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Fake It Til I Make It (Preview)


Important: This is the last story of 2023! I’ll be taking the rest of December and first half of January off from posting. (Not counting the Product Review and Teaser posts)

I’ll be back January 12th, 2024 with the 1st story of the new year!

I hope you guys have enjoyed this year-long challenge of writing stories based on the National Food Days/Months! It was a lot of fun to write and turned out not to be as hard as I initially thought. A lot of the story ideas I have are from years ago, so it was also fun to write a whole year of completely new ideas!

As I said when I first started the challenge, I have a few other ideas for year-long challenges, so let me know if that’s something you guys would be interested in seeing.

I also hope you all have an amazing holiday season/end of your year. Thank-you so much for all your support. I feel like I can never truly express how grateful I am to each and every one of you for supporting my writing. You guys are amazing, and I can’t wait to share another year with you. <3


Written: 23.11.02

Words: 1,166

Hallucifer, Dark-ish, 2023’s New Years fic

Prompt: Champagne Day


The giant’s shoulders tensed as the sweet voice floated through the bathroom door. He screwed his eyes shut, grip on the edges of the sink getting harder, please, don’t.


“Stop it.”

“Stop what?”

He barely had the strength to lift his head to face his hallucination who was perched on the toilet, “D-don’t use her.”

Lucifer tilted his head to one side, feigned confusion looking almost genuine, “Use who?”

“Let me in, baby.”

“I…” Sam hung his head again, knuckles turning white against the sink as he attempted to use it to keep his grip on reality, “I can’t… Please, Lucifer.”

“Well,” The smirk in the devil’s voice was evident, even without seeing his face, “you know I love when you’re polite, but I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“Jess!” Sam spun away from the sink, lips curling back into a snarl, sudden burst of rage overtaking him, “Use whoever else you want, Bobby, Dean – hell, even Mom – whatever. Tie me up and torture me, I don’t care. Just stop using her!”

Lucifer blinked at the outburst, clearly taken aback. He slowly held his hands up in mock surrender, expression changing to one of… if Sam didn’t know any better, he’d say concern, “I’m not doing anything, Sam.”

“Oh, right,” The giant rolled his eyes, pointing a thumb over his shoulder, “You expect me to believe you’re not the one who put her on the other side of the door?”

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Come What May (Preview)


Important: This is the 2nd last fic of 2023! I’ll be taking the last half of December and first half of January off from posting.

I’ll be back January 12th, 2024 with the first story of the new year.

Written: 23.09.01

Words: 1,833

Wee!Chesters, Fluff, 2023’s Christmas fic

Prompt: Eat with a Friend Day

“We’re making dessert!” Sammy beamed at him as he grabbed the wooden spoon and attempted to stir the creation. After finally dislodging it from where it was stuck in the plaster-like confection, his face fell, “I don’t think we did it right.”

“I’m sure it’s not as bad as you think.”

Bobby quickly grabbed a discarded spoon off the edge of the island and plunged it into the bowl. He had to bite the inside of his cheek as the spoon met the confection with a loud clink.

“Oh no!” Sammy dropped the wooden spoon and turned tearful eyes to his older brother – who was still hesitantly putting packages away, “We ruined it!”

Dean stopped mid-roll of a package before he placed his hands on the counter and hung his head between them, shoulders beginning to move up and down.

Bobby put the spoon back on the table and tried to keep his expression neutral, “Hey now, it’s not that bad.”

“B-but,” Sammy sniffed, beginning to take in huffing breaths, “E-everyone’s counting on us and we… we ruined Christmas!” He burst into tears then and all but jumped off the chair in his haste to hide his face against the kitchen table.

Bobby let out a breath as he stood between the two crying boys, heart aching. He took his hat off and ran a hand through his hair as he took a moment to think. I let them to cook because they were excited about it. I didn’t think they would take it so seriously…

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Part of My Plan (Preview)


Important: This is the 3rd last story of 2023. I’ll be taking the last half of December and first half of January off from posting. I’ll be back January 12th, 2024 with the first story of the new year.

