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Family Emergency


Update: My grandfather is finally out of the hospital and is in a rehab center. (He’d suffered a stroke while there) He’s doing much better. I want to thank-you for any positive vibes you’ve sent my way. I should be back to posting on my regular schedule. (TAFs every 2nd Friday, articles the following Mondays, and Product Reviews on the 13th)

I wanted to make this post to let you know I won’t be posting any new stories/articles this week.

A family member is in the hospital (they’re bleeding into their brain), so I’m going to be focusing on family for the next little bit. We’re not sure yet about how long they’ll be staying (it’s already been a week), but I’m keeping hopeful it’s not much longer.

I hope you can understand that this takes precedent over posting articles/stories, and I’ll do my best to get back to posting when I can.

Thank-you for reading/understanding, and I’m sorry if I’ve disappointed you by not posting.