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A Letter From The Trenches


Written: 24.05.13

Words: 556

NFF, Dark

Dear Ma and Pa,

How are things back home? Home… wow. I haven’t thought of that word in a while. There’s so much terror and hate here, ‘home’ feels like nothing more than a distant memory now. If it was ever real to begin with.

Are y’all reading this from your favourite chair? Freezing rain is pouring down on us, turning our small little trench into a mudslide…

How’s Tommy been at trying to keep the firewood stocked? I tried to chop as much as I could before I left so he wouldn’t have to try, but this rain doesn’t seem to be letting up. I’m sorry if y’all run out before I return.


Oh, crap. Sorry, ignore that stain. It’s not my blood.

There’s no tables out here, so I’m using a soldier’s back to write to you. He’s been decomposing for a while, so he’s not the most stable surface. The pen poked through the paper there. I’ll try to be more delicate. Don’t want this letter to get torn to shreds before it reaches you. I think this used to be Ben, but the rats have almost completely devoured the face so it’s hard to tell.

Not that knowing who it is would make it any better.

These were my friends. Now? They’re just make-shift furniture. Walls, tables, mattresses… we were grateful at first to finally not have to sleep on the cold, hard ground, but now there’s so many piling up, they’re mostly just in the way. They’re making it difficult to move.

At least the screams of pain have slowly quieted with each day.

I apologize if that sounds callous to y’all, but with the explosions and gun-fire already aching your ears, any other high-pitched noise is just agony. My right one actually started bleeding yesterday. At least, I think it was my ear… either that or the cut on my temple re-opened. There’s so much mud and blood caked on everyone, it’s hard to tell where it’s coming from.

Like back when Baby Rose had her cold and she screeched through the night for a month. Only here we don’t have pillows or cotton to cover our ears with.

How is Baby Rose? I suppose she wouldn’t be ‘baby’ anymore, eh? Must’ve started walking and talking by now…

I bet she looks just like Shelly. Golden hair and big, brown eyes.

Maybe it’s good I haven’t been there. I doubt I’d be able to tell her ‘no’ if she were to ask for a toy or candy before dinner. That girl had me wrapped around her finger before she was even born.

Can you tell her Daddy says he loves her? I’d promise to be back soon, but I don’t want the first words of mine my baby girl’ll remember to be a lie.

If we did have cotton, it wouldn’t be used for our ears. It’d definitely be used as nose plugs for the smell.

Ma, the smell is so bad even the flies have left.

Only other time I’ve smelled something even close to this was back when that wolf torn into that horse in winter, and we weren’t able to move the body because it’d frozen to the ground.

Oh, hold on.

Sarge is yelling, but I’m too far away to hear him. I’ve gotta go see-

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All These Memories (Preview)


Written: 24.02.09

Words: 1,074

NFF, Funny, 2024’s 2nd Valentine’s story

“Table for one, please.”

The host raised an eyebrow, peering over the top of his glasses at her, “For one?”

April  resisted the urge to shift uncomfortably under his gaze, eyes flicking over to the packed-with-couples dining room. She brought her eyes back to him after a moment and nodded, “Yep.”

She didn’t miss the annoyance that flashed across his face as he stepped out from behind the podium, “This way.”

She followed him through the dining room, using all her strength to keep her eyes on the back of his head and tried not to focus on the fact each happy couple stopped their chattering as she made her way past their tables.

It’s just a day on the calendar. She forced herself to take in a deep breath in a failed attempt to calm herself as he finally stopped at a table close to the back, gesturing for her to sit.

She gave him a polite smile as she slid into the chair, placing her purse down on the seat beside her, “Thank-you.”

The host grunted, practically frisbeeing the menu at her before walking away.

Wow, okay. April picked the menu up from the table, flicking it open. She raised the menu higher than necessary to read, cheeks burning red as she felt the eyes from the other patrons boring holes into her face.

Stop it. You have just as much right to be here as they do.

