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Let Them Rest (Preview)


Written: 23.04.19

Words: 906

C2C, General

Prompt: Mojito Day (July 11th)

“We are having a proper vacation day.”


“No complaining.” He poured half the blender contents into a tall glass before dropping a crazy straw into it. He then carefully balanced what the giant was really hoping was a type of herb and not a random leaf from out the bunker’s front door between it and the rim before sliding it over to the table. “You’re welcome.”

“Uh…” Sam couldn’t help raising an eyebrow at the concoction in front of him, “What is it?”

“It’s a drink, Sammy.”

“Yeah, I can see that.” The giant rolled his eyes as his brother made his way back toward the counter, “I meant what kind of drink is it?”

“A Mojito.”

Sam barked out a laugh at that. His laughter died down as he watched the blonde flick the towel he was holding up onto his shoulder before crossing his arms over his chest, “Seriously?”

“You got a problem with that?”

“No, no, no problem,” Sam held his hands up in mock surrender before turning back to the cocktail in front of him, “Is it…” He frowned, tilting his head to one side as he stared at the glass, “Are you sure it’s a Mojito?”

The narrowed eyes from his brother was all the reply the giant needed before he reached for the glass. He let out a breath as he brought the drink up to his face, I don’t think they’re supposed to be red…

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Originally From: 15.05.12

Rewritten: 20.05.13

Finished: 22.06.29

Words: 1,790

C2C, Gen.

“Let’s go, Sammy!” Dean fired off another shot from his sawed-off, glancing quickly over his shoulder at the wall he was quickly being backed into.

After a moment of no response, shit, he glanced up to the other side of the warehouse, not seeing the giant – or the four demons that had surrounded him – in his last known location, shit-shit-shit.

“Hey, Dean!”

The not-brother voice off to his right got his attention back to the ghosts that were quickly surrounding him, jaw clenching as he spotted the Leader Demon had backed up to the door to the barn, “You leaving already?” Dean fired off another few shots at the ghosts, before turning back to the demon, who was now smirking, “And here I thought we were just warming up.”

“I wouldn’t be so cocky, if I were you,” the demon’s fingers danced along the latch that was holding the door closed, “Especially when I was just gonna warn you.”

Dean felt his back hit the wall as he went to fire another shot and the gun clicked, signalling it was empty, shit. He threw it off to the side before slashing through the closest ghost with the fireplace poker he had tucked in his jacket, “Warn me about what?”

The widening smirk on the demon’s face made his stomach drop as he threw the door open. The colour immediately drained from Deans’ face as he heard the low growls, but saw nothing, h-hellhounds?

He tried to take a step backward, cursing himself as his back hit the wall again. He glanced back over to his brother’s last known location, and – upon still not seeing the giant – scrubbed a hand down his face, fuck!

“Aw, what’s the matter, Dean? I thought you wanted to party?”

The blonde did his best to compose himself, shifting his grip on the fire poker, “I’m just surprised you had to bring in reinforcements. I must be better than I thought.”

The demon stomped a foot on the ground at that, sending dust swirling into the air, and Dean thanked whoever was running Heaven now that they got backed into a barn. The growling intensified and he watched the hellhound’s paw prints begin to move toward him. Shit-shit-shit.

“Well, we’d love to stay,” the demon by the door’s demeanour changed, and the five ghosts that were in front of the hunter began disappearing, “But I think Fido here has it covered.”

With that, Dean was alone.

“Fuck!” Dean began to side step along the wall, making his way over to where he last saw his brother, eyes not leaving the paw prints that were getting alarmingly closer, “Sammy, now would be a really great time to pop out of whenever you are.”

At the lack of sound – minus the growls from the beast stalking toward him – he shook his head, I swear to God, if you’re not dead or dying, I’m going to kill you. The blonde continued inching his way over to the other side of the barn, brain working over time to try and think of a way for them to make it out of this, without dying.

He finally reached the spot his brother had been, and let out a small sigh of relief as he saw a door. He kept his eyes on the paw prints in the dust, and held out a hand, crouching down slightly, “Okay, we’re just gonna be nice and easy about this…” he slowly reached into his jacket and pulled out a container of salt, thank God this was a ghost thing, and opened it, pouring a semi circle around himself, starting at the base of the wall, swinging out not too far in front of him, until it connected with the wall on the opposite side of the door.

