take some deep breaths, steeling yourself for what was sure to be a long night. He’s right, you get back up off the bed, grabbing your phone, if I’m gonna do this, I’m gonna do it right. You give yourself a once over in the mirror, plastering a fake smile on your face, time to party.



“Bye!” You stand at the door, fake smile still plastered on your face as the guests file out, “Thanks for coming!” You restlessly shift your weight from one foot to the other, hoping you don’t look nearly as worried as you feel.

You still hadn’t heard from Dean, even though it’s been three hours, and you can’t help the panic that’s started to settle in. You almost slam the door behind the last guest and rip your phone from your pocket, hitting call on Sams’ number a little harder than needed. You bring the phone to your ear as you make your way to the living room, surveying the mess, we need to get some cleaner friends…

This is Sam. Leave me a message.”

You disconnect the call and toss your phone on the couch, running both hands through your hair, come on, guys! Your eyes turn skyward and you chew your lip a moment, before shaking your head, they could be in trouble.

You take a deep breath and clean a space on the couch, bowing your head, resting your arms on your knees, “Castiel? I-it’s me. Listen, I know you’re probably super busy doing Heaven-related things, but… Sam got taken by some vamps. Dean called me three hours ago, and I…” you swallow hard, willing the tears that prick at the corners of your eyes not to fall, “and now neither one is answering. I guess I was just hoping… y’know, if you had time, if you could ch-”

“Where are they?”

You jump up, startled at the sudden angel standing in the middle of the room, “Y-you came?”

Cas titled his head, “You thought I wouldn’t?”

“Well, yeah, I mean…” you shrug, “it’s not exactly like- nevermind.” You cross your arms over your chest, “All they told me was that they were crashing in the Tyros Motel, but I don’t know where-” you cut yourself off as he disappears, and deflate back to the couch. You let out a breath, grabbing the garbage bag and start cleaning again, please, Cas, bring them home.



You roll over and hit the floor with a thud. What the…? You crack an eye open and see you’re in the living room, I fell asleep? You stretch before sitting up, immediately reaching for your phone, checking the time, I slept all night? You deflate as you see there’s no missed messages. You swallow thickly and scrub a hand down your face, they should’ve been back by now. You look out over the half-cleaned room, unable to help the boulder that’s settled back in your stomach, “What the hell, Cas?”

You get up from the floor, chewing your lip, I can’t just sit here and continue to do nothing, you start back up the stairs, this is not how I wanted to spend my Christmas. You grab the duffle from the closet, and throw it over your shoulder, at this point, I hope something bad happened, because I swear to God if they’re fine-


You rush to the stairs as you hear the front door open and feel as though your breath has been knocked from you as you see Sam standing there, covered in dried blood, “Sam!”

You drop the duffle and fly down the steps, knocking the giant back against the door with the force of your hug.

He wraps his arms around you and gives you a tight squeeze, “I am so sorry. It turned out to be a nest of vamps and-”

“I know, Dean called me last night,” you tighten your grip and feel tears prick at the corners of your eyes, “He said he was going after you a-and then you stopped answering, so I called Cas and then he didn’t show up, and I-” you cut yourself off with a sniff and bury your head into his chest, “I’m just glad you’re okay.”

“I’m sorry I scared you.” He presses a kiss to the top of your head and let’s go of you, chuckling as you don’t back out of the hug, “I wasn’t gone that long, was I?”

“No,” you give him another squeeze before you reluctantly let go and take a small step back, “But it felt like I was worrying forever. You know I hate waiting.”

“I know.” His eyes scan the living room and he smirks, “Looks like you didn’t miss me that much, though.”

“Pfft, please.” You wave a dismissive hand, “That party sucks on the best of years. Honestly, I don’t understand why we even still have it.”

“Well,” he wraps you back up in a hug, pecking your lips, “How about next year, we have our own party?”

“I think we could swing that, yeah.” You smile up at him before breaking out of the hug, handing him a garbage bag, “But first, you have work to do.”

“Wha…?” He gives you an incredulous look, “You want me to clean up this mess? I wasn’t even here!”

“Exactly,” Your smile widens and you shrug, “Consider this your punishment for making me worry.” You make your way over to the stairs, pausing on the first step, “Just don’t take too long.” You peel your shirt off and toss it at him, “Wouldn’t want you to miss unwrapping your present.”

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The Naughty List

Important: This is the 2nd last fic of 2021! I will be taking the last half of December and first half of January off from posting.

I will be back Jan. 14th (2022) with the first fic of the new year! (It is the long-awaited 7th installment of the Unlearning Series)

Written: 18.11.06

Words: 337

NFF, 2021’s 1st Christmas fic

“Would you like another beer, Sir?”

The bearded man turns his head to see the statuesque eighteen-year-old waitress standing next to the pool. He lets out a too-loud, drunken laugh and reaches up to pass her his empty, “Whatever it takes to keep you coming back, Toots!”

