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Top 10 WORST Things About Telling People You’re a Writer


  1. Everyone you know used to write in college. Seriously, even the people who didn’t go to college used to write in college.


  1. *snottily* “Have you published anything?”


*gets offended*


  1. “Oh, no, I meant what’s your real job?”


  1. “What do you write?”

*Tells them*

“Well I think you’d do better if you wrote ____”


  1. (After telling them your story plot/idea) “Oh, so it’s like (insert overly popular movie full of clichés)?”


  1. “Writing’s a good hobby, but when are you going to get a real job?”


  1. “I’ll totally read your book when it comes out!”


  1. “What do you mean I don’t get a free copy? But I’m your (insert personal relationship label)!”


  1. “That must be so nice! I’d love to sit around and daydream all day instead of going to work.”


    1. “Can you write me something (for free)?”

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