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Fake It Til I Make It (Preview)


Important: This is the last story of 2023! I’ll be taking the rest of December and first half of January off from posting. (Not counting the Product Review and Teaser posts)

I’ll be back January 12th, 2024 with the 1st story of the new year!

I hope you guys have enjoyed this year-long challenge of writing stories based on the National Food Days/Months! It was a lot of fun to write and turned out not to be as hard as I initially thought. A lot of the story ideas I have are from years ago, so it was also fun to write a whole year of completely new ideas!

As I said when I first started the challenge, I have a few other ideas for year-long challenges, so let me know if that’s something you guys would be interested in seeing.

I also hope you all have an amazing holiday season/end of your year. Thank-you so much for all your support. I feel like I can never truly express how grateful I am to each and every one of you for supporting my writing. You guys are amazing, and I can’t wait to share another year with you. <3


Written: 23.11.02

Words: 1,166

Hallucifer, Dark-ish, 2023’s New Years fic

Prompt: Champagne Day


The giant’s shoulders tensed as the sweet voice floated through the bathroom door. He screwed his eyes shut, grip on the edges of the sink getting harder, please, don’t.


“Stop it.”

“Stop what?”

He barely had the strength to lift his head to face his hallucination who was perched on the toilet, “D-don’t use her.”

Lucifer tilted his head to one side, feigned confusion looking almost genuine, “Use who?”

“Let me in, baby.”

“I…” Sam hung his head again, knuckles turning white against the sink as he attempted to use it to keep his grip on reality, “I can’t… Please, Lucifer.”

“Well,” The smirk in the devil’s voice was evident, even without seeing his face, “you know I love when you’re polite, but I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“Jess!” Sam spun away from the sink, lips curling back into a snarl, sudden burst of rage overtaking him, “Use whoever else you want, Bobby, Dean – hell, even Mom – whatever. Tie me up and torture me, I don’t care. Just stop using her!”

Lucifer blinked at the outburst, clearly taken aback. He slowly held his hands up in mock surrender, expression changing to one of… if Sam didn’t know any better, he’d say concern, “I’m not doing anything, Sam.”

“Oh, right,” The giant rolled his eyes, pointing a thumb over his shoulder, “You expect me to believe you’re not the one who put her on the other side of the door?”

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The Good Stuff (Preview)


Important: This is the 5th last story of 2023. I’ll be taking the last half of December and first half of January off from posting. I’ll be back January 12th, 2024 with the 1st story of the new year!

Written: 23.06.28

Words: 1,560

Hallucifer, Dark-ish, 2023’s 1st Thanksgiving fic

Prompt: Pizza & Beer Day

“Crap,” Sam raced over to the bunker’s oven as he saw black smoke billow out from the corners of the door. He grabbed the oven mitts off the counter and flung the door open, allowing more smoke to come out, “Crap, crap, crap.”

“Can’t you do anything right?”

The giant did his best to ignore his hallucination’s words as he not-so-carefully reached through the thick blackness blindly, using feel to get the now-ruined turkey out of the oven. He reached over the roasting pan to turn the appliance off and deflated against the counter with disappointment. Damn it!

Lucifer raised an eyebrow from his perch on the kitchen island, “How did you think it was gonna turn out?”

Just as he slid the oven mitts off, the smoke alarm started blaring. Oh, come on! Sam rushed over to the opposite side of the room, desperately waving one of the oven mitts in front of the screeching thing.

“I didn’t think it was possible for you to do any worse than that last hunt,” Lucifer spun around on the counter to face the giant, wicked smile pulling at the corner of his mouth, “But now…”

“Come on, turn off…turn off!” Sam began waving the mitt more frantically the longer the blaring alarm sounded.

“Big bro’s a deep sleeper, right?”

“Just shut up, alright?” Sam turned on his heel, snarling at his hallucination, “I don’t need to hear your sh-”

“Jesus, Sam!”

His brother’s panicked voice from the doorway startled the giant, and he couldn’t help the blush that darkened his cheeks at getting caught, of course this is when you walk in.

The blonde rushed over, snatching a towel off the counter as he came, before he joined his brother in waving the smoke away. They worked in silence for a good couple of minutes – long enough for Sam’s shoulders to begin aching from the repeated motion – before the alarm finally, thankfully turned off.

“Big bro to the rescue.” Even though his back was turned, Sam could hear the smirk in the devil’s voice, “Again.”

