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Lindt Vegan Salted Caramel Chocolate Bar Review


I’m so glad that Lindt now has a few vegan chocolate options!

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At the moment, I believe they only have this Salted Caramel bar and a Hazelnut bar, but it’s still a win for vegans. Lindt is one of the biggest mainstream chocolate companies and it’s amazing to see them adding vegan options to their product line!

Salted Caramel is one of my absolute favourite flavours of chocolate, so I was over-the-moon when I was gifted this bar for 2023’s Christmas. This bar is nothing short of delicious, with just the right amount of salted caramel pieces in every square. If you let a piece melt on your tongue until the chocolate’s gone, the salt is in big enough pieces to crunch. And if you do that too many times in a row, you’ll risk cutting up the roof of your mouth and/or tongue. (Yes, I’m speaking from experience)

The chocolate is oat based and doesn’t taste too dark. By that I mean it doesn’t have that dry-out-your-mouth thing that I’ve come across in other dark chocolate. You know the feeling that you immediately need a drink of water after eating a piece? You don’t get that feeling at all – even if you wait and eat the salt bits last.

Another great thing about this bar is that it’s full sized! Yes, unlike many other vegan offerings by non-vegan companies, Lindt is doing it right with the vegan bars being the same size and width as their other bars! (100g)

Even though I was gifted this bar, it didn’t stop me from comparing the price for this article for you guys. According to the Lindt website, this vegan salted caramel bar is $6.79, whereas their non-vegan similar sized bars range between $4.79 and $5.49. (I couldn’t find a non-vegan salted caramel bar, specifically) So while the vegan one is still more money, it’s actually a pretty comparable price!

I definitely recommend you try this bar out for yourself, if you’re able to find it. From what I’ve seen, some major grocery stores carry it – like Loblaws and Metro – but it’s also unfortunately often sold out. If you do manage to get your hands on it though, I doubt you’ll be disappointed!

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