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Rumors (Preview)


Originally From: 17.08.10

Rewritten/Finished: 24.01.16

Words: 1,660

NFF, Dark, TW: Suicide (Attempt/Aftermath, Semi-Graphic)

She raised her eyes from the box sitting on the table in front of her to his smiling face, “What the hell is this?”

The corner of his mouth twitched at her tone, “P-pepperoni and pineapple.” At the continued look, he shifted his weight from one foot to the other, “y-you said it was your favourite, right?”

She jumped as the door opened and the other kids started to file into the room. Excited chatter quickly filled the silence as they took in the crappily hung streamers and end of year banner that was hanging behind the filled-with-food teacher’s desk. She closed the pizza box and hurried over to her seat, keeping her eyes on the floor.

“Hey,” He chased after her, unable to help his eyebrows from knitting together, “was I… did I remember wrong?”

She shook her head as she slid into her seat, “No, i-it is.”

“Okay, w-well then…” He tilted his head slightly to one side, staring holes into the side of her head as she refused to face him,  “what’s the problem?”

“I-I’m just…” She rolled her shoulders and clasped her hands on top of her desk just as the teacher walked in, “I’m not used to people doing nice things for me.”

Cop cars filled the street in front of her house and there were two parked in her driveway, no trace of the butt-ugly pink minivan. As he neared the bottom of her driveway, he noticed the yellow tape that roped off her porch, oh my God.

He couldn’t help his eyes from darting around the police who were standing around. There were a bunch of small groups, all chattering quietly to themselves. He looked around and felt a small ping of hope as he didn’t see a coroner’s van. I knew she wouldn’t have-

“Coming through!”

The yell got his attention back on the house – they were wheeling a gurney out the front door.

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No One Knows (Preview)


Important: This is the 4th last story of 2022! I’ll be taking the last half of December and first half of January off from posting. I’ll be back January 13th, 2023 (9am, ET) with the first post of the new year!

Started: 20.08.02

Finished: 22.08.11

Words: 2,448

NFF, Dark-ish, 2022’s 1st Halloween story

“Dale? You here?”

She peers into the room, maybe he left already… aw, well guess I’ll just te- she stops, half-turned, as a glimpse of something catches her eye. She takes a few steps into the room, brows furrowing as her eyes zone in on the small red streak that was standing out on one of the white walls, what the…?

She takes a few steps closer, it looks like… blood? She bends her head to get a better look, is this real blood? She feels a boulder settle into her stomach, suddenly uneasy. She straightens back up, shaking her head, no, there’s no way that’s real. He probably just got fake blood on the wall when he was changing.

They took the vest off him before he left set, though. She chews her lip for a moment, pulling out her phone, before snapping a picture of the smear, just in case. She’s unable to shake the uneasy feeling as she heads back to the door, shaking her head at her herself, just because you’ve been playing a detective doesn’t mean everything around you is a conspiracy.

 She jumps as she nearly walks into the director, “Oh, shit, sorry.”

“What were you doing in there?”

“Nothing,” why does he sound… angry? She points a thumb over her shoulder, doing her best to sound nonchalant, “I was gonna say bye to Dale, but it looks like he took off already.”

“Yeah, he left.”

“O-okay,” she skirts around him, this season must’ve finally caught up with him. She flashes him a big smile, “Well, enjoy your time off.”

She turns around and heads for the exit at the end of the hall, feeling his eyes still on her, that was definitely weird… She lets out a breath she didn’t realize she was holding in as she burst through the door, being greeted by a wall of thick, sticky, heat. I hate the summer, she makes her way to her car, climbing into the back, smiling at her driver.

“Where to?”

“Where do you think?”

He chuckles as he turns the key, “Yes, Ma’am.”

She sets her purse down on the seat beside her, unable to shake the image of the blood on the wall, I’m probably over-reacting.  Not everything is a clue I  need to unravel. I’ll text Dale once I get home, and then I’ll feel stupid when he answers. She turns to stare absently out the window, I shouldn’t let this non-mystery ruin my time off.