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Step into the Unknown (Preview)


Written: 23.03.08-23.03.09

Words: 1,139

C2C, Hallucifer

Prompt: Devil’s Food Cake Day

“Dean?” Sam rounded the corner of the bunker’s kitchen, letting out a defeated sigh as he saw it was empty, of course.

The giant scrubbed a hand down his face as he entered the kitchen, stomach grumbling, you better be more careful than last time. We do not need another crazed stripper trying to break in. He pulled the fridge open, eyes stopping on the devil’s food cake that was on the shelf, when did this get here?

He carefully pulled the cake out, brows knitting together in confusion as he placed it on the counter. Once his initial confusion subsided, he noticed the sticky note that was stuck to the side of the plate. He brought the note up to his face, eyebrows rising in surprise as he read it.

Told ya I wouldn’t forget this year. Happy birthday, Sammy.

Your Awesome Older Bro

Sam stared at the note in disbelief, jaw agape. He baked me a cake to get out of doing research? That’s…new. His eyes slid off the note toward the cake, stomach letting out another loud grumble.

The giant took a quick look around the kitchen, before a guilty smile split his face, maybe just one piece…



“Oh my God!” Sam pushed the half-finished cake across the kitchen table, sinking back against his chair, where the hell did you learn to bake like that? He momentarily closed his eyes, licking the icing from the corners of his mouth.

His fingers subconsciously relaxed around the fork, making it hit the table with a soft clink. Sam opened his eyes and stared at the half-eaten treat in front of him, stomach gurgling, I’ll throw up if I eat more.

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Crash (Preview)


Important: There are only 4 more stories to come this year! I’ll be taking the last half of December and first half of January off from posting. I’ll be back January 13th, 2023 with the 1st story of the new year!

Started: 20.06.25

Finished: 22.07.04

Words: 1,647

General, 2022’s Thanksgiving fic

“Don’t forget the beer!”

Sam shook his head as he headed out the door, “When have I ever?”

He let out a sigh as he closed it behind him, making his way to the car, that was way too easy.

“Can you blame him?”

The voice made the hunter jump, and he internally groaned as he saw the devil, who fell into step beside him, “Must you do that every time?”

“No, but it’s more fun,” Lucifer gave him a smirk as they climbed into the car. He stretched his legs out on the dash, giving the hunter a sideways glance, “Remind me again why he thought cooking a whole Thanksgiving feast was a good idea?”

Sam shrugged as the car roared to life, “I think maybe with everything that’s happened, losing Cas, then Bobby…” he let out another sigh as they pulled on to the road, “I think maybe he just wanted some semblance of normal.” For once.

That made Lucifer snort, “Since when do you guys do normal?”

“Trust me, I’d much rather do our usual grocery store turkey sandwiches and beer,” Sam shook his head as he drove, “but Dean was adamant. And if it gets him out of the mood he’s been in, I say why bother fighting it?”

“I guess,” Lucifer nodded, bringing his hands up to rest behind his head, “But he does know he’s gonna need water to cook, right? And it’s not like you can buy a Leviathan filter at the store.”

Sam chuckled, “Why do you think I’m getting ten cases of beer?”

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Straight to Me (Preview)


Originally From: 17.08.24
Rewritten: 20.04.21-22
Finished: 22.02.11
Words: 4,065
Wincest (Implied), Sabriel, Dark-ish, Hallucifer

Dean!” Sam bolted upright, heart beat echoing in his ears.

He took in some panting breaths as he took in his surroundings. His brows creased as he saw he was back in Dean’s bedroom.

“Sammich?” Gabriel was standing in the doorway, looking unsure if he should come in.

The giant brought a hand up to the side of his head, “I don’t…” He closed his eyes, trying to will the what happened back to him, but it was no use, “W-what happened?”

Gabriel let out a heavy breath, leaning himself against the doorway, sadness in his eyes, “You blacked out.”

“What?” Sam shook his head, “No, I don’t-” He cut himself off as his eyes landed on the picture that was on the nightstand – it was him and Gabriel, the shorter man was leaned over the back of a chair, lips planted firmly on the giant’s cheek. How did I miss that before? The sinking feeling came back to him as he stared at it, “H-he’s dead, isn’t he?”

“Yes,” Gabriel hesitantly took a few steps into the room, “I’m sorry.”

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Started: 20.05.25

Finished: 21.11.12

Words: 912

C2C, Dark-ish

Written as a sort-of sequel to Puppy Love

“Come on, girl,” Sam gently pushed the food bowl closer to the dog with his foot, “You gotta eat.”