Written: 23.08.31

Words: 487

Sabriel (Implied), 2023’s 2nd Thanksgiving story

Prompt: Stuffing Month


The sing-song voice that floated through the door made the giant’s shoulders relax. He swung the door open and finally found his boyfriend – who was laying on the bed with nothing but a sheet covering his nether regions.

Sam rolled his eyes and made his way over to the closet, “People are gonna start showing up soon, y’know.”

“Doesn’t mean we have to let them in.” Gabriel wiggled his eyebrows at the ex-hunter’s back, “C’mon Sammich. Stuff me.”

Sam couldn’t help but chuckle at that, hand faltering as he reached for his suit, “I love it when you talk dirty to me.”

Gabriel sat up, letting the sheet fall to the side, “I’m just trying to help you find your holiday spirit.”

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The Rest of My Life (Preview)


Important: This is the 4th last story of 2023. I’ll be taking the last half of December and first half of January off from posting. I’ll be back January 12th, 2024 with the 1st story of the new year.

Written: 23.08.29

Words: 1,946

C2C, Destiel (ish), 2023’s Halloween story

Prompt: Popcorn Poppin’ Month

Cas approached the door cautiously, eyes scanning the space but finding nothing disturbed. He got up on his tiptoes to see out the window in the door, eyes narrowing as he saw a tall hooded figure standing with it’s back to it.

Cas steeled himself with a deep breath before he ripped the door open, raising his angel blade just as the creature turned around.

“Hey Ca- whoa, whoa! It’s me! It’s Sam!”

The fallen angel blinked in surprise as the hood fell off the creature’s head, hand faltering around the raised blade. His eyes adjusted to the dark and he slowly lowered the weapon as he saw it was Sam standing before him.

Cas tilted his head to the side as he took in the outfit the giant was wearing – it wasn’t his typical plaid and faded jeans. He nodded to the hooded cape and silk pants, “What’re you wearing?”

Sam lifted the sides of his cape and turned from side to side, “I’m a vampire!” Now that he wasn’t actually in danger, he took a minute to check out the fallen angel’s costume, “Aw man, he made you a vamp, too?”

“I guess.” Cas looked down at his own outfit with a huff, “None of the vampires we’ve hunted have dressed like this.”

“If we dressed like actual vamps, no one would know what we were.”

“I thought that was the point?”

“It is if they’re actually vamps, but…” Sam let his voice trail off at the lack of understanding on the ex-angel’s face. He chuckled and shook his head, “You know what? It doesn’t matter. Uh, here,” He turned around, grabbing two plastic pumpkin baskets up off the porch, holding one out, “Take this.”

“What’s this for?”

“Just…” Sam took a few steps up to the door before ringing the doorbell.

“It’s not locked.”

Sam couldn’t help but chuckle again. He lowered his voice as they heard footsteps approach, “When the door opens, say trick or treat.

“I don’t-” Cas cut himself off as the door swung open, revealing Dean, who had a cleaver sticking out the top of his head and a bloody apron.

Sam bumped his arm before holding his pumpkin out, big smile splitting his face, “Trick or treat!”

Dean got some candy out of his apron pocket, dropping it into his brother’s basket, “Here you go.” He then turned expectant eyes to the ex-angel, “Do you have something you want to say?”

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The Good Stuff (Preview)


Important: This is the 5th last story of 2023. I’ll be taking the last half of December and first half of January off from posting. I’ll be back January 12th, 2024 with the 1st story of the new year!

Written: 23.06.28

Words: 1,560

Hallucifer, Dark-ish, 2023’s 1st Thanksgiving fic

Prompt: Pizza & Beer Day

“Crap,” Sam raced over to the bunker’s oven as he saw black smoke billow out from the corners of the door. He grabbed the oven mitts off the counter and flung the door open, allowing more smoke to come out, “Crap, crap, crap.”

