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April Fool’s


Written: 18.03.30

Written as a Weekend Challenge for the SPN Amino app.


May be a continuation in the future


Sam wiped the sticky substance from his eyes, what the hell is this? Honey? He sniffed his hand and pulled a face, nearly vomiting, definitely not honey. He made his way over to the bathroom, jumping nearly a foot in the air at the sound of a cherry bomb going off. What in the…? In the same instant, feathers fell from the doorway, sticking to his body. For the love of God! Sam huffed in frustration, walking over to the shower, this stuff better wash off. As he was stepping into the shower, he heard the front door open.

Abandoning his shower, he all but ran down the stairs, I’m going to kill you.

“I’m back! The store closed early so I didn’t get as much candy as I originally wanted but I think it’s-”

Gabriel cut himself off as the giant came into eyesight, eyes grazing over the feather-y figure standing before him, corners of his lips twitching up into a smile, “What, uh, what happened?”

Sam crossed his arms over his feathered chest, raising an eyebrow, “What? You don’t recognize your own handiwork?”

The angel-turned-Tricksters’ eyebrows shot up, “You think this was me?”

Sam rolled his eyes, “Oh c’mon, don’t bother with the innocent act – who else would it have been?”

Gabriel smirked at the giant, taking a few steps closer, “I’ll admit, this,” he plucked a feather from his shoulder, “is pretty funny…”


But do you really think I’d do this to you?”

Sam eyed him for a moment, weighing the look on his face against previous pranks, he seems genuine… but why would he be so upset I’m covered in feathers? I thought this would be right up his alley.

“I’m upset,” he actually frowned up at the brunette, plucking more feathers from his body, “because look at this! It’s gonna be a bitch to wash off. I’d never do something so mean.”

“Pfft, come on-”

“I’m serious!” The angels’ brows furrowed with concern, “I’d never put your health at risk. Getting covered in this stuff,” he sniffed his fingers, pulling the same disgusted face Sam had, “has got to be bad for your health. I don’t even know what this is.

Sam felt a chill run down his spine, maybe it really wasn’t him… “But… who else would prank me? Who else could’ve got in here to set it up?”

Gabriel shrugged, “Maybe it was your brother.”

Dean? Sam was more then a little skeptical at that, “Why would he prank me?”

Gabriel shrugged again, picking up the bags of candy, pushing passed the giant to get to the kitchen, “Sammich,” he turned to wink at him after he made it in to the doorway, “all I know is you’re getting your prank from me later tonight.”

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