The dog let out a depressed huff and turned away from the bowl. Sam let out a sigh of his own before sliding himself down the wall to sit on the floor, “I know.”

The dog walked the few steps over and rested her head on his leg, giving him a knowing look. The giant let out another sigh and patted her on the head, doing his best to ignore the devil who was starring at them from the corner, “I miss him, too.”



“Seriously?” Dean rolled his eyes, crossing his arms over his chest, “You’re telling me I can’t go hunting alone?”

“No, I’m just saying-” Sam let out a huff and cut himself off, concentrating harder than he should’ve on keeping his eyes on the wooden table he was sitting at and not on the devil in the corner, “We don’t even know how to kill these things yet, and you want to go storming in the front door?” Sam shook his head, “That’s not a hunt, it’s a suicide mission.”

“What if,” Lucifer strode over to the table, finger tracing its way toward the chip the giant was picking at, “Big Bro wants to go on a suicide mission? Ever since Bobby died, he’s been acting pr-”

“I’ll be fine, Sammy.” Dean waved a dismissive hand, picking his packed duffle up off the couch, “It’s not the first time we fought them, remember?”

Sam jumped up from the table as he felt the fallen angel’s finger touch his hand. He did his best to shake it off and turned his eyes to his brother, “Last time we had to drop a car on one of them – and he still walked away!”

“You’re over-reacting.” Dean threw his duffle up on his shoulder, taking a few steps toward the cabin door, “I’ll be fine.”

“Dean,” Sam rushed forward, stopping as Lucifer appeared in front of the door first, crossing his arms over his chest. Sam’s brows knit together in confusion a moment, how did you…? Nevermind, he turned around to face his brother, “I should come with you.”

Dean raised an eyebrow and nodded to the few feet between the giant and the door, “After that? No, no way.”

“But Dean-”

“No, Sam. You’re in no shape to be hunting.”

Lucifer snorted from behind the giant, “Somebody needs to take a look in the mirror.”

Sam shook his head, trying to ignore the devil, “Then, at least let me call Garth, or-”

No, Sam!” Dean let out a heavy breath after a moment, running a hand through his hair. He lowered his gaze to the floor, shifting his weight, “No other hunter is gonna go after them as hard as me.”

Sam closed his eyes, bracing himself for his brother’s reaction, “We’re not the only one’s who lost him, Dean.” He opened his eyes as Lucifer whistled, taking a step forward as he saw his brother was still starring at the ground, “Getting yourself killed isn’t what he would’ve wanted.”

The blonde ran a hand through his hair, letting out a heavy sigh. He finally brought his eyes back up to his brother, “I’ll check in.”


“I’ll call Garth in the car, okay?” The blonde shifted the bag on his shoulder, “I just…” He reached for the door knob, turning to look back at his brother, “You’ll be okay for a few days alone, right?”

Sam swallowed thickly before nodding, giving his brother what he hoped was a reassuring smile, “’Course.”



Lucifer pushed off the wall, making his way over to where the giant was on the floor, stopping short as the dog started growling, “I think you’re keeping it together pretty well. Y’know, considering…”

Sam shook his head, instinctively grinding his left palm into the ground, how am I supposed to get rid of him without you?

“Sammy, that hurts.” Lucifer frowned at the hunter, backing off a few steps before plopping himself down on the ground, “Aren’t you curious to know why I haven’t left you alone since he died?” He placed a hand to the side of his mouth and leaned forward slightly, “It’s because you need me.”

Pfft, please. Sam watched as the dog got up, walking a few steps forward, putting herself between the hunter and the hallucination before laying back down.

“Didn’t she used to hate you?”

Sam shook his head, smiling at the memory, she doesn’t hate me, she hates you.

“Well, that’s just rude.”

Sam shrugged as he starred at her, eyes drifting down to her full food dish, this isn’t good, it’s been three days since she’s eaten. He scooted himself closer to her, reaching forward to pet her back, “You’ve gotta eat something soon.”


Sam’s eyes flicked up, excuse me?

Lucifer shook his head, pointing an accusatory finger at the hunter, “You haven’t eaten in days, either. You can’t tell her to eat if you won’t.”

Sam rolled his eyes, thanks for the life lesson, Satan.

The devil shrugged, “Just sayin’. Dogs – or, at least, hellhounds – can pick up on their master’s mood. They’ll mimic behaviour. How do you think we train the pups to fetch souls so quickly?”

