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Gonna Getcha (Preview)


Written: 23.02.13

Words: 775


Prompt: Frozen Food Month

“What happened to recon only?”

Dean wheezed out a chuckle at that as he attempted to pry his blood soaked jacket off, “Ugh, don’t make me laugh.”

Sam shook his head as the peeled back jacket revealed a not-quite-gushing stab wound, “No, seriously, what the hell happened?”

“Well,” Dean winced as his brother pressed the gauze to the wound, adjusting his sitting position to give him a better angle, “I finally understand what Chuck meant when he said he took away our plot armour.”


“They heard the Impala, Sammy. From like… four blocks away.” Dean shook his head, momentarily closing his eyes, “It was an ambush.”

Sam’s eyebrows rose and he let out a low whistle, “Damn.”

“Yeah.” The blonde swatted his brother’s hands away just as he grabbed the sewing needle.


“It’s fine.” The eldest got himself up from the chair, stumbling over toward the fridge.

The youngest rolled his eyes, “I could’ve got you a beer.”

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