The waitress suppresses her shudder and takes the bottle, scurrying away into the small hut of a bar at the other end of the pool. She usually had no qualms with working in Hawaii – she knew how lucky she was to get to work in one of the most beautiful places on the planet – it was just every once in a while asshole drunks like this guy made her seriously question her choices. At least he’s running up quite a tab, she snickers as she punches in yet another beer for the creep.

“Hey,” Shannon comes up behind her, placing her tray of empty glasses down, “Who’s that drunk guy you’ve been serving?”

“How should I know?” Upon noticing the worry on her co-worker’s face she continues, “He’s probably just a drifter, why?”

Shannon swallows thickly and pulls her by the wrist to the edge of the pool, “I think he’s dead.”

There, floating face down in the pool is the bearded man, chest not rising or falling. Oh my God! Tracy blows her whistle, gaining the attention of the closest life-guard. Upon noticing the body, the lifeguard jumps into the pool, pulling the man out. They try CPR for a few breathless minutes but alas, the man has died.

Shannon shakes her head, hand moving to cover her mouth as the lifeguard’s hands fall away from the man’s chest, “W-what was his name?”

Tracy races back to the hut, grabbing the sign-in book, flipping through it, heart leaping into her throat as she finds the right page. She lowers the book, look of absolute horror on her face.

Shannon notices the look and reaches for the book, “What? What is it?”

“I…” Tracy swallows thickly, “I killed Santa Claus.”

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Zero Waste Christmas Gift Ideas

This article was written 21.06.07, please excuse any reference to the COVID pandemic that no longer applies.

So you’ve decided to go zero waste, or someone you know has decided to go zero waste. Everything was going swimmingly until you realized the holidays were coming fast, and now you’re freaking out because you don’t what you’re gonna do.

First: take a deep breath.

Your loved one didn’t turn into an alien, you can still give them very meaningful gifts without having to create a lot of waste. Your loved one also isn’t going to assume that just because they changed their life, that you are now an expert. As long as you try to give them something that aligns with their new lifestyle, I’m sure they’ll appreciate it.

For those who are trying to become zero waste: Your family may get some stuff wrong, or still give you non-zero waste presents – but that’s totally fine! Being zero waste is not about doing everything perfectly, it’s about trying. As long as you’re trying to do better, you’ll be fine.

Though if you’re super anxious about what they may get you, give them a list! Or, send them this article so they can get some zero waste ideas.


Gift Idea #1: Gift Cards

Sure, it’s a little cliché, but gift cards are actually great presents! As long as you know a store the person likes, you’re set. No having to worry about whether you got the right thing, in the right colour, or if they even need the thing – just give them a gift card, and boom! Done. You don’t even have to wrap it! Which is great for the whole don’t-create-waste thing. (Though you may want to at least put it in a card and not like… Frisbee it at their head)

When I was younger (elementary school age), I remember one time I got a gift card from a family member as a gift, and I remember feeling insulted. Every single year, they asked me and my siblings for a list of stuff we wanted, and every single year? They never got us stuff off our lists! This used to drive me crazy! Honestly why would you ask someone what they wanted as a gift and then not buy it?

Anyway, the year I got the gift card, I was upset, because I had given them my list, and they didn’t get me something off it. Again. I felt like they were saying they couldn’t be bothered to actually get me something I wanted (even though I gave them a list).

It wasn’t until later when I went to actually use the gift card that I realized: instead of buying me 1 thing I wanted that I probably wouldn’t like by this time next year, they gave me the freedom to pick whatever I wanted. (As long as it was within the gift card’s price range)

Once I figured that out, I started asking for gift cards every year, and now love to get them! I not only like having the freedom to pick whatever I want, I also think there’s a bit of privacy at play here – yes, they’re family and they might love you, but they don’t need to know every single thing you own.


Gift Idea #2: Dry Mason Jar Mixes

You’ve probably seen these on Instagram, or Pinterest, and though I kind of hate how popular they’ve become (I don’t need 100 almost-identical jars to flood my feed every year), they’re actually a pretty cool idea.

You don’t even have to be a good cook to give out these babies! All you need is the ability to measure and pour, and a container you don’t mind never getting back. You don’t even have to really dress them up – just give them a nice-looking label, and maybe tie a ribbon around the lid and you’re done.

There’s also all kinds of dry mixes you can give people: cookies, brownies, cake, cupcakes, pancakes – whatever baked good their hearts desire! You will need to include a recipe card for these, so they do contain a little waste, but it’s way less than having to buy a product (that’s usually in plastic packaging) and then wrapping that in something just to throw it away.

Also, they (or you!) can reuse the jar!


Gift Idea #3: An Experience

Similar to the gift card idea, this gift can be great, though some people may turn up their nose at it. You could pay for them to have a massage, a cooking class, concert tickets, a subscription to something you think they’d love – whatever you pick, just make sure it’s an ‘experience’ instead of a physical product. You could also go with them and then your gift is a twofer of not only being a cool thing they can talk about later, but it’s also turned into a good bonding experience.