“Can’t you do anything right?”

The giant did his best to ignore his hallucination’s words as he not-so-carefully reached through the thick blackness blindly, using feel to get the now-ruined turkey out of the oven. He reached over the roasting pan to turn the appliance off and deflated against the counter with disappointment. Damn it!

Lucifer raised an eyebrow from his perch on the kitchen island, “How did you think it was gonna turn out?”

Just as he slid the oven mitts off, the smoke alarm started blaring. Oh, come on! Sam rushed over to the opposite side of the room, desperately waving one of the oven mitts in front of the screeching thing.

“I didn’t think it was possible for you to do any worse than that last hunt,” Lucifer spun around on the counter to face the giant, wicked smile pulling at the corner of his mouth, “But now…”

“Come on, turn off…turn off!” Sam began waving the mitt more frantically the longer the blaring alarm sounded.

“Big bro’s a deep sleeper, right?”

“Just shut up, alright?” Sam turned on his heel, snarling at his hallucination, “I don’t need to hear your sh-”

“Jesus, Sam!”

His brother’s panicked voice from the doorway startled the giant, and he couldn’t help the blush that darkened his cheeks at getting caught, of course this is when you walk in.

The blonde rushed over, snatching a towel off the counter as he came, before he joined his brother in waving the smoke away. They worked in silence for a good couple of minutes – long enough for Sam’s shoulders to begin aching from the repeated motion – before the alarm finally, thankfully turned off.

“Big bro to the rescue.” Even though his back was turned, Sam could hear the smirk in the devil’s voice, “Again.”

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Put Your Arms Around Me (Preview)


Written: 23.06.27

Words: 1,044

Teen!Chesters, Sabriel, Fluff

Prompt: Punch Day (Sept. 20th)

“Ugh!” Sam let out an annoyed groan and pulled uselessly on the untied tie hanging around his neck, “Come on!”

He stomped a foot in agitation and frowned down at the piece of fabric. Surely tying a tie wasn’t supposed to be this hard? His eyes flicked up to the clock on the wall and he groaned again, I don’t have time for this.

Not wanting to be late, the teen shoved the stupid article of clothing into his pocket before grabbing his suit jacket off the back of his chair. He shrugged it on and took one last look at himself in the mirror, here goes nothing.

“Whoa, Sammy!” Dean came running out of the kitchen, mayo-ed knife nearly slipping from his grip as he leaned himself against the front door, blocking the youngest, “Where’s the fire?”

“Move, dude.” Sam pulled on his brother’s arm in a failed attempt to get him off the door, “I’m already late.”

“You’re such a nerd.” Dean settled against the hunk of wood and raised an eyebrow, “Haven’t you ever heard of being fashionably late?”

“I don’t want Gabriel to think I stood him up.” Sam tugged on his brother’s arm again, harder this time, “Come on, Dean!”

The whiny tone did nothing but make the blonde laugh. He gave his brother a once over before letting out a low whistle, “How come you never dress this spiffy when we go out?”

“Because I don’t care about you.”

“Ouch,” Dean placed the hand holding the knife over his heart and stumbled away from the door a few feet, “That hurt, Sammy.”

Sam let out a breath as he finally managed to rip the door open, bolting down the driveway, “I don’t care!”

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Miracles (Preview)


Written: 23.06.27

Words: 1,000

General, Funny

Prompt: Double Cheeseburger Day

“There’s no time to explain!” He grabbed an empty bag and gestured for the youngest to follow him, “Hurry up!”

The urgency in his brother’s voice helped wake Sam up, getting his Hunter Instinct to kick in and he nodded, grabbing a bag off the table before hurrying up the steps after the blonde. He steeled himself as he made his way through the open door, needing to squint as the sunlight hit his eyes.

