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Cries of Love (Preview)


Written: 24.01.10

Words: 3,474

C2C, Destiel (Implied), Dark-ish, TW: Child Endangerment

Okay, Winchester, keep it together. Dean hurried around the motel room, ripping the newspaper clippings and thumb tacks off the wall. He shoved them into a large garbage bag as he flicked his eyes up to the clock on the wall, damn it.

Lydia was going to be there with the twins any second and the place was not rid of all hunting materials yet. Dean sped up his cleaning of the walls, kicking his duffle of weapons under the bed as he passed.

After that disaster of a picnic last summer he was sure they were never going to let him see the kids again. He had no idea how, but Cas had managed to convince Lydia – and the rest of Child Services – to give him another chance. So he’d been re-granted supervised visitation.

Lydia made it abundantly clear that this was the very last chance he was going to get. If he fucked it up, they would take the kids away – from both him and Cas – some bullshit about Cas enabling his detrimental effect on them – so Dean had been on his absolute best behaviour. No hunting stories, no weapons, hell, he even got Taylor to stop calling chocolate covered peanuts ‘bullets’. Albeit temporarily.

He was not going to blow this.

He had finally managed to work his way back up to this hopefully being the last supervised visit. If all went well today, he’d be allowed to see the kids without a chaperone. He had the place all ready two days ago – everything that could be considered hunting paraphernalia had been expertly hidden and stashed in the secret compartment of the trunk.

And then a Wendigo popped up.

Dean thought he’d have plenty of time to find it and light the bastard up before the visit, but unfortunately, because it was still January, this one was mostly still hibernating, which was making him hard to track. Every time Dean got close enough to even sniff a trail, it’d go cold.

The knock at the door made the hunter jump, “Uh, just a second!” He quickly shoved the garbage bag under the bed next to the duffle and gave the room one more once over as he made his way over to the door. He nodded to himself before taking in a deep breath as he opened it, “Hi guys!”

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