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Surprising Vegan: Summer Drinks


Get ready for the summer weather with these surprising vegan summer drinks!

Starting in the top left-hand corner, moving clockwise:

  • La Croix Black Razzberry
  • La Croix Limoncello
  • La Croix Watermelon (Pasteque)
  • La Croix Hibiscus
  • La Croix Beach Plum
  • La Croix Guava Sao Paulo
  • La Croix Key Lime
  • La Croix Mango
  • La Croix Grapefruit (Pamplemousse)
  • La Croix Peach Pear
  • 7-ELEVEN Slurpee  Pink Grapefruit Lemonade*
  • 7-ELEVEN Slurpee Tropical Passionfruit*
  • 7-ELEVEN Slurpee Mug Root Beer
  • 7-ELEVEN Slurpee Brisk Lemonade*
  • 7-ELEVEN Slurpee Coca-Cola Slurpee*
  • 7-ELEVEN Slurpee Crush Cream Soda Slurpee
  • 7-ELEVEN Slurpee Crush Lime Slurpee (Tartrazine, Brilliant Blue FCF)
  • 7-ELEVEN Slurpee Crush Orange Slurpee*
  • 7-ELEVEN Slurpee Crush Grape Slurpee (Brilliant Blue FCF)
  • 7-ELEVEN Slurpee Mountain Dew Original Slurpee (Tartrazine)
  • 7-ELEVEN Slurpee Mountain Dew Blew Shock Slurpee (Brilliant Blue FCF, Allura Red)
  • Crush Orange (Yellow 6, Red 40)
  • Crush Grape (Red 40, Blue 1)
  • Crush Strawberry (Red 40)
  • Crush Pineapple (Yellow 5, Yellow 6)
  • Crush Watermelon (Red 40)
  • Crush Peach (Red 40, Yellow 5)
  • Crush Grapefruit
  • Sparkling ICE Cherry Limeade (Colour)
  • Sparkling ICE Pink Grapefruit (Colour)
  • Sparkling ICE Black Raspberry (Colour)
  • Sparkling ICE  Peach Nectarine (Colour)
  • Sparkling ICE Orange Mango (Colour)
  • Sparkling ICE Coconut Pineapple (Colour)
  • Sparkling ICE Classic Lemonade (Colour)
  • Sparkling ICE Kiwi Strawberry (Colour)
  • Sparkling ICE Lemon Lime (Colour)
  • Sparkling ICE Fruit Punch

*No ingredients listed on the website (didn’t hear back from company)

Now, obviously most of these drinks aren’t only available in the warmer weather months, but you can’t deny they just taste better when you can drink them outside in the sun, or perhaps sitting poolside.

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Surprising Vegan Bagged Snacks


Looking at the title of this post might have you confused. “What the heck is a bagged snack?”

Don’t worry, I’m not talking anything weird!

I made this post to group together all the other snacks (that happen to come in bags) other than chips, since I had to exclude them for that post.

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Starting in the top left hand corner moving clockwise:

  • Bugles
  • Hickory Sticks
  • Corn Twists
  • Humpty Dumpty Ringolos BBQ
  • Humpty Dumpty Ringolos Ketchup
  • Rold Gold Pretzels
  • Skinny Pop Original
  • Skinny Pop White Cheddar
  • Skinny Pop Salt N Pepper
  • Smartfood Simply Sea Salt Popcorn
  • Smartfood Movie Night Butter Popcorn
  • Smartfood Sweet and Salty Popcorn
  • Takis Rolled Fuego
  • Takis Rolled Dragon Spicy Sweet Chili (Allura Red, Sunset Yellow FCF)
  • Takis Waves Fuego (Cochineal, Allura Red, Sunset Yellow FCF)
  • Takis Waves Dragon Sweet Chili (Allura Red, Sunset Yellow FCF)
  • Takis Hot Nuts Flare (Cochineal, Tartrazine)
  • Takis Hot Nuts Fuego (Allura Red, Cochineal)
  • Quaker Rice Crisps Kettle Corn
  • Quaker Rice Crisps Sweet and Spicy Chili
  • Quaker Rice Crisps Apple Cinnamon
  • Quaker Rice Cakes Salt Free
  • Quaker Rice Cakes Lightly Salted
  • Quaker Rice Cakes Caramel Corn
  • Quaker Rice Cakes Apple Cinnamon
  • Quaker Crispy Minis Sweet Chili
  • Quaker Crispy Minis All Dressed
  • Sensible Portions Garden Veggie Straws

This might also help you shake up your snack routine. If you’re used to reaching for chips, why not try something from the above collage, instead?

