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So you’ve decided to go vegan. Excellent! There’s so many different aspects of your life that will need to change – after all, veganism is a lifestyle, not just a diet.

So, onto the big question: where the heck do you even start?

Do you need to trash your wardrobe and buy all new clothes? What about donated items or gifts? Will you slowly die of nutrient deficiency? Will you be able to eat any ‘normal’ foods? Are you doomed to never eat out again?

Don’t fret, new vegan-lings, I’ve got the answers. Think of this page as the New Vegan Gospel. Pretty much any question you could have, from nutrient inquiries to what you can still eat at Halloween, will be answered here.

Take a deep breath, go grab a vegan snack, and let the knowledge wash away your worries.

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Veg Beauty – Coming Soon!

Still have questions? Leave me a comment and I’ll work my magic!

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