People often look back on the experiences and things they tried with fondness rather than an item. Life is all about experiences, so why not make someone else’s a little cooler and give them the chance to try something they might not otherwise get to?

If you still want to gift the person an actual item, try to make it something you know they’ll use a lot, or something you know they need, like clothing or a kitchen appliance. Also, see if you can skip the wrapping paper by using a gift bag, or see if you can get some recycled paper and/or paper tape. That way, it’s as zero waste as possible.

Or, you could do what my dad used to when I was little: tell the gift receiver to stick out their hands and close their eyes. (He did this because he is terrible at wrapping presents, so he’d often forego wrapping all together and just hide whatever it was behind his back) Can’t get more zero waste for wrapping than using none!

I hope the above ideas have helped to get your zero waste gift-giver ball rolling. It’s really not that hard to make things ‘zero waste’, it just takes a little bit more thought when you’re first getting started. But, once you’ve gotten the hang of it, it’ll become as normal as any of your other traditions/lifestyle choices.

Case in point: Even before I ever heard of the words ‘zero waste’, I was trying to think of homemade gifts I could give my family because I was broke. (Want to give a stranger a zero waste present? Sign up for my Patreon! Doing so allows me to continue bringing you the content you love, for as little as $1/month!) I decided to make homemade snacks and handed them out in jars I got from Dollarama.

AterImber.com - No. Mad. - Zero Waste - Zero Waste Christmas Gift Ideas - Snack Jars - zero waste, vegan snacks, zero waste gifts, x-mas gifts, gift ideas, vegan food, sustainability

AterImber.com - No. Mad. - Zero Waste - Zero Waste Christmas Gift Ideas - Snack Jar Innerds - zero waste, vegan snacks, zero waste gifts, x-mas gifts, gift ideas, vegan food, sustainability

Everyone loved them! Not only did almost everyone finish their jars before the get together ended, they also marvelled at how ‘unique’ a gift idea it was. I didn’t think they were going to finish them at the party, but it worked out well, because everyone who finished gave me their jars back and said they wanted a refill for next year. So I reused the jars the next year, and again, they were a hit.

I planned on reusing them again, but that’s when the pandemic hit. Not to worry though, I still have them! They’re just waiting to be used whenever we can see each other again. I even left the labels and bows on, so everyone keeps getting their own jars back!

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Son of a Bitch! (#3 – Christmas Edition)

Started: 20.12.22

Finished: 20.12.29

Words: 459

“Son of a bitch!”

Sam bolted upright, reaching for his gun on the nightstand in the dark. He tore out of his bedroom, sweeping the bunker as he went, “Dean?”

“I’m in here!”

He approached the kitchen, mind racing as he heard his brother continue to swear, “… You okay?”


Sam stopped in the doorway as he spotted his brother standing in front of the open oven door, baking tray laying on the floor, amongst scattered pieces of broken cookies. Sam blinked in surprise, tired brain trying to make sense of the scene as he tucked his gun into the back of his pants, “What uh… what are you doing?”

Dean made the short trip over to the sink, running cold water over his bright red hand, “Burnt my hand.”

Sam shook his head, coming down the few steps into the kitchen, “And you’re baking at 4am because…?”

“I was trying to surprise you.”


Dean shook his head, “After the year you’ve had, I… I just wanted to do something nice.”

Sam raised an eyebrow, “And you thought… baking was the best way to do that?”

The blonde gave his brother a pointed look as he turned the water off, shaking out his hand, “It is the holiday season.”

Sam scoffed, making his way over, to help pick up the broken cookies, “Yeah, but we aren’t exactly the celebrating types.”

Dean slammed his fist down on the counter, immediately regretting it as his knees buckled with the pain. He took in a sharp breath, momentarily closing his eyes as he let it out, “I just… I wanted to give you at least one good holiday memory. I mean seriously, it shouldn’t be that hard to-”

The blonde cut himself off as he felt his brother nearly slam himself against his chest, arms wrapping around his back, tightly. He opened his eyes and hugged his brother back, in spite of his surprise. Sam let go in the next instant, going back to picking up broken pieces of cookies, as if the hug didn’t happen. Dean stood there a moment, brows furrowing in confusion.

He made his way over to help his brother pick up the broken cookies, occasionally glancing at him as he helped, unsure of if he should say something. They continued in silence for a few minutes, before Dean couldn’t hold back anymore, “Sammy-”


He raised an eyebrow at his brothers’ tone but complied. Sam flicked his eyes up to the blonde’s face and sighed, running the hand that wasn’t piled with broken cookies through his hair, giving a sheepish shrug, “Sometimes you just need a hug, y’know?”

Dean nodded, unable to hide the smile that pulled at the corner of his mouth, I know.

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