*As always, the above information and products are specific to Canada. Please do your own research and read the ingredients list if you’re in a different country.

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Surprising Vegan: Frozen Treats


This article was written 20.05.06, please excuse any reference/comment made about the corona virus lock down that is no longer relevant.

Just because we’re still stuck inside, doesn’t mean you can’t buy yourself some treats. And what to treat yourself with during these hot summer days than something refreshing and on a stick?

That’s right, I’m talking about surprising vegan treats.

Now, I know over the last few years there’s been a whole whack of vegan ice creams coming out from various companies, but, sometimes you don’t want ice cream, or you may not be able to find them where you are. Then what are you supposed to do? Sit in the corner and cry?


You can head on over to your local store website (since y’know, we can’t exactly peruse in person), and check them out to see if they have any of the (much easier to find) products below.

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Starting in the top left-corner, going clockwise:

  • Chapman’s Lolly Fruity
  • Chapman’s Banana Lolly*
  • Chapman’s Orange, Grape, Cherry and Fruit Punch Lolly
  • Chapman’s Soda Pop Lolly*
  • Chapman’s Triple Treat Lolly
  • Chapman’s Fruit Juice Twist Twister
  • Chapman’s Fruit Twist Twisters*
  • Chapman’s Stacked and Twisted Twister*
  • Chapman’s Mango Sorbet*
  • Chapman’s Rainbow Sorbet*
  • Kisko’s Mr. Freeze Jumbo Freezies
  • Kikso’s Welch’s Lemonade Freezies
  • Kikso’s Electro-Ice Sport Freezies
  • Kikso’s Tropics Freezies
  • Chapman’s Tropical Wave Sorbet
  • Chapman’s Triple Berry Sorbet
  • Popsicle Orange, Cherry, Grape Pops
  • Popsicle Tropical Paradise Pops*
  • Popsicle Firecracker Pops*
  • Popsicle Cyclone*
  • Maynard’s Fuzzy Peach Ice Pops*
  • Kikso’s Kids Sour Freezies*

There are also a few other treats that are vegan that I wasn’t able to find good pictures of. So, the other products I found that aren’t included in the above picture are:

  • Kisko’s Crush Giant Freezies
  • Kisko’s Welch’s Premium Juice Bars
  • Popsicle Jelly Belly

*As I said in my Surprising Vegan Candy (and a few other) posts in this series, the above items that are starred (*) are made with those food dyes that aren’t vegan.

I e-mailed Chapman’s and Popsicle to ask them about their products (Kisko actually says which select products use the food dyes on their website!), and the following is what I received as feedback:

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The struggle is real! Check out this and some of my other vegan merch here!


Their website says ‘Whenever possible natural flavours and colours are used in production, and will be identified on the package label.’ (This statement was found here) So I e-mailed to ask if that meant all the other products that don’t list ‘natural colour’ use the food dyes, and they replied simply ‘that is correct‘.


So, I don’t want to knock any brands, but since I’ve started doing this series and have had to e-mail out multiple companies, I’ve noticed that the ones I e-mail that just so happen to be owned by Unilever either never answer me, or never give me a real answer.

I sent both companies the exact same e-mail, listing the specific products I was asking about, the food dyes I was wondering about and started both of them off with ‘I checked the FAQ and ingredients listed on the website, and I still had some questions.’

Anyway, this was Popsicle’s official answer: Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us at Popsicle.

All of the ingredients for out products are available on our website popsicle.ca. Just select the product you are interested in and click on the nutritional values, and you will scroll down and there is where you will find the ingredients. We hope this helps.

I did e-mail them back and restated I already checked the website and wasn’t able to find the answer to my question, but I have yet to receive an answer. (If I receive a real answer, I’ll update this article)

So there you go! Who says ice cream is the only frozen treat you can enjoy in the summer?

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