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The Long One (Preview)


Started: 21.09.28

Worked On: 22.07.06-22.08.31, 22.09.01-22.09.05

Finished: 22.09.06

Words: 14,469

SPN x Marvel, C2C

This is the 3rd and final fic in the 3-part mini series for this year.

“Sam!” Dean fired off a rock-salt round as he booked it as fast as he could to the entrance of the graveyard backward, “anytime now!”

The youngest Winchester suppressed his eye roll as he struck yet another match, huffing in annoyance as it didn’t light, “None of these matches are lighting!”

The blonde’s eyes moved between the large group of ghosts that were quickly surrounding him and his brother, who was somehow still standing over the grave they dug up, “Use the lighter!”

“I didn’t bring one!”

“You didn’t bring one?” Dean fired off another shot, bringing confused eyes to the brunette, “You’re joking, right?”

The giant tossed up his hands in exasperation before throwing another unlit match into the grave, “Just hold on! I can get this!”

“Yeah,” Dean was quickly being cornered into one side of the fence, gun dangerously low, “that might not be an option.”

Sam groaned as he struck the last match in the box, tossing the useless stick into the grave before grabbing his gun, “Fine! Let’s go.”

Dean did his best to hold back his eye roll as his brother sprinted toward him. He cleared as much of the ghost group between them as he could before his ammo ran out. Luckily, the giant wasn’t totally useless and cleared enough of the rest of them to allow the blonde to make a break for the entrance.

The giant was close on his heels, firing off shot after shot as the brother’s raced toward the car. As the car came into view, Dean felt himself relax slightly, we’re gonna make it!

“Shit,” The curse and the click of an empty gun from behind him dashed the eldest’s hopes almost as soon as they’d come on, of course.

They were maybe three feet from the car when they had to pull out the to-go salt packets Dean had grabbed from the diner earlier that day, thank God for that distracted waitress.

Sam’s leg was bouncing as the blonde struggled to rip one of the packs open, ghost hoard closing back in, “Is there even enough in there to make a difference?”

Dean groaned, bringing a pack up to his teeth, “It’s gonna have to be.”

He tossed some packets at the giant just as he managed to rip the corner of the one in his mouth, aha! He tossed the packet toward one of the closer ghosts, face falling as the packet hit the ground, no salt spilling out.

Dean let out an annoyed groan as they continued backing toward the car, “Is anything gonna go right today?”

Sam got his packets open, pouring the salt out into his hand before attempting to throw it. A few grains flew off his hand, most sticking to the sweat in his palm. He let out an annoyed huff and wiped it onto his pants, flicking his eyes over to his brother, “Now what?”

“We run for it.”


“Uh, yeah,” He took a chance to look back at the car before turning back to the growing angry ghosts, “the car’s close enough, we should make it.”

Sam snorted, “Should?”

The brother’s exchanged a look before turning around and booking it as fast as their legs would carry them toward their home on wheels.

Dean reached the car first, nearly sliding off balance as he tugged the passenger seat door open. He jumped through, sliding himself across the bench seat to the driver’s side of the car, just as Sam came jumping in after him.

The blonde wasted no time shoving the key into the ignition, car roaring to life. Sam barely got the door closed before he was tossed into the dashboard with the force of them peeling out of the graveyard.

They got a few miles down the road before either brother let out a breath of relief.

Dean ran a hand through his hair as he attempted to calm his heartbeat, “Told you we’d make it.”

Sam let out a humourless chuckle at that, “Yeah, right.” His brows furrowed in confusion as his brother turned left down the road, “Uh, dude where are you going? Grandview’s the other way.”

Dean flicked his eyes over to his brother, “And why would we go back to Grandview?”

“Because we left Melinda standing in a- watch out!”

The hunter cut himself off as a blinding white light opened up in the road ahead of them.

“Shit!” Dean stomped on the brakes as they went sailing into it, sound of squealing tires filling the air.

The light subsided just in time for the boys to watch themselves crash into an expensive looking table as the car came to a stop. The brother’s exchanged a look as they took in their new surroundings. It looked as though they were in some sort of workshop.

“Uh…” Dean flicked his eyes to the roof of the car, “Cas? This isn’t the bunker’s garage.”

“I don’t think this was Cas.” Sam’s brows were furrowed as he took in the room, “This place does look familiar, though…”

“I’ve never seen it.” Dean turned the car off, sitting back in his seat, “Should we be fighting or…?”

Sam shook his head, “I don’t think so.”

“Sam!” Dean scrubbed a hand down his face as his brother got out of the car, sorry Melinda. He climbed out of the car a moment later, taking in the knocked over table, shattered computer screen and various shards of glass, wide glass panel walls to the left, and a man who seemed to be sleeping on the lone couch, his back facing them.

Dean bumped his brother’s arm, nodding toward him, “How the hell did he sleep through that?”

Sam turned to the couch and shrugged, “Maybe he’s dead?”

“Great,” The blonde rolled his eyes, moving a few steps further into the workshop, “That’s just what we need, more dead people.”

He shook his head as his eyes roamed over the rest of the space. He couldn’t help but let out a loud whistle as his eyes landed on a long row of classic cars lined against the opposite wall, “Damn, how did I miss that?”


The blonde waved off his brother’s warning tone, “Relax, Sammy, I’m just looking.”

“Uh-huh.” Sam didn’t feel convinced, but shifted his focus from his brother to the man on the couch, anyway. He walked a few steps closer, craning his neck in a failed attempt to see the man’s face. “Do you think I should-”

A loud alarm started blaring then, effectively cutting off the end of the giant’s sentence.

He jumped at the sudden noise, eyes quickly locating his brother, who was two feet away from one of the red cars, guilt all over his face, “What the hell did you touch?”