He let out another breath of relief as the beast stopped coming forward. He replaced the salt in his jacket and reached for the door handle, please don’t be dead.

As the door swung open – thankfully into the room – he paused in the doorway as he saw his brother lying beside a demon, neither were moving. Okay… that doesn’t mean anything. Dean pulled his knife back out before kicking the demon’s foot.

At the lack of response, Dean kicked his brother, keeping a wary eye on the other body, “Sam?”

The giant groaned, head rolling slowly from side to side as he cracked an eye open, “D’n?”

“No, it’s the tooth fairy,” The blonde slid the knife into one of his belt loops before reaching for his brother.

Sam shook his head slowly, blinking his eyes as he looked around the small space, eyes landing on the body beside him, “What happened?”

“Apparently you were taking a cat nap while I did all the work, as usual.”

Even though he still seemed groggy, the giant’s brows furrowed at that, “You killed three demons and took out all the ghosts?”

“Don’t be jealous,” The blonde gave his brother a once over, “You good?”

“Uh,” The giant ran both hands through his hair, before nodding, “Yeah, I think so. Why?”

As if on queue to answer his question, a growl floated through the door then, making the giant raise his eyebrows, “is that what I think it is?”

“Yeah,” Dean made the short trip over to the door, pressing his ear against it, “We’re gonna have to make a run for it.”

“Shit.” Sam took in a breath, unsheathing Ruby’s knife before nodding, “On three?”

The blonde took a steeling breath himself as he put his hand on the doorknob, and nodded, “One…”

“Two…” The brother’s exchanged a look, both of them readjusting the grip they hand on their weapons, “Three.”

Dean ripped the door open, and the boys burst through it in the next moment, being careful to stay inside the salt circle. He heard his brother take in a surprised breath as the blonde surveyed the dusty floor, eyes looking for any sign of paw print movement.

“Can you see anything?”

“Did you seriously just ask me if I could see the invisible dog?” Sam raised an eyebrow at his brother, small smile pulling at the corner of his mouth, “Can’t say I have, Dean.”

The blonde rolled his eyes, grabbing the salt back out of his jacket, “Alright, we’re gonna have to do this the hard way, then.” He moved to the edge of the circle, beginning to pour more salt out from it’s edge, forming a parallel line between him and the wall.

He motioned for his brother to follow as he took a few steps forward, worried eyes continually scanning the floor. They made it about halfway back down the wall when his container ran out of salt, shit.

The blonde stayed in his half-crouched position, “Please tell me you still have salt in your container.”

“Uh…” The hesitant voice made the oldest close his eyes, “there might be.”

“Might be?”

He heard the giant shift where he stood, “It kind of… got knocked out of my hand when the demon tackled me into the room.”

Dean let out a deep sigh, opening his eyes as he straightened up, “You couldn’t of said that before we started moving?”

The youngest held his hands up in mock surrender, “I didn’t know what your plan was!”

“Well, that’s just great, Sammy,” Dean pulled a hand through his hair, ignoring the strands that fell from his hand, “Now what are we supposed to do?”

Sam furrowed his brows as he looked out over the barn, “Well, it’s pretty quiet.” His eyes swept over the floor before landing back on the shorter man, “Maybe it left?”


“Yeah,” Sam nodded his head, not looking nearly as convinced as his tone sounded, “The demon probably figured we would camp out in the room, and got bored waiting.”

Dean gave his brother a look, “So you want us to just… walk out the front door?”

The giant gave a half-shrug, “Well it’s not like we can just stand here forever.”

“Damn it!” The blonde turned around, punching the wall. He groaned before turning back, eyes sweeping over the not-moving dust covered floor, “Fine.” He eyed the door – it was just close enough to be taunting them, “Let’s just… be quick about it.”


Dean took a moment to close his eyes again, taking in a deep breath before stepping over the salt line. When there wasn’t an immediate growl, his shoulder’s relaxed ever so slightly, “O-okay. Let’s go.”

