Vegan Fast Food Series


Welcome to the Vegan Fast Food series!

I came up with the idea for this series when I first went vegan, and I had to start researching what I could and couldn’t eat at restaurants and take out spots.

I found it annoying that before I could go anywhere, I’d have to check the website for an ingredients list. What was more annoying, was more often than not, restaurants didn’t have this information listed! That meant I’d have to e-mail them, and then wait for them to get back to me.

That was a lot of hassle to go to for something that was supposed to be an ‘easy’ dinner!

Fed up with the lack of readily available information, I started this series in the hopes of saving vegans from going through the same hassle I had.

Each article details a list of what is and is not vegan, what could be using some modifications, and, contains an easy to read collage with the options, should you need to (for example), save a quick cheat sheet to your phone before going out.

If you have any suggestions for restaurants you’d like to see, feel free to leave me a comment below!

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