“Well?” She turns expectant eyes to her best friend, “There’s no way it’s a coincidence, right?”

Her friend shakes her head slowly, “I don’t know…” She tosses the piece of paper down on the newspaper that was on the table between them, “Just because he hasn’t been seen in public doesn’t mean something happened. Maybe he’s just taking a private vacay?”

“Oh, please.” She grabs the newspaper, eyes searching the text again, “When have you ever known Dale to be this private? The man doesn’t even own blinds!”

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Hour By Hour


Written: 22.03.03

Words: 348

NFF, Song!Fic, Fluff

Based on the song Beer In The Headlights by Luke Bryan. (Listen to the song here!)

He watches in wide-eyed amazement as she jumps out of his truck, floating over to stand in the middle of the dirt road. She starts swaying in the headlights, and he can’t help but smile as he reaches over, turning up the radio.

She returns his smile as the music gets louder, and points at him with the hand that’s holding her plastic cup. She wiggles her eyebrows at him before turning around, small dust cloud rising up around her ankles at the action. He shakes his head, so engrossed with watching her dance, even thinking about moving seemed ridiculous.

She narrows her eyes at him as she takes a sip from her cup, before gesturing again, more insistently than before. He chuckles before nodding, hopping down out of his truck bed, glad it was dark so she wouldn’t see the blush that crept up his face.

He joins her in the headlights, stomach fluttering as her smile widens. She closes the distance between them, gently draping her arms around his neck. She drops down off her tiptoes just as the song fades out.

He can’t fight off his urge any longer, and steals her cup from her, swallowing down the mouthful that was left before placing it down on the hood of the truck. Her brows furrow in confusion as another song starts. Before she can speak, he captures her lips with his, easily lifting her off the road, smiling against her mouth as her legs instinctively wrap around his waist.

He slowly walks them over to his waiting truck bed. He carefully sits down on the edge, adjusting his hands so he’s holding her hips. They break for air as he pushes the cooler backward, before laying himself down on his back. The image of her there, long brown hair blowing in the gentle breeze, smiling down at him against a backdrop of millions of shining stars makes his stomach flutter again. He can’t help but smile as she tucks some hair behind her ear, before beginning to unbutton her shirt, this is my last first date.

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The Naughty List


Important: This is the 2nd last fic of 2021! I will be taking the last half of December and first half of January off from posting.

I will be back Jan. 14th (2022) with the first fic of the new year! (It is the long-awaited 7th installment of the Unlearning Series)

Written: 18.11.06

Words: 337

NFF, 2021’s 1st Christmas fic

“Would you like another beer, Sir?”

The bearded man turns his head to see the statuesque eighteen-year-old waitress standing next to the pool. He lets out a too-loud, drunken laugh and reaches up to pass her his empty, “Whatever it takes to keep you coming back, Toots!”

The waitress suppresses her shudder and takes the bottle, scurrying away into the small hut of a bar at the other end of the pool. She usually had no qualms with working in Hawaii – she knew how lucky she was to get to work in one of the most beautiful places on the planet – it was just every once in a while asshole drunks like this guy made her seriously question her choices. At least he’s running up quite a tab, she snickers as she punches in yet another beer for the creep.

“Hey,” Shannon comes up behind her, placing her tray of empty glasses down, “Who’s that drunk guy you’ve been serving?”

“How should I know?” Upon noticing the worry on her co-worker’s face she continues, “He’s probably just a drifter, why?”

Shannon swallows thickly and pulls her by the wrist to the edge of the pool, “I think he’s dead.”

There, floating face down in the pool is the bearded man, chest not rising or falling. Oh my God! Tracy blows her whistle, gaining the attention of the closest life-guard. Upon noticing the body, the lifeguard jumps into the pool, pulling the man out. They try CPR for a few breathless minutes but alas, the man has died.

Shannon shakes her head, hand moving to cover her mouth as the lifeguard’s hands fall away from the man’s chest, “W-what was his name?”