He started toward the door – jogging for good measure – stopping only once he was through the doorway. He quickly spun around, hand on the handle, using most of the strength he had left to pull the door over.

He stopped halfway when he noticed his brother was still standing behind the salt line, “Dude, what the hell are you doing?”

“I can’t move.”

“What are you talking about? You’ll be fine,” Dean waved a hand for his brother, “Let’s get outta here.”

“No, Dean,” The giant brought frightened eyes to his brother, “I-I can’t move!”

“You can’t…?” The blonde’s eyes drifted back over to the door on the opposite side of the barn, sinking feeling washing over him, “Christo.”

Sure enough, his brother’s eyes flicked black, you’ve gotta be fucking kidding me! Dean took a charged step back into the barn, “Exorcizamus te-”

“Pfft, yeah,” His brother’s demeanour changed and he waved a hand, the blonde’s voice cutting off, “Like I’m gonna let you finish that.”

Dean took another step into the barn, glaring at the demon, get the hell out of my brother!

“Aw,” The giant’s features contorted into a playful frown, “What’s the matter Dean?” He gestured down to himself, “I thought you liked this outfit?”

The blonde took another step, if you hurt him, I swear to God-

He froze as he heard a familiar growl off to his right. Even though he knew he wouldn’t be able to see anything, he couldn’t help but look toward the source of the noise, shit.

Not-Sam let out a loud belly laugh at that, “Oh man, you should really see the look on your face.” He pulled out the youngest’s cell phone and raised an eyebrow, “I don’t suppose you’d show me how to use the camera on this thing?” At the glare, he shrugged, shoving it back into his pocket, “Yeah, that’s what I thought.”

Dean took a cautious step backward as the growling continued, eyes flicking between the invisible threat and his demon-possessed brother, today started out so well, too…

“Don’t worry, Dean,” Not-Sam stepped out from behind the salt line, evil smile splitting his face as he took in the fear on the eldest’s face, “It’ll be quick.”

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Son of a Bitch! (#4)


Written: 22.03.01

Words: 419


“Son of a bitch!”

Sam bashed his head on the window in his haste to sit up. He brought a hand up to rub at the side of his head, frowning with confusion as his eyes landed on the empty driver’s seat. He rubbed the sleep from his eyes as he moved them to the windshield, spotting his brother staring at something laying on the road in front of the car.

The giant rolled down his window, doing his best to push his sleepiness down, “What happened?”

The blonde shook his head, kicking at whatever was in front of the Impala, “Ran over a squirrel.”

Sam’s brows furrowed, “What?”

“A squirrel!” He gestured to the road, “It was a fat one!”


Dean scoffed, “His guts are all over the front of the car!” He shook his head before making his way back to the driver’s seat, “I just cleaned her, too!”

“Sioux Falls has a car wash,” Sam rolled his window back up, stifling a yawn, “we can run through it before we go to Bobby’s.”

“No, we can’t.” Dean shook his head as he pulled back out onto the road, “We’re on our way there to help with a vamp nest. She’s just gonna get dirty again.”

“Then you can wash her after the hunt.” Sam’s brows furrowed as he leaned his head against the window again, eyes slipping closed, “What’s the big deal?”

The blonde let out a sigh, “I just…” his voice trailed off before he cleared his throat, “Nothing. Never mind.”

Sam adjusted his position, so his neck wasn’t so craned leaning against the window. He listened to the tires rolling down the road, the gentle whoosh of the wind flying passed the car, and his brother’s breathing. The sounds worked together like a lullaby, pulling him back toward sleep. He groaned in annoyance as he felt a whack to his shoulder, not bother to open his eyes, “What?”

He heard the blonde take in a breath, pausing before whatever he was gonna say came out of his mouth. The youngest heard him adjust his grip on the steering wheel, “You’re drooling on the window.”

“You know where we could go to fix that?”

“Fine, fine! We’ll take her to a car wash.” Even with his eyes closed, he could see his brother shake his head, “Gonna need industrial strength cleaner to get your nasty salad-drool off the glass, anyway.”

“That’s the spirit.”

“Yeah, yeah. Just shut up and enjoy your sleep, Bitch.”


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