I’ve honestly never thought about it. Sam let his eyes drift back to the dog, letting out a deflating sigh, I never should’ve let him go on that hunt…

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Everywhere I Turn (Preview)


Started: 19.03.15

Rewritten: 21.10.29

Finished: 22.01.01

Words: 2,031

Hallucifer, C2C


Shit! His brother’s voice and knock on the door startled the giant, causing him to drop the bottle. The end of the blood splattered out as it landed in the sink with a dull thud.


He grit his teeth as he starred at the spilled blood, unable to keep the annoyance out of his voice, “What?”

“You okay in there?”

“Yeah, I’m fine.”

“You sure?” A few footsteps floated through the door, and his brother’s voice sounded closer, “You’ve been in there a while.”

“I said I’m fine.”

“Yo, Sam,” Lucifer waved his arms, getting the giant’s attention, “I know he’s ruining your high right now, but this whole angry-for-no-reason-thing might not be the best way to keep this a secret.”

Sam opened his mouth to reply, before closing it again silently. He turned the devil’s comment over in his newly-cleared head for a few moments before nodding. He forced himself to take in a deep breath, biting the inside of his cheek as he turned away from the mess in the sink.

“… Sam?”

“What? Like you’ve never had to crap before?”

“If your craps are taking two hours, I think that’s a sign of a problem.”

Two hours? Shit, Sam spun back around to the sink, reluctantly washing the spilled blood down the drain, “I uh, I thought you were asleep.”

“… Do you always take unusually long craps when I’m sleeping? And I thought it was just the stench of motels I didn’t like.”

The giant rolled his eyes, using his hand to scrub the blood out of the porcelain.

“Good thing you have big hands.”

Sam flicked his eyes up to the devil for his comment as he continued to scrub, lucky the blood was still fresh. Thankfully, it washed away pretty quickly. Sam grabbed the now empty water bottle out of the sink before grabbing some toilet paper to dry his hands. His eyes went wide as he noticed the blood from his hand transferred.

He shoved the wad of paper and bottle into his back pocket, before rolling down his sleeve in an attempt to cover his red stained palm, before pulling the bathroom door open, almost slamming head first into his brother.

Dean gave him a semi-concerned once over, eyes stopping on the one rolled down sleeve before he rolled his eyes, “Next time, I’ll slip you some skin mags.”

“What?” Sam followed his brother’s eyes before shaking his head, “No, Dean, I wasn’t-”

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Worthy of Love (Preview)


Written: 20.11.25

Words: 418

Hallucifer, C2C, Dark (ish)

Sam stands in front of the motel bathroom mirror, breathing ragged, get it together! He splashes cool water on his face, forcing himself to take in a deep breath, it wasn’t your fault. You can’t keep-

“How do you think it went?”

His brother’s voice carries through the bathroom door, making Sam turn.

“You weren’t there, Bobby, alright? You didn’t see him. Trust me, it was bad.”

I don’t think it went that bad.” The voice from beside him makes the giant jump, bashing his hip into the corner of the sink. He takes in a sharp breath, eyes landing on Lucifer, who’s perched on the toilet seat, “I mean, you both made it out alive, so…”

“You’re kidding, right? I don’t trust him to go out on a damn food run alone, but you want us to help on a Leviathan case? Not gonna happen!”

“Is Big Bro always this angry after a hunt?”

“Why? Why? He almost just got us both killed, that’s why!”

The accusation punches Sam in the stomach, and he swallows thickly, I thought they were civilians. I wasn’t just gonna shoot them. I had to make sure…

The devil held up his hands in mock surrender, “I believe you.”

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When You Dream (Preview)


Started: 20.05.02

Finished: 21.03.24

Words: 1,879

Destiel (Implied), Sabriel (Implied), Hallucifer

Whoa! Whoa!” Deans’ panicked voice came from somewhere in front of him, and in the next instant there was a hand on his arm, forcing him to lower his gun, “Dude, put that away.”

Sam blinked rapidly, eyes slowly adjusting to the scene in front of him. He watched in confusion as Bobby slowly stood back up, ill-fitting plastic party hat hanging off the side of his head. The giant looked over to Cas and his brother, who were also wearing party hats, and only then noticed confetti was slowly floating down to the ground.

His brows furrowed further as he spotted the haphazardly hung streamers and balloons that lined the walls, “What, uh, what’s going on?”

“You almost shot me, that’s what.”

Sam shifted his weight from one foot to the other, sending his father figure a sheepish smile, “Sorry.”

Gabriel appeared then, blowing the noisemaker that was hanging from his mouth into his face. He thrust a party hat at the hunter, thousand-watt smile lightening up his features, “Happy birthday, Sammich!”