Tracy races back to the hut, grabbing the sign-in book, flipping through it, heart leaping into her throat as she finds the right page. She lowers the book, look of absolute horror on her face.

Shannon notices the look and reaches for the book, “What? What is it?”

“I…” Tracy swallows thickly, “I killed Santa Claus.”

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Set Yourself On Fire (Preview)


Started: 19.10.24

Finished: 20.06.12

Words: 843

NFF, 2021’s Halloween story

“You’re late.”

Charlie chuckled, “Oh, yeah, I’m so sorry.”

Bill chuckled as he watched the brunette punch in, before walking with him to the line, “Oh, c’mon, it could be worse.”

Charlie gave him an incredulous look, “How could it possibly be worse?”

Bill shrugged, “At least you didn’t pull the short straw.”

They watched as Anderson walked by, head hanging. He looked up when he saw the two men before letting out a heavy sigh, “Church Street.”

“Oof,” Charlie let out a low whistle, “Sorry man.”

Bill clapped him on the shoulder, “Good luck.”

Anderson let out a dry chuckle, “Oh yeah, cause luck will beat that priest.”

They watched as he walked to the lockers, shoulders slumped. He sighed heavily again before heading for the door.

“He’s been here 20 years, and they just send him out like that?” Bill shook his head as they took a few steps up in the line, “Poor guy.”

“To be fair, it’s not exactly like they could give him a severance package.”

Bill shot him a look, “What’s the matter with you?”

Charlie shrugged, “I just thought things would be different.”

“Funny,” they moved up a few more steps, “I would’ve thought you’d be happy.”

“What?” Charlies’ brows furrowed in confusion, “Why would I be happy?”

“Because you got your wish.” Bill noticed his expression and gave him a sly smile as they reached the front, “More of the same.”

“Alright,” Adam looked over his clipboard, flipping through a few sheets, “What do I have left…” He ran his finger down the page before nodding, “Ah, right. Bill, you’re off to Queen Street and Charlie…” he flipped the page, “you’re going to Main.”

Charlie scoffed, “Are you joking?”

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Lazy Days (Preview)


Written: 18.07.15

Words: 550



He rolled over, pressing the pillow into his head.

She rolled her eyes and poked him, “Hey! Come on, wake up!” When he didn’t move, she jumped on top of him, shaking his shoulders, “Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!”

He sat straight up – her falling into his lap – eyes flinging open, wildly looking around the room, “What? What is it? What’s wrong?”

She giggled and kissed his cheek before climbing out of bed, tugging on his hand as she started toward the door, “Come on.”

His brows furrowed, “Where?”

“You’ll see,” she led him down the stairs and out of the front dor.

“Uhm,” he hesitated at the door, making her turn, “Can I put some clothes on first?”

She gave him a once over before continuing, “You’re fine in your pants.”

“But,” he rushed forward with a hard tug, when did she get so strong? “Where are we going? It’s not even light out.”

“Duh,” she led him down their street before cutting through the old storage buildings’ parking lot, “Of course there’s no light, it’s 3am.”

“You woke me up at 3am to drag me to the storage building? … Why?”

She led them to a small alley toward the back of the parking lot, situated between the two halves of the facility before jumping up to pull down the fire escape ladder. It hit the ground with a loud crash, making him jump, well I’m definitely awake now.

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So Close


Written: 20.04.22

Words: 584

Inspired by the song So Close from the movie Enchanted. Listen to it here!

NFF, Song!Fic, Fluff

You take in a sharp breath as he extends his arm to you, raising an eyebrow as the music starts. I can’t believe it, you take his hand, unable to pry your eyes away from the look on his face, I’ve never seen him look so… happy.

He pulls you in, eyes not leaving yours as the two of you begin to move. He leads you backward, and you’re surprised at yourself you don’t fumble and fall on your ass. We’re both secretly bad-ass ballroom dancers… who knew? You try to swallow your smile at your own dumb joke as you move in perfect time to the beat – definitely more graceful than anything else you’ve ever done – and you can’t help but momentarily think of all the grand dance scenes in rom-coms you’ve seen as the two lovers finally get their happy ending.