The blonde held his hands up in mock surrender as security gates started lowering over all the windows and doors, “Nothing, I swear!”

“Well clearly you did something!” Sam rolled his eyes, waving for the blonde to join him back over by the car, “You’re such a child!”

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Rainbow Road (Preview)


Started: 21.10.25

Finished: 22.01.12

Words: 4,839

SPNxMarvel, C2C, 1 of 3 semi-connected crossover fics coming out this year

Yes!” Dean jumped up from the couch, dropping the sweaty controller on the table in triumph as the winner music played, 1st Place flashing on the screen, “Take that you little red-wearing bitch!”

He blinked his watery eyes, looking around for the first time in 19 courses. He grabbed his phone from the table, checking the time, 3am? I didn’t think I’d been playing that long… Now that his concentration was broken, the blonde realized how hungry he was.

He stretched his arms out over his head, back cracking loudly as he did so, ugh. Dean started toward the doorway, stifling a yawn, I’m gonna need fuel if I wanna beat Rainbow Road first try. He stretched his head to one side, then the other as he made his way down the hall, barely noticing the lights were flickering.

Dean made it to the kitchen, brows furrowing as he pulled open the fridge, seriously? He sighed in disappointment as he looked over his slim options, guess I know what I’m doing tomorrow. He closed the fridge before pulling open a cupboard, smiling as he grabbed a box of crackers.

The smile slid off his face as he shook the box. He flicked it open, sighing again as he spotted four crackers in the bottom. Dean closed the box, before replacing it on the shelf, small smirk on his face, since you were saving them…

He walked the few steps back over to the fridge, grabbing the last beer. He twisted the cap off, taking a swig as he stared at the lone apple sitting on the shelf. His stomach let out a loud grumble then, and he reluctantly snatched up the fruit, rabbit food is better than nothing, I guess.

Dean closed the appliance, before exiting the kitchen, making his way back to his man cave. He took a bite out of the apple just as he plopped himself down on his couch. Alright you little bitch, he took a swig from his beer before setting both down on the table next to his phone, picking up the controller again, let’s see what you’re made of.

The blonde pressed the button to advance to the next course, wiping his hands on his thighs in anticipation as the camera panned the length of the multi-coloured road. Here we go… Dean subconsciously leaned closer as the camera came down on the racers, thumb twitching over the gas button as he waited for the light to turn green.

The blonde jumped as the light changed, mashing his thumb into the gas button, letting out a dissatisfied groan as his go-kart stalled, “No, no, no! Come on!”

He watched in despair as the seven computer-generated racers flew passed him. He grit his teeth, mashing his thumb back on the button as his go-kart finally moved. His eyes were glued to the track before him, being less careful than he should’ve been for a road with an awaiting abyss. He drifted too hard going into the first corner, go-kart skidding right over the edge of the track.

He sucked his teeth in frustration as he was fished out, being placed back on the track. His go-kart stalled again as it broke through a power-up box, much to his dissatisfaction. He started back down the track, small smile splitting his face as he got the three speed boost. He used them all in succession, quickly making up the distance between him and the other racers.

His legs twitched as he went into another corner, right on the tail of the seventh racer. His brows furrowed in determination as he went flying ahead of them, before tossing a banana peel a few feet ahead, smile lighting up his face as the sixth racer spun out of control.

Dean went through another power up box, unable to keep his evil laugh at bay as he once again got the speed booster. He hit two in a row, swerving between the fifth and fourth racers, “Now we’re talking!”

The blonde flicked his eyes to the map of the course in the corner, eyes zeroing in on the plumber, who was in first place. Not for long, red. He set his sights on the dinosaur that was a few feet ahead of him as he broke through another power up box.

His heart began to hammer in his chest as he watched the box cycle through the possible options. He wiped a sweaty hand on his leg again as he came to another corner. He took the turn too wide, mashing the right arrow button as he skidded dangerously close to the edge of the track again, “No, no, no! Come on, you little mushroom-head!”

In the next instant, the air around him changed, and he found himself speeding down a bridge. Whoa! He slammed on the breaks as his brain realized he was no longer sitting on his couch.

Dean blinked in surprise as he saw he was now sitting in a go-kart, dangerously close to falling off the edge of a bridge. He carefully peered over the side, boulder settling into his stomach as he saw an endless ocean, too far below for him to even attempt measuring.

Holding his breath, he carefully climbed out of the go-kart, backing up a few steps as it pitched over the side of the bridge. He swallowed hard as he was able to count ten seconds before hearing the splash, guess that rules out jumping.

Shaking his head, he turned around, taking a moment to orient himself. The bridge he was standing on had slow-flickering lights running through it, and looked like it was made out of crystal. There was what appeared to be a giant, metal mountain at the farthest end, and an observatory on the side he was closest to.

Where the hell am I? He instinctively reached to his pocket for his phone, groaning with annoyance as he remembered it was sitting on the coffee table. He scrubbed a hand down his face as he weighed his options, so, not only am I God-knows-where, but I also don’t have my phone? That’s… awesome.

He let out a sigh before starting in the direction of the observatory, there’s a better chance someone’s in there than in the metal mountain… right?



Dean huffed as he reached the doorway to the observatory, leaning against it as he caught his breath, it didn’t look that far away. He straightened back up after a moment, taking in the surroundings of the room. It was covered in gold gear-shaped objects, with an elevated platform in the middle, holding some sort of podium.

Dean made his way over to the podium cautiously, noting the half-moon shaped mural behind it. He made his way up the steps of the platform, eyes widening as he neared the painting, those stars look so real… He placed a hand on the wall, retracting it as he felt it was glass. This is a window?

He let out a low whistle as he continued staring, “I don’t think I’m in Kansas, anymore.”

“You’d be correct.”

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