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Surprising Vegan: Summer Drinks


Get ready for the summer weather with these surprising vegan summer drinks!

Starting in the top left-hand corner, moving clockwise:

  • La Croix Black Razzberry
  • La Croix Limoncello
  • La Croix Watermelon (Pasteque)
  • La Croix Hibiscus
  • La Croix Beach Plum
  • La Croix Guava Sao Paulo
  • La Croix Key Lime
  • La Croix Mango
  • La Croix Grapefruit (Pamplemousse)
  • La Croix Peach Pear
  • 7-ELEVEN Slurpee  Pink Grapefruit Lemonade*
  • 7-ELEVEN Slurpee Tropical Passionfruit*
  • 7-ELEVEN Slurpee Mug Root Beer
  • 7-ELEVEN Slurpee Brisk Lemonade*
  • 7-ELEVEN Slurpee Coca-Cola Slurpee*
  • 7-ELEVEN Slurpee Crush Cream Soda Slurpee
  • 7-ELEVEN Slurpee Crush Lime Slurpee (Tartrazine, Brilliant Blue FCF)
  • 7-ELEVEN Slurpee Crush Orange Slurpee*
  • 7-ELEVEN Slurpee Crush Grape Slurpee (Brilliant Blue FCF)
  • 7-ELEVEN Slurpee Mountain Dew Original Slurpee (Tartrazine)
  • 7-ELEVEN Slurpee Mountain Dew Blew Shock Slurpee (Brilliant Blue FCF, Allura Red)
  • Crush Orange (Yellow 6, Red 40)
  • Crush Grape (Red 40, Blue 1)
  • Crush Strawberry (Red 40)
  • Crush Pineapple (Yellow 5, Yellow 6)
  • Crush Watermelon (Red 40)
  • Crush Peach (Red 40, Yellow 5)
  • Crush Grapefruit
  • Sparkling ICE Cherry Limeade (Colour)
  • Sparkling ICE Pink Grapefruit (Colour)
  • Sparkling ICE Black Raspberry (Colour)
  • Sparkling ICE  Peach Nectarine (Colour)
  • Sparkling ICE Orange Mango (Colour)
  • Sparkling ICE Coconut Pineapple (Colour)
  • Sparkling ICE Classic Lemonade (Colour)
  • Sparkling ICE Kiwi Strawberry (Colour)
  • Sparkling ICE Lemon Lime (Colour)
  • Sparkling ICE Fruit Punch

*No ingredients listed on the website (didn’t hear back from company)

Now, obviously most of these drinks aren’t only available in the warmer weather months, but you can’t deny they just taste better when you can drink them outside in the sun, or perhaps sitting poolside.

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