Is this what that feels like? You resist the urge to glance at the guests, heart beating so loud you can barely hear the music over it. You feel as though you’re flying around the room, barely registering what your body is doing, and part of you hopes someone was smart enough to bring a camera, as if anyone would believe this happened without video proof.

Your breath catches as he flashes you that soft smile of his – the one reserved for sleepy mornings and staying in bed cuddles – and you can’t help but beam back at him. I never would’ve thought I’d be in the middle of a scene like this. You make a brief mental note to write down your emotions so you can recall them for later needs, and continue dancing. He twirls you then, and as your hand finds his again you swell with pride, after everything we’ve been through… I can’t believe we’re finally here.

An overwhelming wave of love surges through you and you can’t help but pull yourself in closer, so you’re barely a hair apart. You rest your head against his chest just as the music begins to fade, and you can’t help but smile as you feel his heart beat is synced with yours. Guess it’s true what they say…

A deafening roar of applause breaks you out of your moment and your eyes focus on the crowd of family and friends. You feel your cheeks heat up as you’re suddenly pulled back into the now and give them a sheepish smile. He leads you to your table, that soft smile slipping off his face in place of his usual social mask and you find yourself wishing your dress had sleeves to hide your goose bumps, I can’t believe everyone saw that…

“Wow!” Your best friend swipes at her eyes as you come closer, “I never knew you were so… I mean,” she turned to your other bridesmaids, at a loss for words, for once. She sniffed and shook her head, “I take back everything I’ve ever said about you not being romantic. That was just… wow.

You chuckle and wave a dismissive hand at her, eyes on his retreating back as he goes to greet his own family, “Yeah, well, don’t expect to see anything like that again anytime soon. I should be good until I’m dead now.”

She shoves you in a playful way before crushing you against her, “You’ve gotta write that down for me.”

You smile at her as the two of you take your seat, heart fluttering as your eyes catch his from across the room, definitely.

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(I Wanna) Blow Your Mind (Preview)


Written: 20.03.04

Words: 2,286

Inspired by the deleted song Get This Right from the Frozen 2 soundtrack.

You can listen to the song here!


“Uh… hi,” she gave him an unsure smile, clearly surprised.

“Hi,” he took a step to the side and gestured, “Come in.”

“… Okay,” she stepped in, and gasped, taking in the small candle lit dinner, “what is all this?”

“Ssshhh,” he took her hand, leading her over to the table, pulling out the chair for her, “M’lady.”

She snorted, shaking her head, “Thanks.” She tucked herself in to the table, concerned eyes following him as he turned to the stove, placing the pot of mac and cheese down, “You cooked?” Her concerned eyes found his face, “Are you dying?”

“What? No,” he chuckled and sat down, beginning to spoon some of the noodles onto her plate, “Can’t I do something nice for you?”

“Not two nights in a row.” A small smile tugged at the corner of her mouth, “Are you gonna stick me with the bill tonight, too?”

He ignored the stab to his heart and shook his head, “I’m sorry about that.”

“It’s fine, I’m just… concerned,” she placed a hand on his, stopping him from spooning out his own dinner and their eyes met, “Is everything okay?”

“Everything’s great.” His face fell at the disbelieving look on her face and he let out a heavy sigh, “Actually, no,” he replaced the spoon, closing his eyes as he gathered his nerve, “everything’s not okay. There’s something I’ve been wanting to ask you, for a while now, and I-”

“Oh my God!”

“I know, but let me finish.”

“The table!”

“The table?” He heard her chair scrape against the floor and opened his eyes, seeing the knocked over candle and the quickly spreading fire. “Shit!”

He leapt toward the kitchen, yanking the faucet out of it’s holder before spraying it haphazardly at the table. The fire alarm began blaring then, just as the flames began to die down, shit! He sighed in defeat before replacing the faucet, grabbing a towel to wave at the alarm, I can’t believe I screwed this up again!

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