Sam raised an eyebrow at the angel, “… You threw me a party?”

Dean chuckled, making his way over to the table, picking up the half-drunk beer as he shook his head, “Told you.”

Gabriel shot a look at the blonde, before turning back to the giant, “Duh! What did you think we were just not gonna celebrate?”

Sam half-shrugged, fidgeting with the hat in his hands, “Well, I mean, I just… we don’t really celebrate my birthday, that’s all.”

What?” Gabriel gave the hunter an incredulous look, “Why not?”

Cas took a step forward, clearing his throat, “That may be partially our fault.” At the confused look he got, he shrugged, “Heaven was complacent with Azazel’s plan to kill Mary, then Jess, and only interfered after Dean got dragged to Hell… they made sure Sam didn’t feel his birth was worth celebrating, because he was to be Lucifer’s vessel.”

Gabriel waved a dismissive hand, “That was our brothers, not us.” He shook his head and turned back to the giant, raising his hand, “Besides, my present will fix all that.”

“Whoa!” Sam backed up, “What are you…?” his brows furrowed as he read the angels’ face, before he raised his eyebrows, “Wait, were you going to erase my brain?”

“Not all of it,” he rolled his eyes, taking a step forward, “Just all the bad parts that happened on your birthday.”

“Wait,” Sam ducked away from the angels’ hand, side-stepping so he could back himself up into the room, “You can’t just wipe out my memories!”

Dean took a few charged steps forward, meeting his brother in the middle of the room, “You want to do what?”

Gabriel rolled his eyes, “What are you being so dramatic about? It’s not like it’s the first time you’ve had your brain Windexed.”

Bobby raised an eyebrow, “And, where did you learn lobotomies made good presents?”

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Everything You Never Expected (Preview)


Started: 17.07.20

Rewritten/Finished: 20.04.14

Words: 2,045

Samifer, Destiel (Implied)

“Remind me again why you thought doing this in the time it took him to shower would be a good idea?”

“Because he’d definitely be surprised.” The giant smiled triumphantly as he got the streamers untangled.

Cas looked down at the bag of balloons, tilting his head in confusion, “What am I supposed to do with these?”


Dean rolled his eyes, “You don’t have to breath, I figured you could blow them up faster than we could.”

The giant froze, eyes immediately going to the kitchen door, … yeah?

You’re not going to join me?

He pushed the decorations to one side, climbing up onto the island to hang the streamers, join you…?

Where do you think?

Oh, right, sorry, he shook his head at his own stupidity, I ugh, I can’t right now. His brows creased in confusion as he reached for tape that wasn’t in his hand, what the…? He looked back over the island and dug it out of the pile of decorations, won’t you be done soon, anyway? Not really a point in joining the shower if you’re already clean.

I guess…

He blew out a breath of relief and taped the corner of the streamer.

 I changed my mind, by the way.

His hand faltered and he nearly dropped the tape on his brother, it luckily landed on the kitchen island.

“Dude, watch it!”

“S-sorry.” He scooped it back up and turned his attention to the other corner of the streamer, as Dean got out from under him, … What?

I’m taking a bath instead.

Oh, okay.


So… what?

You gonna join me or what?

Oh, right. He shook his head again before reaching for another streamer, sorry Luce, but I showered while you were out, so I’m already clean.

Who said anything about cleaning ourselves?

That made Sam burst out laughing, hand sliding off the wall, nearly making him fall off the island, startling the other two. He caught himself just in time, and tried to keep the embarrassment off his face.

Dean gave him a concerned look, “Whatcha doing up there, Sammy?”

“Ugh, nothing, sorry.”

“Hey, uh,” Dean took a cautious step toward him, “maybe you shouldn’t be so… elevated.” He raised an eyebrow at him, “Y’know cause of the thin air, and all that.”

“I’m fine.” The youngest waved a dismissive hand, before turning back to the streamers, “Besides you’re too short to reach up here.”

“Well maybe we could get Cas to use his-” the blonde turned back to the angel and groaned, as he was still starring at the bag of balloons, “Dude, what the hell?”

Cas turned confused eyes to the hunter, “I don’t…”

Dean rolled his eyes before grabbing one out of the pack, blowing it up, before tying off the end, raising an eyebrow at the angel, “Think you manage the rest of them?”

The giant taped the last corner before taking a small step back to admire his handy work. He nodded once to himself before carefully getting off the island.

I guess that means you don’t want to get dirty either?

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