Once his eyes adjusted, he stopped short as his brother rushed toward the street – which held an overturned transport truck – and raised an eyebrow, “This was the big emergency?”

The blonde fell to his knees in front of the giant pile of burgers that had flooded out into the street and began arm-sweeping the treats into his bag, “Uh, yeah! I gotta save them!”

“Save… the burgers?” Sam made his way closer and took a curious look up and down the road. Other than the truck and his brother, it was empty, “From what?”

“Haven’t you ever heard of the 5 second rule?”

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No Kind of Plan (Preview)


Written: 22.10.21

Words: 527


Prompt: Toasted Marshmallow Day (Aug. 30th)

“Ah,” Dean let out a content sigh as he watched the flames on the pyre in front of them flicker against the dark sky.

Sam snorted and shook his head, “Only you could be happy watching a body burn.”

“Pfft, please,” The blonde waved a dismissive hand before making the short trip over to the car, opening the backseat door, “how could you not be happy knowing there’s one less Wendigo running around?”

“I still think it’s weird you built a pyre for it.”

“Oh, sure,” Dean rolled his eyes as he leaned forward, digging the cooler off the floor, “next time I’ll just let the forest catch on fire.”

“That’s not-”

“Didn’t they teach you fire safety at Stanford?”

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You Want Me (Preview)


Written: 23.06.08

Words: 412


Prompt: Bacon Lover’s Day

“Whatcha doing, Dean?”

The blonde half-turned, gesturing to the radio and his cell, “What’s it look like?”

Sam resisted the urge to roll his eyes as he plopped down into a chair, “Good luck.”

“Pfft, please. I don’t nee- sh!”

Dean held his free hand out to hush the giant as Connor took his shot.

“Uh, is it Boys Are Back In Town by Twisted Sister?”

“Yes!” Dean spun around on the spot, wide smile splitting his face, “I knew you were a moron, Connor!”

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Written: 23.04.25

Words: 395

General, Funny

Prompt: Ice Cream Month

“What did you call this, again?”

“Ice cream.” Dean slid the bowl across the kitchen island, unable to help but smile at the confused head tilt of his recently exed-angel. “It’s good.”

Cas inspected the dessert with the intensity he usually glared down suspects with. It wasn’t until the blonde put the tub back in the freezer and spun around with his own bowl that he even attempted to pick up the spoon.

Dean noticed his face and raised an eyebrow, “It’s not gonna bite you, Cas.”

“That would be improbable.”

The blonde rolled his eyes as he picked up his own spoon. He did his best to ignore the staring as he scooped some ice cream up and brought it to his mouth. He had to avert his gaze to the counter as he chewed. Cas may have been human now, but he had yet to perfect relaxing.

Or blinking.

After he swallowed, he gave him a tight smile, “See? It’s fine.” He nodded to the bowl sitting across from him, “Now eat it before it melts.”

Cas nodded at that and straightened his posture as he reached for his spoon. With far too much concentration, he picked it up, scooping a bit of the dessert into it before he raised it to his mouth.

He hesitated as he held it up, prompting Dean to slam a hand on the counter. “Just put it in your mouth!”

The ex-angel wasted no more time and shoved the spoon in his mouth. His eyes glazed over as he lapsed into thought, mindlessly staring at the wall. The blonde shook his head at the seriousness, it’s just ice cream. Not like he’s hunting down a vamp nest. He leaned down so one of his arms was resting on the counter before tucking into his own bowl.

Dean continued eating in silence, Cas seeming to be stuck on whether or not he enjoyed the dessert. He kept flicking his eyes up every few spoonfuls to see if the ex-angel’s demeanour had changed. It wasn’t until a few minutes later when Dean was scooping up the last of his snack that the raven-haired man came back to the moment.

His semi-wild eyes scanned the room before they landed on the blonde.

After another moment of silence passed, Dean raised an eyebrow at the intense stare, “Well?”

“I like it.”

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