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The Greatest Showman – The Other Side Supernatural Parody


I recently saw The Greatest Showman, I highly recommend seeing this film if you haven’t already, or, if nothing else, Youtube the soundtrack because it’s just amazing!

I couldn’t stop my brain from writing a parody to The Other Side. What else could be better then parody-ing  Wolverine asking Troy Bolton to run away and join the circus?

I hope you enjoy, and don’t forget to check out the original track here: The Other Side (Feel free to sing along!)

(Verse 1 – Dean)

Right here, right now

I know our house burned down,

But there’s a way to catch who did this

You hunt with me,

And I can set you free,

Out of the normal and boring you’re trapped in,

We’ll go after Yellow Eyes,

And kill all his demon spies

I know it sounds crazy, but hey, I’m crazy

You can’t be a civ, hell I never did

So leave it all behind and see


(Chorus 1)

There’s really monsters out there Sammy,

I know it’s hard to believe,

But stick with me, I’ll show you how to fight

Hunting will run your life

So you can do like you do, or you can kill like me,

Dig up graves, we’re setting the spirits free

Oh damn!

Was that the FBI?

I think it’s time to hide!


(Verse 2 – Sam)

Okay, Dean, you want to bring me in,

Well I hate to tell you but it just won’t happen

I want to go, to college to be normal,

I won’t enjoy the life and I’ll get trapped in

So leave me the hell alone,

Don’t want to follow you,

You and Dad can go and be crazy,

That life just ain’t for me

Dean, why can’t you see?

That I really don’t want to be


(Chorus 2)

A hunter, Dean I hate the life

Just get out, you know that I’m right

So go away, just trust me, I’ll be fine

Just want to live a normal life

So go and kill like you do, I’m good to stay guilt-free

Monsters are real? What the hell have you done to me?

No Jess!

I see her when I close my eyes,

I didn’t want to be trained in this life



Is this really how you like to spend your days

Whisky and misery and bodies and graves?

If you come and join me, you’ll be drifting through towns,

Another day, another body, another monster goes down


And you would finally bleed a little,

Kill monsters and live a little,

Just take your guilt and bury it all down,

I know you can feel the guilt, your heart’s aching

Use it against them, your rage is building,

Now what is it Sam? Let’s start saving,

I don’t want to be alone


I know you miss me, but skipping college will cost me greatly,

So what? I’ll even let you drive my Baby

Fair enough, but Dean it’s still not that safe,

Yes it is, look at all these weapons!

Dean you’re insane! How have you not got caught?

What do you mean? It’s all hidden in the trunk!

Rock salt?






Don’t you want to save the day?

Gank the monster and get laid

Cause I got what you need

So come with me and take the ride

To the hunting life

So time to do how you do, just follow my lead,

Luci’s out of the cage

Where the hell is Ruby’s knife?

Oh damn! I still don’t like this life

I think we’re gonna die!

Curse this hunting life

Redo the salt line

We’re trapped in hunting life

Now we’re trapped in hunting life!

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